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35 Ways to Decorate Your Neohome for Halloween

by angelluv453


In this article, you will discover thirty ways on how to decorate your home for the well-known, well-spooky holiday, Halloween! I hope this inspires YOU to decorate YOUR Neohome for the upcoming famous holiday! Enjoy! Who knows, maybe you can even have a party afterwards!

1) Furniture is very important! Head on over to the 'Spooky Furniture' shop and buy a "Spider Armchair" and a "Sheet Covered Chair"! Your guests will sure to be frightened, but it also keeps a spooky spirit in them, too!

2) Next on the list is PUMPKINS! Get lots and lots of the following items: Silly Pumpkin, Very Angry Pumpkin, Tall Pumpkin, Angry Pumpkin, Glaring Pumpkin, Hilarious Pumpkin, and Jolly Pumpkin. Set them all over the house - inside and out; go completely overboard! Some will make passersby go "What the?" and others shall send them screaming for their lives!

3) Lanterns and Candles - just the thing to send chills up anybody's back, if they're scary, that is! Setting up some of these items might as well make you yourself run away! Shadow Lantern, Spooky Bone Candle, Spooky Meowclops Candle, Spooky Korbat Candle, Spooky Skull Candle, Spooky Tree Candle...

4) The Spooky Speaker sure will be good for Trick-or-Treating! Scary music sends the Halloween vibe every way!

5) Make Halloween noticeable by setting up a Halloween Decorative Banner somewhere in the house - one is sure to point it out.

6) MEEPITS! Go crazy, overloading your home with meepit stuff, even collect an army of them all, setting them outside your house, daring anyone to pass by! Guaranteed to bring out the Halloween in you!

7) CANDY! Flood your home with candy! There will be so much it'll be so scary, plus you will have LOTS of people coming to your house on Halloween night! (Unless of course the meepits scare them away first.)

8) Get some Halloween Gebs and set a few in your front yard. What is better than Halloween food that WALKS?!

9) Awww... .isn't the Halloween Mazzew so cute? Something that will surely so how much you love the holiday.

10) Balloons are the cure to a smiling face! Blow up a lot of Halloween-related balloons, set them free in your house, and be amazed by how decorative you seem now.

11) Horrifying Petpets - that's the way to go! I sure wouldn't approach a Halloween Slorg, Warf, Polarchuck, Whoot, or Snowbunny! Not to mention setting up Halloween Rocks in the back AND front yard - they don't do anything, anyway.

12) Just looking at those glaring eyes on the Halloween Paint Brush is good enough.

13) Plastic Halloween Forks sure come in handy for being creative!

14) Carrying around either a Halloween Candy Cane or a Halloween Goodie Bag, as well as toppling them in your home, means YOU LIKE CANDY!

15) Plushies, plushies, and even more plushies! Go to your local toy shop and buy tons of Halloween-related plushies. Then, set them up all over your home - on the chair, the mantle, counter, refrigerator, desk, everywhere!

16) Gnomes - what could be better than collecting these cute, Halloween-themed items for your garden?

17) Orange, orange, lots and lots of orange. Fill your entire house with this color and its many items that come in the shade.

18) Count Von Roo says it all - a vampire Blumaroo, another Halloween-spirited item.... uh, I mean person! Not to mention his famous headless Von Roo plushies! Don't forget the Blumaroo steak, last of all.

19) Costumes - buy a lot of the costumes at the toy shop, and wear one every day of the week prior to Halloween! Save your best up for Trick-or-Treat night.

20) Another one of Halloween's famous traditions; piƱatas do the trick. Friends will have fun beating them up at your home, with candy pouring out. They're also just good for hanging them in the house, though they could be tempting to break!

21) Scary Stories - what could be better? Read one to your pet every night, and display them around your home. Yay for books that give you nightmares!

22) GHOSTS! AHHH RUN FOR YOUR LI- oh, erm, I meant shower your yard and entrance to your Neohome with ghost stuff, yeah. Especially the petpets - oh and meepit ghosts, muahahaha - I mean... *cough**cough*

23) Make some pumpkin-themed treats every day, 24/7 following up the days of Halloween, and then on Halloween have a party! Whoohoo.

24) Three words; Pink Spooky Popcorn! Sit down and tell scary stories while eating this tasty treat.

25) SPOOKY SHAKE! How yummy-yum is this delicacy? Every time someone says "Halloween," run to make one of these in a matter of 2 minutes and hand one to them, saying, "Do not awake the spirits!"

26) Go on a treasure hunt for Spooky Map Pieces - once you've collected them all, instead of turning them in for a surprise, display them in your home!

27) Hang up some decorative lights outside your home - choose bright colors, such as orange and purple! Sure to lighten your night and sparkle your mind.

28) Yay for torches! Nail some hooks on your walls and put some torches in them, then light them up. Great for an unexpected blackout, plus just utterly pretty at night. Also a good feature in case you can't find the light-switch!

29) Dead fish, dead fish, dead fish, dead- oh! I meant Spooky Mechafish! It's a SKELETON! (See number 30.)

30) Yay for dead stuff and skeletons - be sure to take some of these and put them in your Neohome! Maybe even some ones that talk; it would creep me out!

31) Have a little fun! Take a white sheet and invite some friends over, and decorate it, Halloween style. Use glitter and glue, sequins, confetti, paint, and any other craft object you can think of - let it dry, then put them over your furniture. How pretty!

32) Pumpkin Carving Contest is all that needs to be said - challenge your friends, and see who creates the best pumpkin! Make the face silly, funny, scary, or just plain WEIRD!

33) If you love Halloween, then you would be happy to let Spyders or Spiders loose into your home! Attack of the cobwebs! (Aiiya!)

34) Hanging up the infamous "Spider on a String" item on your ceiling isn't the best way to celebrate Halloween - but it sure calls for a creative decoration!

35) Last but not least, the decoration we've ALL been waiting for, BATS AND BONES! BAT ITEMS! BONE ITEMS! Put them EVERYWHERE in your house! Muaha-*cough*

And there you have it! 35 ways to decorate your Neohome for Halloween. Sure hope this gives you some ideas!

NOTE: Best advised not to use ALL of them at once! YIKES!


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