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Paint Brush Polls: Halloween

by kallykat_03


*eerie music plays in the background, lighting flashes and thunder shakes the land, a broken shutter creaks in the wind, the yowl of a shadow Aisha is heard in the distance*

OoooOOoOooooooOOooo... Yes, it's that time of year again: the time when more than the usual amount of goblins, witches, ghosts, zombies, and villains can be seen haunting the streets of Neopia, when smart pets and owners stay indoors after nightfall, and when most of us avoid the Haunted Woods altogether. But it's also--maybe more than any other season--a time when pets turn their gaze to fashion. After all, no one wants to be caught without a costume when the big night creeps up.

Of course, for some, a costume is just not enough. For these pets, Halloween is a lifestyle. That's right, I'm talking about the masters of the night, the fashionistas of fall: Halloween-painted pets. For the second time now, I've asked you--the Neopets users--to vote on your favorite styles of the season, and the species listed below are the results of those votes. At the time of this article, there are 38 pet species boasting their own Halloween fashions, and there were twice as many participants in this poll as there were in the last one! Go on, feed your "Paint Brush Obsession" and find out what you can do to look stylishly creepy this fall. You know you want to...

#10--Lenny (190 points)

Who can resist the color palette of everyone's favorite dark faerie? Stunning in purple and green, the Halloween Lenny is a toxic nightmare and the only witch to make it the top ten--with good reason too. The gold-buckled shoes, striped stockings, two-tone cloak, and long witch's hat provide all the basics of witch-wardrobe only with a greater sense of style and attention to detail than most. But this pet doesn't stop there! On his black-as-night beak he sports a ghastly wart. Who could ask for more?

User Comment: "... He added the perfect combination of evil colors to his wardrobe! I love it so much, I think I just might get one right now!" -dragonlover1993meg

#9--Gelert (195 points)

Purple and green is all good and well for a witch, but the Halloween Gelert takes the pumpkin pie when it comes to old-fashioned vampire style. His cape is by far the most spectacular this side of Kreludor with it tall, stiff collar, jagged edges, and blood-red pendant clasp. His pale-as-a-corpse skin off-sets his burning red eyes and black sideburns. But of course, the trademark that's kept this ancient blood-sucker close to users' hearts (a little too close for comfort maybe) is the bat-shaped tail--a constant reminder of his nocturnal nature and a scary stroke of genius in the fashion world.

User Comment: "Lookit the bat-shaped tail! SPIFFEH! XD" --unmaskings

#8--Mynci (200 points)

The one-of-a-kind grim reaper look of the Halloween Mynci has earned him a place on our spooky top ten list. Sure, he may not be able to brew a mean potion or deliver a nasty bite, but no Neopet in their right mind would want to bump into his scythe on a dark path--or a light one for that matter. It may look like an ordinary farming tool, but trust me, that blade packs a punch. And even without the scythe, any pet that dresses all in black and paints his face white can easily be mistaken for a mime. *shudders*

User Comment: "It's the whole scythe thing that makes Myncies so popular." --aedail108

#7--Koi (260 points)

Don't let his devilish smile tempt you; this fish is not friendly! If the evil glint in his eye doesn't give it away, the pearly set of fangs, sharp red horns, and giant pointy pitchfork should do the trick. Nevertheless, as far as the test of fashion goes, he performs swimmingly. And who said fire and water don't mix? The Halloween Koi leaves an eerie trail of steam even under the sea. Now that's one smokin' hot fish!

User Comment: "Extremely realistic. Kind of scares me." --amarabirsingr

#6--Ixi (290 points)

Close your eyes. Can you sense it? The icy cold rush of wind on your cheek, the clop of heavy hooves drawing nearer, the brush of thick, rough fur against the back of your legs... It can be no other imp than the crafty Halloween Ixi. Utilizing a traditional red and black color scheme touched with gold and taking a more natural (not costume-y) approach to fall fashion, this pet is the sort of horror any of us could reasonably expect to be spooked by on a lonely road. The leathery demon wings are perfect for swooping down from the shadowy branches above, and the long devil's spiked tail inspires fear at a glance. The standard Ixi attributes--the pointy horns and collar and cloven hooves--serve to enhance his wicked style.

User Comment: "The Ixi is my favorite because she looks playful, yet sinister and, possibly, hungry. I love the fur color too." --ali_oop58

#5--Shoyru (440 points)

The devil look is in this season, as evident by yet another demon among the top ten. But wait, what's this? Could it be a c-- a cute pet!? How did he get here? Despite the measly attempt to look threatening by holding a big fork and dressing all in crimson, there's no doubt that it's the cute-ness and not the scary-ness of the Halloween Shoyru's look that appeals to users. Note the tiny stubs of horns, the little bow tied under his neck, and the huge sappy red eyes. The way that this pet turns creepy to cuddly is itself a frightening talent!

