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An Exclusive Interview With the Negg Faerie

by userplay6088


Hello, my name is 6088, and I am outside the Neggery with my Ogrin, my Ixi, my Usul and my Kyrii. I am going inside to have an interview with the Negg Faerie. The only newspaper this will appear in is the Neopian Times, so it will be called, "An Exclusive Interview With the Negg Faerie." Let's enter the Neggery!

Negg Faerie: Welcome to the Neggery! Well, I bet the first question on your lips will be, what on earth is a Neggery?

6088: Actually, the first question on my lips is, would you like an interview?

Negg Faerie: Oh. Well, okay then!

Starnishie (my Kyrii): What made you think that the first question on 6088's lips would be, what on earth is a Neggery?

Negg Faerie: Er... um...

6088: I do apologise. She is quite curious as she is very young.

Negg Faerie: *giggles*

6088: Why did you want to run the Neggery?

Negg Faerie: My mother ran the Neggery, but back then, it was called "The Negg Superstore." Then, when she retired, she was just going to close it down. But I really didn't want that to happen because everybody loved it, so I offered to take the job and I renamed it "The Neggery."

6088: Why did you call it the Neggery when you got the job?

Negg Faerie: I decided that it would be nice if I could just add a suffix to the word "Negg" instead of having a big long name. I tried "Neggment," "Neggness," "Neggary" and "Neggory" before deciding on "Neggery."

Glarnia (my Ogrin): Can we go home now? I'm bored.

6088: You're always bored, aren't you? Well, you'll just have to sit there until we're finished. I've only asked two questions, so be patient and stop being a fussy little Ogrin for once!

Glarnia: *starts wailing*

6088: Just ignore her. Anyway, what do you do with the other Faeries for the Faerie Festival on the 20th Day Of Gathering?

Negg Faerie: We meet somewhere different every year, depending on who the hostess is. For example, Nereid hosted it in Maraqua last year. Fyora tells us where it's going to be hosted each year. She forced Jhudora to host it on her cloud this year.

Hermishie (my Ixi): Cool! Have you ever been chosen to host it? And if you do host it, can I come? Pretty please?

Negg Faerie: *laughs* No, I haven't been chosen to host it yet. But I have heard rumours that I will be hosting it either next year or the year after that. I will find out on the 3rd Day of Running, when we all meet up to discuss who will be hosting it. Everyone used to know about this, and a lot of people still do, but not many people were interested in seeing where the festival would be hosted, so now all that is under the 3rd Day of Running on the Neopian Calendar is "Cancelled due to lack of interest." And I am sorry, but the festival is for Faeries only. No-one else is allowed to come...

Hermishie: 6088, can you buy me a Faerie paint brush, please?

Negg Faerie: ... not even Faerie Neopets.

Hermishie: Aww! Well, can I come and watch you discuss who's going to host it on the 3rd Day of Running then?

Negg Faerie: Of course you can!

Hermishie: YAY!

6088: How did Illusen feel when she heard she had to go to Jhudora's cloud for this year's Faerie Festival?

Negg Faerie: She agreed with it and didn't argue about it. "Well, Jhudora did come when the festival was hosted at my glade few years ago, although I have a sneaking suspicion that she was responsible for the 'soup incident.' I can't really pass up the opportunity to return the favour, or harass her by being nice to her, now can I?" she said, grinning. A few of the Earth Faeries asked her if she was going and how she felt about it.

Starnishie: What soup incident?

Negg Faerie: Every year, the Soup Faerie prepares some soup for us. While we wait for it to cool down, we go outside and do generous things to every Neopian who walks by. But Jhudora normally stays in because she doesn't want to be generous. The Space Faerie also stayed in this one time because she was scared she wouldn't be able to resist going back to Kreludor or the Virtupets Space Station, for some strange reason. When we went back into the glade, there was no soup left. Jhudora blamed the Space Faerie and vice versa. But we're very sure it was Jhudora.

6088: Are you good friends with any of the Faeries?

Negg Faerie: Oh, yes! Firstly, there's the Faerie Queen - everybody apart from Jhudora likes her! The Grey Faerie and the Tooth Faerie are nice to me as well. And I often go and visit Taelia, the Snow Faerie, seeing as she doesn't live very far away from here.

6088: Do you do any quests for Taelia?

Negg Faerie: I don't have THAT much spare time! I have to work from 9:00am to 5:00pm every day apart from the Day of Giving, when I work from 9:00am to 12:00pm. My lunch hour is from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. That's when I visit Taelia.

6088: Do you like working in the Neggery?

Negg Faerie: Yes, but I could do with some employees. I spoke to Fyora about this and she said she would invest in making that a possible job offering in the Faerieland Employment Agency. What I really don't like is having to work on the Day of Giving, but what else can I do? The customers love me and I don't want to be closed for the whole day. I do serve a lot of customers and I get a lot of work done in those three hours.

Rermia (my Usul): Talking of serving a lot of customers, you had better serve this one *points to Blumaroo* soon or else he's going home!

6088: Oh, Rermia! I was going to award you with a Brucicle on the way home for not moaning at all!

Glarnia: But that's not fair! She isn't talking as much because she's the oldest! You can't expect me to sit for that long!

6088: Remember that you are not the youngest now.

Glarnia: No, I will not remember! Starnishie has taken over my life!

Starnishie: How?

Hermishie: How?

Glarnia: She hits me and I get the blame! I've lost count of how many bruises I've got now.

Starnishie: No, I don't!

6088: No, she doesn't!

Glarnia: See what I mean, Hermishie? How about you, Negg Faerie? Rermia?

Rermia: Yes, yes. I see your point. Now, I think this argument will go on for a while...

Glarnia: All thanks to YOU!

Rermia: Well... yes, I must admit. Anyway, this argument will go on for a while, so let's just say the interview has ended. I don't believe how immature 6088 is being!

6088: WHAT?!

Rermia: Oops. Bye!

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