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Your Official Guide to Petpet Cannonball

by jellyfiesta


KRAWK ISLAND - Looking at the High Score Table for Petpet Cannonball, it may seem impossible to beat any of the scores. There are different cases for everybody. Some people can't even get past Level 1, while some others can get over 800 points. And of course, there are also those people who wonder why they only get 700-740 points after finishing all the levels.

Because you're reading this right now, I'd assume you still need a little (or a lot) help with this game. After following this guide, hopefully you'd highly improve at Petpet Cannonball. =)

--- BASICS ---

First, I'll start by explaining the basics of this game...

You play as a Pirate Neopet that is going to try to get as many petpets into the wooden barrel from the cannon. DURR.

At the left side of the screen, you would see the cannon, where a pirate petpet would appear in. If you slide your eyes over to the right, there's a wooden barrel. Then down at the left bottom corner, you can see a power bar. That, obviously, is for controlling the power. Now, by using the angle of the cannon and the power from the bar, you try to fire the petpet into the barrel.

--- SCORING ---

(Petpet Points)

As you may have noticed, there are different types of petpets that show up in the cannon, seven in total. Each of them not only looks different, but also weigh different amounts and give points in a different way.

Here is a list of the petpets with their weight:

Buzzer- 0.8 kg

Slorg- 0.9 kg

Babaa- 1 kg

Faellie- 1.2 kg

Angelpuss- 1.4 kg

Snowbunny- 1.5 kg

Because of its light weight, Buzzers would only need slight power to get through the barrel. On the other hand, Snowbunnies would need much more. Since I can't really explain the perfect power for each petpet on every level, you'd just have to experiment with your own logic. ;)

Also, one other very important thing: Remember that the heavier a petpet is, the more points it gives! For example, a Buzzer would give fewer points than Snowbunnies (or any other petpet for that matter)... which makes them PURE EVIL! EVIL, I TELL YOU! Ahem. Sorry about that; the Meepits flushed my sanity down the toilet last week.



Oh no... Poor petpets! You sure don't want it to happen to them, do you (unless they're the PURE EVIL Buzzers! Or in fact, the Slorgs and Babaas as well...)? Not only that, you will also lose a game life if you miss a petpet.

When you start a game, you will receive ten lives from the start. Each time you miss a petpet, accidentally OR purposely, you will lose one of them. That's why, even though I advise you to purposely miss the Buzzers, Slorgs, and Babaas, don't do it so much that you run out of lives and game over. But don't worry, there's always a way to earn back your life (ha, that sounded pretty weird xO)!

If you get two petpets in a row, you'll get ONE life. After those two petpets, if you get another petpet in (so that's three in a row), you'll earn another one. Then if you get one other petpet in without missing one before that, you'll get another one. And so on... But of course, remember not to go all "OMGASKJFPLDKJ+XJ;= NOWIAII" if it doesn't go any higher than ten, because you can't go above that number.

--- CONTROLS ---

(The Cannon)

To set the cannon to an upper/lower angle, you will need to use the up and down keys. It's important to not raise or lower the angle of it too much; otherwise the petpet won't get in. Personally, I think the best angle would be at around 65 degrees. Of course, other people may have different opinions on this, so it's best if you try yourself.

(The Power Bar)

Without any power to shoot it with, would there be any possible way the petpets can get in the barrel? Surely not. ;) That is why we have a Power Bar, to... set how much power we'll need. Durr. After you have set the angle of the cannon, you can now control the power by holding down the space bar, then letting go at the accurate time. The longer you press it, the more power you'll have.

There are different methods on trying to find the perfect power for each petpet per level. My favourite one, that I'd assume is the most popular method, would be looking at the characters underneath the Power Bar. For example: At level 1, a Slorg's power would be at ":" or something of the sort.

There are also other different ways to experiment with the Power Bar. Another method I know would be the one that my sister uses. She estimates the time, on how long it'll take to reach the perfect power. I find it very hard to succeed on shooting in the petpets with this method... but what do you know? It might work out very well for you.

Also, don't panic if you hold on to the space bar for too long. As soon as the power reaches the end of the bar, it should go back the other way and lower the power. So you should have nothing to worry about once this happens to you!


If you have a good memory (or if you've just scrolled up to the SCORING section), you might remember that I pointed out that there are seven petpets in this game. But if you look at the list, I only mentioned six. I figured that this bonus petpet should have a section of its own.

Not often, a petpet that's different from the six may show up on the screen. This petpet is a Pirate Tenna that weighs 1.3 kg. As you may have noticed, its weight is lighter than two petpets, which are the Snowbunny and Angelpuss to be exact. As I have stated before, the heavier a petpet is, the more points it gives. But for this "bonus petpet", we'd have to make an exception.

Out of all the petpets, the Pirate Tenna gives out the most points if fired in correctly. It gives out 20 points more than how much we'd get from the Snowbunny. The appearance of this petpet is completely based on luck. Someday, you might be fortunate enough that it comes up twice in a game! But mostly, the Pirate Tenna would come very rarely. That's why you'd have to make sure you get it in!


1) Get the heavy petpets in.

In one game, we only receive a limited amount of shots. (Eight levels with three shots each. In other words, you are only allowed to get twenty-four petpets in.) But don't worry; you can miss as many times as you'd like! As long as you don't run out of lives, that is.

What I'm trying to tell you is: ONLY GET THE HEAVY PETPETS IN. Mmplzktnx, clear enough?

Because I'm so nice and all that, I am going to explain to those of you who don't understand why we have to do this. We already know that Buzzers give out fewer points than any other petpet. So, a game without any Buzzers in would make us have more points. Not only Buzzers, I personally think you should also purposely miss anything that's 1kg or lighter (Buzzers, Slorgs, and Babaas). But of course, we can make exceptions if you're running low on lives.


2) Tap the spacebar after your last shot.

Honestly, I've never been able to succeed with this tip. But I KNOW it does help some people, and it doesn't really take much effort (but it IS hard to achieve), so you should really try this. At the end of your final shot, when the last petpet is out of sight, quickly tap the space bar. It's not really easy to do, since I myself haven't made it yet, but just keep trying on your next game if it doesn't work.

3) Get the Tennas in!

As I've stated before, these petpets are very important and give out a lot of points. So try your hardest not to miss them. =)

--- THANKS TO ---

- You, the one in front of the monitor screen. (Must've been a pain to completely read this article...)

- TNT, if they publish this *HINT HINT* *cough* Do it or all your asparagus are belong to me! *cough*

- The Meepits, because... they're awesome and rad like that?


I guess that's all there is from me to tell you. I hope this guide has helped you on playing Petpet Cannonball! :)

Note: I think I'm gonna start a collection on these 'Your Official Guide to ...' articles :o Hopefully I get most of them in!

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