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Is It Really Worth It?

by aussie_girl777


You have just saved up around 3,000,000 NP as you are about to buy a new Faerie PB for your limited edition Koi and a matching Faerie PPPB for your sweet new Faerie Baby Fireball! You travel all the way from your gorgeous three-storey mansion in Shenkuu, which happened to cost you close to 75k after decorating and furniture, and enter Neopia Central where you march with your pet and petpet straight to the Rainbow Pool.

As you approach the pool you feel the butterflies in your stomach, nervous yet excited and very proud, of what you are going to bring away from the pool... a matching set of Faerie pets.

Your pets are finally painted and you leave the pool, pretending to ignore but actually feeling really chuffed at the stares and gasps of the fellow Neopians watching you as you stroll into the bank to collect your interest.

You see the friendly Skeith who you always use to withdraw, deposit and collect your interest from and walk over to him, where you receive your normal greeting of:

"Good afternoon Madam. It's great to see you again. What can I do for you today?"

"I just wanted to check my current balance and collect my interest," you reply.

You wait a moment.

"There seems to be a problem." You worry and think of all the things that could have possibly gone wrong. "It seems you do not have any interest to collect."

"What? Why?" You don't remember withdrawing any money and you're almost certain that you haven't already collected your interest.

"You have hardly any money left in your account. We have changed your account to a Junior Savings Account and your current bank balance is 24 Neopoints."

You can't believe it. You walk all the way home and take a look at your Faerie Koi and his Faerie Baby Fireball as you enter the house. You suddenly think to yourself... were the paint brushes you bought really worth it?

Neopians every day are spending a fortune on Paint Brushes, Petpet Paint Brushes, Morphing Potions and Transmogrification Potions to make their pets and petpets look more "beautiful," "breathtaking" or maybe introduce a different kind of "look to the pet."

These PBs and Potions cost between 50,000-5,000,000 NP depending on what type of item you are buying and the quantity of which you are buying.

I am in no way saying that wanting to have a nice-looking pet is wrong, as I myself also save up for these expensive, (and often very overpriced), Paint Brushes and Potions, but at the end of the day, there are not only cheaper options but also clever ways to save up your money and use it wisely and other ways to improve your pet.

A beautiful pet for the AIE (Average Income Earner)

Most people choose a pet because of the way it looks. So your pet can't be too ugly if you have chosen it. All Neopets are gorgeous, but it depends on what sort of taste you have. For instance someone who is very girly probably wouldn't choose a Grarrl as their pet; they would most likely choose something elegant and cute such as a JubJub or Peophin. My point being that you would probably think that your pet is already quite cute, otherwise you would not have chosen it... so what is the point of spending millions of dollars on it to make it cuter. Say the AIE earned 150k a month (5k a day); in 12 months they could afford to buy a PB close to 1mil. All you need to do is save up the money and saving up money isn't too hard!

Saving up the Neopoints

For some people, saving may be hard as they aim to make enough money to buy something and then when they have enough money they buy it. The problem is, like in the story above, once you have spent that money you most likely will not have any money left. This is where it comes back to is it really worth saving up all that money if you are just going to use it on one item and then not have any money left? A good idea is to start on a Junior Savings Account. Every day try earning 5-10k. At the end of the day deposit the money and the next day collect your interest. Once you get to 1000 NP, you will be able to upgrade your account. Keep earning enough money to keep upgrading your account, but don't forget to look after your pet and still do fun things with it! As you get to the Diamond Deposit Account you will be more encouraged to earn more and soon you will be earning close to 20k a day! Keep saving until you reach the price of the item you want to buy. Once you get to that item, try to earn at least another 50k before buying the object so that you will still have some money left over. Remember to always go to Tombola, Coltzan's Shrine and the Fruit Machine as they are free and you can earn money from them!

Improve your Pet differently

What is the point of spending a lot on your pet's appearance if you just want to improve your pet? There are other, cheaper ways to improve your pet such as by its strength, endurance, hit points, speed, defense, movement, ability and intelligence. By visiting the Healing Springs in Faerieland, you can often improve your pet's hit points. By reading books from the Book Store in Neopia Central, you can increase your pet's intelligence, and you can usually find books very cheap books at the markets, on auction and in the trading post. To improve your pet's ability, give it a bottled faerie which will bless your pet with different abilities to use in the Battledome. Finally, by using codestones at the Training School on Mystery Island you can enrol your pet in different courses including speed, defense, movement, endurance and strength. Codestones can be found randomly or bought for between 3k - 10k at the markets, on auction or in the trading post.

As you can see there are cheaper ways to improve your pet without spending a fortune and these ways ARE really worth it!

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