User Comment: "It's just so cute!!! When I saw it, I wanted to hug it! It looks like a baby in dress-up costume!" --babyleobear

#4--Cybunny (445 points)

Creeping into 4th place by a hair, the Halloween Cybunny, another blood-sucking type, is a horrifying example of the cute-gone-creepy pet. While most of his species prefer to spend their days frolicking in a meadow somewhere, this pet locks himself up and sleeps until nightfall. The lack of sunlight explains his pale face, but what about the red-tipped paws and tail? Better not to ask... Even though his black, jagged cape lacks the stiff, upturned collar of many of his contemporaries, the scarlet tuft of fur around his neck triggers more than enough fright to make up for it. Pointed fangs and sunken, bloodshot eyes give his look the final haunting touches.

User Comments: "The expression on its face is downright sinister and the red and white contrast nicely with each other. Whenever I look at the Halloween Cybunny... I also have an incredible urge to scream 'GARLIC'D!!'" --coolham227

"For some reason, it looks evil." --animules229

#3--Lupe (490 points)

Now here's a Haunted Woods denizen whose furry fashion statement is legendary and dreaded all the way to Faerieland: the Halloween Lupe, aka the Werelupe. Not only could his teeth and claws do some major damage, but his sheer strength and massive form augment this pet's frightful look. Torn pants held up by a rope add a rebellious and wild element. His bright green eyes give him that half-insane appearance. And unkempt, mangy fur is not only a convenient coiffure, but builds up both the wild and the crazy aspects just mentioned.

User Comments: "The Lupe pulls off the werewolf look perfectly. It is completely different from the normal Lupe." --mattdavies360

"... When it is too hurt to fight in the Battledome, its lookup shows it transforming back into a normal Lupe, which I think is really good." --legolas__angel

#2--Kougra (635 points)

The Halloween Kougra is another pet that favors the "natural" look over the "costume" look. And he pulls it off well too. No need for shredded garments or ominous apparatus--not when you sport the biggest pair of pointed ears on the block, bat wings as large as your body, and claws and fangs as sharp and long as any Werelupe or vampire who ever roamed the woods at night. And not only is he horrifying to look at, but his style is a practical one too. His wings are fully-functional, his yellow eyes provide night vision, his ears can pick up even the highest-pitched scream, and his dark coat allows him to blend in with the shadows as he stalks his victims. Repulsive and functional? That's something not every fashion can boast!

User Comments: "I don't know why I love this costume, I just do! It really accents the form of the Kougra, and it looks very mysterious." --biobrain91

"I like the Kougra because it doesn't look like it's wearing a costume or anything. It just looks like it's actually been painted a different color instead of dressed-up." --acaciaa

"Pure evil. That's all I have to say." --gwindellin

#1--Uni (1210 points)

*the lights dim, a sudden gust of wind rushes past, an eerie whinny can be heard in the distance*

By far the creepiest, most horrifying fashion is that of the Halloween Uni. The rotting, ghastly flesh with protruding bones, the midnight black mane and tail, the gloomy remnants of a royal raiment, and the blank red gaze are enough to send shivers down even the heartiest meepit's spine. A few haphazardly strewn bandages are an old trick of the trade when it comes to ghoulish attire. However, the eternally blazing hooves are a brilliant creative stroke untried by any other undead pet. Just imagine glimpsing this burning corpse galloping at you full speed through the night sky, the four flaming hooves flickering uncannily in the shadows. And with the Lost Desert Plot's famous and much feared Nightsteed to advocate for his cause, it's no wonder this pet's haunting approach to Halloween fashion has such a huge fan base. Here's to Neopia's most fashionable fur-raising fiend!

User Comments: "It's the Nightsteed look. Who doesn't love the Nightsteed???" --violet_nose

"Flaming hooves are awesome." --tur5tle

"I love the Uni's look because I personally think it's the most original of the designs..." --_envious_

"The best of the best... It's hot... It isn't mummified in a gross way, and the flaming hooves are wicked awesome! The color and mane complement each other, and best of all, I GOT A SUPER COOL AVVIE FROM IT!!!!!" --wolf_dragon_101neo

Shhhh... keep it down... keep quiet now... shhhhhhhh... BOO! Okay, so maybe that didn't scare you, but at least it got your attention. Anyway, a big thanks to all those who voted and commented in the poll this round. (Sorry if your comment didn't make it to the article, but I couldn't use them all, you know.) I hope you enjoyed the article and maybe even picked up a few tips about what's in this year on Neopia's monster runway... What are you doing still lurking around here? Go get to work on those costumes! And don't forget to creep over to Serbris's petpage to find out how you can help with the next "Paint Brush Polls." Now shoooOoOOoooOOOooooo!

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