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Underwater Fishing

by eevee13579


"Welcome to the underwater fishing cavern! This trapped air pocket has created an underwater lake with all kinds of strange and wondrous sea creatures, as well as some... other interesting things. Take a place on the jetty and start fishing! But be patient. You might have to wait a while between catches..."

We've all heard of Underwater Fishing! It's an awesome free game where your pets go to this weird (in the good way, of course) underwater lake in Maraqua, and fish out cool items! There're lots of reasons why people play Underwater Fishing!

Maybe you're trying to get that really nice Titanic Giant Squid avatar. Maybe you're trying to earn some extra Neopoints or new items by raising your pet's fishing level so they can get spiffeh items!

Or maybe you're just playing for fun. ^_^ Well whatever the reason, nearly everyone is playing the game!

Now, I've been down to the Money Tree a couple of times (Who doesn't want free stuff?) and it's always jam-packed with this so called "fishing junk". Sea plants, fish (poor wittle fishies...*sob*), and other odds and ends won from this game.

Why are people donating these perfectly useful things to the Money Tree? (Not that you shouldn't donate things... *hint hint*) This fished-out stuff isn't junk!!! Let me, Eevee, show you how to turn your fishin' trash into your most prized possessions!


Caught a fish? Let me show you what to do with that!

Lesser Spotted Fish:

Oooo! You caught a pretty little Lesser Spotted Fish! This special species of fish is a beautiful, white leopard-like fish with a storm of spots on its body. Look at its marvelous black, shiny eyes! Well, there you go, your pet's new petpet! Hopefully, your pet doesn't like eating fish!


Cool! You caught a waterfish! No one is actually sure how these graceful-looking fish came to Neopia. Its body flows like a stream of water, making the fish able to morph into different shapes. Did you know that these amazing fish can also squirt water? Yep! Just like archer fish, but more playfully! All you have to do is gently tug one of its long, flowing fins, and it'll squirt out a jet of fresh water! A nice way to cool down on a scorching hot summer day! You could also use it as a water gun. Now you can have water gun fights with your pets! They'll be delighted!


Awwww! Your pet caught a breadfish! How adorable! This sorta dopey looking fish gets along great with butterfish! Remember when this criminal robbed a grocery store and used a stale bread stick to knock out the cashiers? Just let this breadfish harden and you can preserve its cuteness and use it as a Battledome weapon. You'll become famous for being the all-time Battledome champion!


Now on to butterfish! These are shiny, slippery little yellow creatures! You can use the butterfish as a weapon too! Just go into the Battledome with the butterfish disguised as your pet's petpet. When it's the "petpet's" turn to attack, have this fish slide all around the Battledome, making the battlefield all shiny and slippery. Now, equip your pet with one of those pointy Moehog Hoof Pads that you can buy for a cheap 10 NP. (They aren't just for Moehogs!) Now, on your opponent's next turn, he'll slip on the butter, and fall down! This will make him lose all his HP, and you win!!! Yay :)


Blandfish are long, sardine-shaped with blue stripes on its body and a big eye. You might think that these fish are boring creatures. But... (drum roll please!) THEY CAN TALK!!!!! To trigger this, pour a Jug of Fresh Lemonade on them and rub their bellies while saying: "Poof!" as loud as you can. Then say hi, and introduce yourself. He'll be your buddy for the next couple of hours!


Have you always wanted a rock path in your neo-garden, but can't afford all those big, expensive rocks? Just paint these brownish things brown and stick them in the ground. Don't worry! They won't mind. :)


Have your pets been really depressed lately?... Do you want to put a smile on their face? Just take a scrawnyfish. See all that excess skin? (scales, whatever you call it...) Gently shove your bicycle wheel air pump into its mouth. Then pump him up and tie a string at the end. A balloon will make your pet's day! ^_^

CAUTION: Fish are living organisms! They have feelings too! Always handle hem gently. If you make one mad, don't say I didn't warn you!!!


Seaweed, Kelp, and Sea Ferns

(Giant brown, red, green sea kelp, Darigan seaweed, etc.)

Have a contest with your guild members or Neofriends to see who can plant the most of these in their neogarden! Don't forget the prizes!!!!

Spongy Algae

Duh! Use these green water plants as sponges! Cheap and useful!

Other Random Stuff

Rotten Shoes

The stylish blue Uni at the Uni's Clothing shop is taking these in. (Just like recycling cans.) She'll pay you 2 NP each. Save Neopia's natural resources!!!!!

Petrified Bone

Collect a bunch of these and give them to your Neopet to take to Neoschool. They will then give these bones to their science teacher, so he/she can build a skeleton model!

Mossy Rock

This is another alternative to the "rock path in your neo-garden" thing. *see Rockfish*

Bucket of Sludge

Go to Mystery Island, Kiko Lake, or any other beach you can think of. Use these to make sand-castles! The sand is already moistened for you and all you need to do is dump buckets upside-down! You can even reuse the buckets!!!!!

Well, that's the end of my guide! I hope you found this useful. ^^ Remember to go fishing every day! Until next time, BYE!!! :)

Note: This was just an article for fun. You can't really do any of these things. :( Just be creative and think of other ways to use your fishing items!

~If you're reading this, it means I got into the Neopian Times!!! Yay! I LOVE neomails, so feel free to mail me to chat, or give me some advice. Fan letters are also accepted! I hope that I can write more for the NT, so watch for some more articles and stories!

Cya later!


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