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The Gourmet Game - A Gourmet Club Bowls Guide

by ron_2793


So, you've seen a selection of people with the gorgeous Gourmet Club Bowls Avatar *coughMEcough* and have been dying to get it? Well, I'm Ronald, and I'm the solution to your problem.

Today, I'll teach you the basics of playing, including lining up shots and how much power you'll need, and strategy. And hopefully, I'll help you get a spiffy new avatar.

Q: It's my first time playing... what do I do?

A: Here's the game summed up in three sentences: The main objective of the game is to get your bowl(s) as close as you can get them to the jack, without knocking the jack out of play. If you knock the jack out of play, your opponent will get points for it. If you're the closest to the ball, you get the point.

Q: Okay, I sort of get it. Now how am I supposed to aim?

A: Get out a ruler or object with a straight edge. Why? This is a lifesaver when playing Gourmet Club Bowls. Not only will it help you figure out where the ball will go, it will also help you line up your diagonal shots in the later levels of the game. The ruler/straight-edged object will make you play slower, but it's basically essential if you want the avatar. If you're just playing for fun, don't be silly and waste your time with the ruler or straight-edged object. :P

Q: After months of searching, I've finally found a ruler. Now how far back should I pull the power bar??

A: Funny how difficult it is to find a ruler when you need one, eh? It took me 15 minutes of searching just to find a scrapbooking tool I could use. *wipes forehead* Okay... where were we? Oh yes, power. When deciding how far back to pull the power bar, a good rule of thumb to use is to pull the bar all the way out to the end of the Cybunny's ear. This gives you enough power to get close enough to the jack, but not too much. If you or your opponent knock the ball farther out than where it usually is, pull the power bar a little further back than what it usually is. This helps keep your shots balanced.

Q: What about level designs?

A: Ah, level designs. In the first level, there are no obstacles, and you can shoot your bowls straight to the jack. This level is the perfect time to start practicing your diagonal shots, which will become very useful in the later levels. In the second level, there is one obstacle, and in the third level, there are two obstacles, and so on and so forth. Hopefully you get the picture.

Q: Well Ronald, you've inspired me to try to get the avatar. What should I do now?

A: Make sure you have free time on your hands, as you'll be playing the game for quite a while. Clear your mind, because thinking of other things you should be doing will NOT help you get the avatar. Try and think of that pretty avatar, and imagine how cool you'll look with it.

Okay, enough sweet talk. Get your ruler or object with a straight edge ready, and start up the game. Press 'Start Game'. Now, use the tips I have shared with you. Use your ruler/object with a straight edge to your advantage, and remember what I said about power. Not too little, and not too much. The first level shouldn't be too difficult to complete, and remember what I said about practicing your diagonal shots early on. This is the perfect opportunity to do so, since the opponent isn't all that intelligent in the first level. If you insist on straight-shooting, remember what I told you about pulling the power bar to the end of the Cybunny's ear. If you're shooting diagonal, (like I told you to) try and get the power bar to be the same length it is when pulled to the end of the Cybunny's ear. Once you're ready, fire your first shot, and get ready, because you'll be doing this a lot.

Q: BLEURGH! My shot didn't go where it was supposed to go! What do I do now?

A: Keep a cool head. This is crucial if you want to obtain the avatar, because if you need to go into anger management every time your bowl gets knocked out of the way, or doesn't go where you want it to, this is NOT the game for you. Remember - the keys to this game are patience and planning. Measure twice and shoot once, young bowler.

Q: Ok, I've gotten to the last round I'll need to play to obtain the avatar. Any tips?

A: Again, keep a cool head. This is where all your hard work will pay off. Hopefully. Remember that measuring is key, and so is patience. The last level is generally where you'll need to be careful, because your opponent will love to knock your bowl out of the way. Remember to be patient as well. If you get frustrated, you're bound to mess up and all your hard work will be for naught. Only think about what you're doing, and don't worry about your opponent.


A: Messed up, did you? Remember- practicing is good for you. It took me a week of practice to obtain the avatar, and it would be highly difficult to get the avatar on your first try. Practice, practice, practice. It helps. Big time.

A Quick Review:

Lining Up Shots: Use your ruler or object with a straight edge!

Rule of Thumb on Power: The length of the power bar should reach the end of the Cybunny's ear.

Level Design: No obstacles on Level One, One obstacle on Level Two, Two obstacles on Level Three, so on and so forth.

Strategy: Diagonal Shots will help you win the game. Period.

And remember - patience and planning are the keys to this game. Measure twice and shoot once, and good luck on getting that oh-so-beautiful avatar. ;D

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