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How to Pick the Right Instruments for Others

by pirate_ahoy


So! You want to know which instrument would suit your pet best. Well, you asked the right person. You see, I don't play an instrument, but I live and know others who do, so I really think I have good taste on which instruments should be played and which should be packed away in a cake and eaten by the Turmaculus. I shall list twelve random instruments that first come to mind. Why twelve? Because it was a random number I chose to help pick the right number of random instruments to list. Ok? Good? Good. Let's continue:

1) Piano: If you like lots of black and white, this is your instrument! From a great booming sound to quiet as a mouse, this orange-colored playing machine with hearts on the sides is perfect for your pet. Two hands are required for most pieces they may play. Not really the best instrument for JubJubs, I might add, unless their toes are lively and can stretch far.

2) Flute: Oooo, shiny. Great for bird sounds if your pet is in a band or orchestra. It gives a very dreamy sound that can take your pet on an airy ride of fun. Beware; pets with fins will not be able to play this instrument very easily. Their fins wouldn't be able to get to all of the notes without dropping the flute. Oh wait, they wouldn't be able to play it at all because they have no thumbs. Silly me.

3) Violin: This four-stringed beauty with a scrolly-thingy at the end makes a wonderful solo play and also goes nicely with the piano and other stringed instruments. Pets with fingers and thumbs should have no problem playing the violin. Also, the bow that comes with the violin is for playing it, not fencing with little siblings. CAUTION: Fire violins should not be played by any pets other than fire ones. Burning and catching on fire will be the results if non-fire pets attempt to play them.

4) Ice Harp: Ahhh, the ice harp gives off such a wondrous sound it just sends a chill up my spine. Or maybe that is from plucking the freezing strings; I'm not sure which one. A very nice instrument for most all pets with a peaceful sound that you really can't do any rock music on. Great for pets whose owners want quiet, smoothing music. Practices may be cut short from the results of frost-bitten fingers or shattered strings, or both.

5) Trumpet: You want something to blast the ears off your annoying, older Cybunny sister? Here is your dream come true! The trumpet is a robust sounding, hardy little thing that is fairly easy to play if you know how to breathe right. Do not give this to any water pets except if they practice and play above water. But why should they be above water playing a trumpet when they are water pets? Hmm, puzzling.

6) Lost Desert Drum: Ah-ha! I have found the perfect JubJub instrument! Simply have him/her sit on a chair and bang on the drum with his/her feet! Great fun for all pets and basically one of the easiest instruments to play. Make sure your JubJub is sitting on a chair with a back to it, though; we wouldn't want them rolling and falling off!

7) Saxophone: Does your pet like jazz? The blues? Music in general? Here is the instrument for them! Nice, long tones with a swing to it, the saxophone is better for taller pets because of its length downward. Perhaps a good instrument for a Grarrl or Meerca. Just a thought.

8) Harmonica: This fun little thing can keep your pet busy for hours, which actually might not be a good thing. Anyway, great fun, and for a quick learner, the harmonica is the perfect instrument for a youngster. Pets with beaks should be cautious if they decide the harmonica is the only thing for them, because cases where beak tips get caught in one of the holes have been reported in the hospital. Actually quite a few times. Never-you-mind, forget I said anything. *shifty eyes*

9) Drum Kit: Ah, a real noise-maker. The best instrument for pets whose owners live in a different house many, many blocks away. A must-have for rock bands your pet is in. Fairly easy to learn; they just need to be able to multitask really well.

10) Colorful Xylophone: Colors, colors, everywhere! Even the youngest of your pets can hit out a tune on this vivid instrument. After the notes have been learned, with the mallets in the pets paws/fins/claws and your earplugs securely in your ears, let them play to their hearts' content. Kikos may find this instrument very fun to play by simply being able to sit on the floor and not having to sit up high like they would have to for such instruments as an oboe.

11) Cello: Sleek, big, brown. This is basically a violin times ten and the bottom goes on the floor, not your pet's shoulder. A nice, low, luscious tone that is another great duet with a violin. Great for classical duets or solos or other genres of music that your pet has in mind. Perfect for any pet who doesn't mind getting sore fingers and some screeching sounds while first learning. Same goes for the violin.

12) Pyramid Tambourine: This awesome instrument is for all pets of every size and intelligence; wait, I mean strength. It can also be played by Meercas, Draiks, and any other pet whose tail can shake while wrapped around the tambourine.

But what's all this jabbering I'm doing? Why aren't you off buying the perfect instrument for your pet? Shoo! Shoo! I must go myself, a very busy person I am. Papers to write, pictures to draw, pets to feed, meepits to meet with over taking over the world, Sir Jeran to stalk, comics to draw, Captain Scarblade to find, and taking over the world with the meepits. *evil laugh* Ahem, anyway, I shall return soon! Thanks for reading!

Author's Note: This was done completely for fun and should not be taken seriously. I mean, you can if you wish, but you don't have to. 'Tis not required by law... that I know of. I actually do play the violin, so all of this is teasing and please take no offence at it if for some reason you do. Comments and suggestions welcome!

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