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Life of a Lutari: Common Questions Finally Answered

by hannahb23


You know, the life of a Lutari isn't easy. Most of you think we just popped up on a random day, taking the Neopian world by storm and surprise. But this simply isn't the case! We Lutaris have been around just as long as any other pet, surprisingly enough. Truth be told, many Neopians have known about us for many, many years--some of us have even lived right under your nose the whole time! I guess the most memorable and first recorded appearance of one of us in the lands of Neopia would be my uncle, Muk Chipper (you may more readily know him as "Mr. Chipper"... his first name is also where the rumors of our original species name, "the Muk," must have sprouted.) Uncle Chipper, always the exuberant one in our extended family, just couldn't stand just slipping and sliding around in the depths of the servers anymore (a server is kind of like the underground cavern that Neopets keeps all of its secret information in... I bet you didn't know we've been in it for almost two years, huh?) so he became a Neo-entrepreneur of sorts, setting up shop right in the middle of your Happy Valley! The second everyone saw him, of course, rumors began to flourish--it's said that people would buy things from his shop just to catch a glimpse of him! In any case, his business was booming, and the rumors began flying faster than ever.

Well, although we have many great qualities, we Lutaris aren't great at being stealthy. Our bright coats and big clunky feet seem to let tiny details slip right between our claws... and before you knew it, Neopians were finding all sorts of items from my homeland plain as day on the server! Stamps from our letters, treats we would send to Uncle Chip, soon even some of our petpets and even our furniture, were right in bold view of the 'Other Siders.' (Hehe, no offense, that's just what us 'Taris call anyone that's not from our end of the world.)

Letters from Chip came often, telling of the great sliding slopes all around Terror Mountain and the abundance of great Neopians he was meeting. We were extremely hesitant--we are a friendly species as a whole, but we were afraid of something terrible happening to our beautiful paradise we cherish so much. What with the war and the threat of the Darigan Citadel, plus the ever-present worry of Dr. Sloth, we Lutaris were understandably scared of introducing ourselves to the world! Just as it seemed we were going to call Uncle Chip home and ignore the idea of coming out all together, a mysterious bright portal appeared over the skies of our Neighbors of the seas, Altador. Though we don't like the warm sea weather much, all of us 'Taris had traveled to the glorious lands at one point or another--and as we watched from afar as the Other Siders bravely helped Altador free itself from the spell of dark magic, we couldn't help but be sure that introducing ourselves to the world was the right thing to do.

However, many of our Elder leaders had a severe objection to opening our Island to the public. We youngsters begged and whined, pleading for the chance to share our heritage with everyone. But the Elders were stern; their authentic rituals, rustic paint and our own special Faerie native to our Island was a secret we had harbored for years--many weren't in any hurry to share it! Finally, on the 19th day of the Month of Eating, a rebellious brigade of 5,000 young Lutaris made the brave decision to swim across the sea, arriving in straggling, small packs on the broad shores of your land! Everyone had their eyes on us; although I didn't arrive with the first group, I hear rumors that some anxious Neopians stood around the shores for HOURS, just waiting to rescue a swimming Lutari and take it home for care. In just one day, every single one of the 5,000 that swam had been adopted by a lucky family within seconds of arrival. That has to be some kind of record!

Although the new Lutaris were very happy to be exploring their new environment, all of them were hesitant to some of the changes specific to the Other Siders. For one, we had never seen any paintbrush but our own--an ornate design of colorful splashes and colors, designed by the Tribal Elders themselves. So when this new flock of Neopians came running at us, their hands full of squishy, stitched, hooked, flashy, colored paintbrushes, of course we retreated immediately! The only color I feel like we belong in from your side of the world is Island, though as to date none of us are brave enough to try it...

Another problem the Lutaris had to adjusting was this idea of the "Pound." Apparently on your side of the world, animals are flipped and flopped and flashed through the pound in an instant, used as a means of transferring your pets from one owner to the next. But we Lutaris aren't just any pet! Any owner who tried to reluctantly shove their 'Tari into the greasy hands of that yellow Techo would be in for a shock. The terrified Lutari, despite however virtuous the intentions of the owner, would scramble away, and dash right back to Lutari Island! Only a few Lutaris returned home to us this way, which is how we heard of the strange habits of the Other Siders. Well, all of this excited jabber was enough for the Elders--it was time for us to make our grand appearance!

The rest of us Lutaris that were brave enough to make the swim collected together in numbers of about 500, with everyone totaling about 10,000 all together. With us, we carried talismans, news of our lands, and even secret maps on how to travel back the same way we came. On the 28th day of Relaxing, 2006, our arrival received an even greater uproar than I could have imagined! It was the day after my mom's birthday, and she perchance happened to be idly fishing around the shores of Maraqua when I popped up out of the waters to greet her--I was in the first group to arrive! Ecstatic, she took me home immediately, cleaned me up, and walked back with me as we watched other nervous owners SCRAMBLE to have the chance to own another Lutari just like me. It was madness! But not only was simply owning us becoming a struggle, but there was a bigger question on everyone's mind--where is Lutari Island, and how do we get there? What is this Talisman, and how can it help me? Well, that, my friends, is actually a pretty simple question, with an even simpler answer.

As you all know, when we Lutaris came in the second batch to Neopia, we brought with us maps back to our homeland. But because of the skepticism of the Elders that remain on our lands, you have to buy the map with the price--this way, only the worthy are allowed to enter! You can see Lutari Island using The Neopets Mobile Program. This, a simple device that can be downloaded to any Cingular serviced cell phone, gives you the ability to access Lutari Island (well, not only my land, but all of Neopia!) whenever you please. Of course, as I said, it comes with a price--and not just in Neopoints either. It currently costs just under $3 a month, to pay to run the many games and special services that our maps offer. It is all up to the Elders whether anyone will actually be able to access the Island free or not; they're pretty set in their ways, so if you want to visit it any time soon, my suggestion is to simply download the easy software!

Your Lutari Talisman is a free gift from all of us Lutaris, blessed by the Elders back on the Island to give us special luck in our crossing. However, your luck as a Neopian will only begin to increase if you add one of our magical Lutari Beads to the tightly woven threads. I think in our hurry to get ashore, some of us dropped a bead here and there--naturally, due to their rarity, the prices they sell for around here are extremely high! The cheaper way to go about getting one is simply by telling someone about how to access Lutari Island through Neopets Mobile. Every time you can convince someone to purchase a map, another bead is added to your Talisman--consequently, the better your luck becomes! It's all a game of chance though, so don't take my word for it. Use your judgment wisely. How much are better odds worth to you?

And there you have it--everything you need to know about how us Lutaris came to be. I hope this has shined a bright light on our otherwise mysterious comings--still want a Lutari! Have no fear! Something inside me feels that more of us will be moving over to Neopian shores soon enough...

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