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by doggieloover23


Out of all the places in Neopia Central, I love to go to Pizzaroo! Where is Pizzaroo located at, you ask. It is located in the Neopia Plaza! At Pizzaroo you can buy uniquely flavored pizzas! All pizzas come straight from the oven and you rarely every have to wait for yours to be made! There is a large selection of pizza that varies in color, shape, and size! Though I only chose ten pizzas, there are many other great pizzas you could choose from! Many people like to go to Pizzaroo because it is not outrageously priced like other places! The pizzas are listed from worst to best. It was a very hard decision to make, because there are so many great pizzas you can buy! Here is a list of the top 10 Pizzas...

10. Pepperoni Power! Pizza

Do you want to get pumped? If so this is a great pizza decision to make! It gets you energized and tastes scrumptious! It may look plain, but it doesn't taste plain! Though this pizza is not number one, it is a big hit with many Neopians!

9. Deluxe Water Pizza

If you are a Kiko, I think party guests would prefer this pizza over any other pizza you could offer them! This is a huge hit at Kiko Birthday Parties! This pizza is covered with a jelly like water. This pizza is very similar to a water pizza, but just tastes way better.

8. Grey Pizza

Are you always feeling down? Does your life revolve around sad and gloomy things? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should go buy yourself a grey pizza. It's bland, boring, and grey. It even sounds boring talking about it, and looking at it, you feel sad! On April 14th, the greyest day of all, you should go to Pizzaroo to buy this pizza. That is, if you even feel like leaving your house!

7. Jelly Bean Pizza

Just by looking at this pizza, you are reminded of spring! Its crust is very sweet, it has a very sugary sauce, and to top it off, instead of having a cheese topping, it has jelly beans! Many sweet tooths' eyes are drawn to this pizza. This pizza also looks very cheery, the total opposite of number eight! Remember, if you choose this pizza for dinner, don't eat too much, unless you want to visit the vet's office with a cavity!

6. Split Pizza

This pizza is made using pumpkin and Juppie toppings. It has a very good and distinct taste! A good thing about this pizza is, if you're not in the mood for Juppie toppings, eat the pumpkin toppings, and if you're not in the mood for pumpkin toppings, eat the juppie toppings! If you have a pet that has been painted split, this is the pizza I recommend to you!

5. Illusen Day Pizza

Do you have a favorite faerie? Is that faerie Illusen? If so, this pizza is great. It doesn't have the most appealing look, but it sure does have a satisfying taste! If you are one for celebrating often, remember to buy this pizza for March 17, Illusen Day! Another good day to buy it is on September 20th, the day of the Faerie Festival!

4. Bubbling Blueberry Pizza

MMM, I love Blueberries! If you love them too, you should try this pizza. It is made with the best and most beautiful berries in all of Neopia! Not only that, it has a very different taste. Different in a good way. The only thing that is strange about it is that it is bubbling. Oh, well, it still tastes great, and looks very interesting!

3. Chocolate Chip Pizza

Dessert for dinner? Yes, this pizza is made of chocolate! This pizza is made with pure chocolate fudge. To top it off, it has chocolate chips on the top of it. It tastes just like a giant chocolate chip cookie! The best thing about it is that its crust melts right in your mouth! Don't feel like a veggie filled dinner? You don't have to have one; just ask for a chocolate chip pizza. It's a great dinner... and dessert choice!

2. Smiley Pizza

In a bad mood? This pizza is sure to give you a smile! It will turn your frown upside down. Legend has it, it has even turned a case of the greyest person in Neopia happy. This pizza's crust is nice and crunchy, but not too crunchy. It is the perfect pizza for a sick pet; it will help cheer them up!

1. Rainbow Melt Pizza

Though this pizza may be expensive, it is very tasty! It's the most beautiful pizza you can find anywhere! With all the colors of the rainbow included in its toppings, it stands out from a mile away. This pizza is so delicate looking, you almost don't want to eat it and destroy its beautiful look! If your pet is painted rainbow, you may often hear him begging for this pizza. It is very popular among rainbow painted pets. Not only do rainbow pets enjoy this, but all pets in the land do. Many pets who desire to be painted rainbow one day often buy it. If you want to be cool and have a great dinner, and you have enough money, go buy yourself a Rainbow Melt Pizza!

Many people and pets enjoy buying from Pizzaroo. As you can tell from my writing, they have many, many selections and flavors of food! If you are into collecting things, think about collecting pizza from Pizzaroo! Whatever you're in the mood for, Pizzaroo will have it. From mud Pizza to Peppermint Pizza, From Crust-only to Quando Pizza, Pizzaroo has it all! You can go there for any meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. (Most people go there for their dinner or lunch.) Remember, if you are ever hungry, and don't know what to eat, go to Pizzaroo; it has the Pizza for you!

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