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The Penny-Pincher's Guide to a Neopets Halloween

by magicpd


We all should know that All Hallows Eve is coming. One of the most celebrated neo-holidays! I have constructed a guide (with a little help - no, a LOT of help from my pets) to the deliciously cheap goodies for those early trick-or-treaters, easy penny-pincher costumes, and a heck of a lot of more stuff that would make this paragraph too long. Each thing on each list is rated 1-10, for your ultimate convenience.


Costumes - Be an impersonator for a day!

1. A really cheap costume is the mummy. All you need is a highlighter and scraps of old cheese cloth. I rate this about 7 on the 1-10 scale.

2. This is one of my personal fav costumes - the EDNA. It's easy 'cause you only need to wear black clothes and paint your face green, with stick-on warts that you can come across really easily. It's fun to wear and really fun to make. 8.5 out of 10.

3. Ha-ha. I've always loved this one. This costume is called the BLACK PHANTOM OF THE HAUNTED WOODS. All that is required for this one is that you wear all black and have haunted wood branches sticking out from your arms. It's super fun to scare people with. 8.9/10

4. Not for the faint of heart - or those of you have an insane phobia of pink and ribbons - THE USUKI-CON STALL KEEPER. Just wear a blue and white polka dot bandana, funky heart sunglasses, a colourful Bruce scarf, and a hand-knitted jumper. These items you can find reallllllly cheap at Advent Calendar retail shops, or just get them on half price day at the Uni's Clothing Store. Not half-price day? Just head over to the marketplace. So very... Scary... 9/10.

5. DORAK THE KRAWK. All you need to be is a blue Neopet or a reptilian one like a Shoyru. This is a special costume because it only takes two props - an eye patch, a pirate hat (optional), and a fake treasure chest with a latch to store your booty (AKA jelly dice). Pretty easy to do, but you can't really make people go 'Ooooo' and 'ahhhhh!' 7.5/10 on the magicpd scale.

6. KYISHI THE LIMBO QUEEN is also very easy to impers- uhhh, dress up as. All she wears is a black and purple wetsuit, a green wig, and yellow coloured lip gloss. All these can be found at retail stores, except for the wetsuit. If you make the costume just right, you can actually look exactly like Kyishi. 9/10.

7. Marr found this one. She was looking in the Neopedia and BAM! She found it. So, I saved the best for last. It's called THE BEAST THAT LURKS BEHIND THE TREE. This is a bit like the BLACK PHANTOM, but it uses more complex tools. You wear all black, have a pair of crimson sunglasses, and carry clawed gloves. You can also use smoke packets to give it the illusion you can transport between houses, which you can get at the defense shop. 9.7/10 on the neato scale.


Candy - The cavity-inducing sweet on the dentists' black list!

1. Jelly beans. By the good soul of finnus - I LUFF JELLY BEANS. They make a great on-the-go snack, as they are so small, and are also a great favor at parties because they come in all different ranges of flavours - even for the pickiest guest. And they often come around 200 NP for a bag, which is a very good price. From cherry to licorice, I rate this sweet 9/10!

2. Lollies are another good 'variety' goody, and are very cheap. You can get medium quality lollies for about 50 NP each. My favorite kind of lolly is the blue raspberry kind, which can come up to 75 per lolly. You can take it just about anywhere, but there is a risk of you dropping it on someone's hair by accident. 7/10 on the uber-spiffy scale.

3. What's a candy guide without chocolate?! Chocolate, as you might know, is one of the most loved foods of all time. I'm not much of a chocolate fan myself, but the neo population loves it. I really only eat white chocolate or vanilla. Chocolate is pretty easy to come by in Neopia, so it's uber cheap (about 150 NP for a king-sized bar). It's a good on-the-go snack in most of its forms, and if you're invited to the annual chocolate ball held in every Month of Giving, you can sneak some sweets home pretty easily. I've been told their white chocolate truffles aren't so bad either... -shifty eyes- I rate chocolate at about 3/10, but everyone else probably rates it 9.9/10. Spiffy.

4. Okay, so maybe neggs aren't really cheap, but they're tasty. The cheapest negg is about 2000 NP, which is totally worth it. They don't really come in a good variety, though. Usually only chocolate and vanilla. Also, I greatly advise you NOT to hand this goodie as a trick-or-treat sweet, as you might have a mob of lawyerbots pounding at your door, demanding neggs. But it makes a great party favor if it's going to be a small shindig. I rate neggs at about 6/10 for the price, but the taste is 8.9/10.

5. I sent Taylor undercover for this treat, as Aries probably would've eaten by the time I needed to observe it. This candy is... LICORICE!!!! Okay, so maybe it isn't the best candy around, but its still reallllllllllly good. Licorice is really chewy, and licorice ropes are even better 'cause they're sticky. Sadly, licorice is hard to come by. Often priced at 3500 NP per set of licorice Aisha ears, these aren't exactly the dream penny-pincher sweet. The price is horrible - 2/10. The taste overall is 9.5/10.

6. Gummy drops are very sweet, especially for those who have sharp teeth and need something chewy to keep themselves from biting somebody. They come in a wide range of flavours, from cherry to lemon. These candies are like gumdrops, but less sour and without the annoying sugar crystals that begin to coat your fingers. I rate this spiffy candy... Drum roll please... 9.8/10!

7. I saved the best for last... Candy corn! Don't we all just adore candy corn? And besides, what would a Halloween guide be without the traditions?! Candy corn, as most of you probably know, is an All Hallows Eve traditional candy that oddly resembles the popular seasonal petpet: The Candy Vampire. To be completely honest, I really don't know what it tastes LIKE. If is chewy and sweet, that's more than enough for me. Candy corn catches a perfect score of 10/10 on the spiffiness scale!


Now go rot your teeth and/or glue yourself to a chair, as I am sadly finished with my rantings.

Note: I'm not responsible if you do glue yourself to a chair, or gain substantial amount of cavities. That's because you ate too much sugar, and sugar is good. And you probably also played with the glue too much.

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