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Matchmaker - Finding the Perfect Petpet

by forgottencreation


We all wonder how cute a petpet is, what avatar it will get us, and how admired we'll be when we have it. But let's face it, what is the real reason of buying a petpet? Think a moment. Oh yes, to give to our Neopets!

Most Neopians these days want to own the most popular petpets around: Slorgs, Icklesaurs, Meepits, and Babaas, just to name a few. True, they may look adorable next to your pet, but some matches just don't work out! Why would you give a slimy Sludgy to a neat-freak Royal Acara, or a rambunctious Noil to a timid Techo? This guide should help those not so bright Neopians find the perfect petpet.

The biggest mistake you can make is putting together two contrasting personalities. We've all heard the saying that opposites attract, but let's forget about that right now.

***Please also note that I will not put any information about matching Neopet colors to petpets. No matter what color you paint your Neopet, you can not possibly change their personality. You may have a Battledome fetish faerie JubJub, or a very shy mutant Bruce, but it doesn't mean you should give your JubJub a Miamouse or your Bruce a Drackonack. You can paint your pair of petpet and Neopet matching colors later on, but just worry about choosing the right petpet now!

Now, if you have a self-centered pet who is constantly running your Neopoints low because of their need for lipstick and eye shadow, a spooky or robot pet is not for you! Your vain Neopet will be ultimately disgusted with any Spyder, Bearog, or Drackobunny of any kind. Try giving your Neopet a petpet that they can relate too. Try a Faellie, or Angelpuss on for size. Or maybe even an petpet whose vanity matches that of your pet! Just be sure that your Neopet will have a great friend and companion. One who understands the need to finger comb their fur every twelve seconds and fix a non-existent smudge in their lip-gloss. Here is a list for those of us who have an extremely picky Neopet and reject the suggested petpets above: Harris, Floud, Snowbunny, Miamouse, and Primella.

Lazy Neopets are the downer of us all. They sit around all day, reading and eating junk food on the couch. Then there are the rare Neopets who like to take long naps after eating half the fridge (Skeiths!). To find the perfect match for them, do a little research. What petpets are incredibly lazy ones? How about Slugawoos, Turdles, Walking Carpets, and Rocks!

If right now you are shaking your head in disapproval because your Neopet isn't vain, and 100% not lazy, you might have a hyperactive pet. Here are some of the signs. Does he bounce around the house with a towel tied to his neck beating super villains like Sloth? After he and his friends stampede through your Neohome, does it look like a natural Neopian disaster just hit? Are his teachers pinning notes on his shirt about his behavior a little too often? If you said yes to one or more of these questions, you should try some petpets who have way too much energy packed into their tiny body. Your Neopet will adore having a Puppyblew, Doglefox, Warf, or Spardel to play with! They will be running marathons by day and breaking records in snoring by night.

For some unlucky owners, you pet seems to be fighting-oriented. They are always begging for a new challenge in the Battledome, roughhousing with friends, stabbing their Blumaroo steak like it was a creature out to get them. To get your pet busy and out of your hair, try giving him a Niptor, Reptillior, Spyder, Drackonack, Stopngo 400, or any other type of durable, strong, and fierce-looking petpet.

Then again, you might be a very lucky owner who has a Neopet who loves to cook meals for you. These Neopets come in all different shapes and sizes; you can tell by going to the market place and looking at the diversity of shop owners. For these Neopets, I strongly recommend any type of petpet that LOVES to eat. Chefs always need people (or petpets) to taste their newest recipes. To me a, Dribblet would be a perfect petpet just for that reason. What's better than having a giant tongue to taste test your food?

Is your Neopet always hiding in the darkness with a little notebook, writing who knows what down? Does she worship Sloth, Kass, and any other Neopian celebrity with the title of "Villain"? Has she ever mentioned any type of plot or scheme to take over Neopia? Has she made a fan club between her friends for Lord Darigan? I really hate to be the first one to tell you this, but your Neopet has an evil mind. In the hope that a petpet won't encourage her to go forth with her schemes, I have some tips on finding the perfect petpet match for her. Number one, research about what opinions people have on the level of cleverness of certain petpets. Number two; choose one that isn't so pricey, but still 100% evil. Number three, acquire this petpet and give to your Neopet. If you don't feel like going through this process yourself, here is a list of some petpets she is bound to get along with: Meepits, Kadoaties, Tennas, Wuzzles, Spyders, and Snicklebeasts.

Just like in real life, there are shy and meek Neopets, speaking in a voice slightly louder than a whisper, cowering behind their owners in the marketplace, and never participating in neoschool. Some pets just don't get along so great with others. Finding a perfect match for them is hard, but once it is made, the friendship is golden. You know you will have found the perfect petpet when you can see your pair happily whispering between themselves, sharing their deepest secrets or everyday thoughts they would never tell anybody else. Some of these perfect bonding petpets are Harrises, Drooliks, Onas, Polarchucks, Feepits, Baby Blus, Zebies, and Quadrapi.

Now since this is about the end of all the pet personalities I can possibly think of, I really hope you learn something from all of this. Otherwise, my effort put into this article would be absolutely useless! Now go, buy your perfect petpet and prove to all of Neopia that I do know what I am talking about!

Author's Note: A special thanks goes out to everybody who helped out with my work, especially firzen1313 for doing such a great job of editing and proofreading my article. Plus a special thanks to the TNT if this actually gets in the Times. As for comments, critiques, and questions, they will be loved.

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