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A Walk Through Guild HQ

by sra723


A neat-looking JubJub with glossy layers of glistening blue fur looks up expectantly from her desk as you walk through the huge oak double doors of the Neopian Guild HQ. She smiles and says in a professional tone, "Welcome! Whether you want to become a successful guild owner or a great guild member, this is the place for you!" She settles her paperwork down on her desk and smiles encouragingly as you nervously say hello.

"Become a part of your Neopian community and join a guild with a theme you love. You could gain fabulous friendships and maybe even get some helpful tips from other fellow Neopians," the blue JubJub says happily, noting the questioning expression on your face. "My name is Clair et Ensoleille, or Clair for short. My job at the Neopian Guild HQ is to help you on your way to guild success! Therefore, I must tell you everything I know, so listen up!"

You look around in awe at the high arched ceiling and the marble pillars. The hall is glistening with gold trophies of past guilds and even framed pictures of some Pet of the Month. People bustle around asking questions and finding out where they are supposed to be. You hope to be a part of this guild community; you just don't know where to begin!

Clair clears her throat and begins, "The first thing to look for when searching for a guild is the theme. Every guild has a central theme whether it is about a certain type of pet (baby-themed guilds are very popular), game-related (Hannah and the Pirate Caves is a regular pick), or even about random things like paint brushes. Now, I will take you on a tour of the Guild Headquarters."

She stands up and smoothes out her business suit. Quickly, she motions for you to follow her and she begins down the hallway. She pushes open a set of glass doors and you follow her inside. Once the doors shut behind you, the room becomes alight with faeries zipping about regular Neopians like yourself. Clair points out some odd shaped buildings to you, mentioning names such as 'fire faerie volcano' and 'air faerie cloud'.

"Now, these buildings are called 'neighborhoods'. In order to search for a guild you need to enter one of these quaint little communities. There you will find several guilds of all different types." Clair pauses to scratch her chin with one of her overly large feet. "So, do you have a specific neighborhood in mind or shall I just pick one as an example?"

Randomly, you select the soup kitchen; it looks warm and snug. Together you walk into the little cauldron-shaped complex. Clair takes a piece of paper from a friendly Usul inside and hands it to you. On it are a list of guild names and a little description. There are so many! How can you possibly choose?

Clair must be reading your mind, because she says cheerfully, "Don't worry, dear. I understand that you must feel like you've been blasted by the Snowager, but you'll get used to it."

You do not feel quite the same way, but you nod your head anyway. Clair leads you down a long hallway filled with people going in and out of doors on either side of you. Each one leads to a different guild, but which one to enter?

Eagerly, Clair opens a door to the left of you. "I think this one will suit you," she adds with a smile. You follow her in as the door slams shut.

How do you know which guild is the right one for you? Clair says to take a closer look at it and ask yourself some useful questions.

-Would you participate in any of the guild's activities? Are there activities?

-Does the content look appropriate?

-Are the guild graphics nice? Does it have a nice layout?

-After checking the message boards, determine whether the members are nice.

-Is the guild leader organized? Does he/she update often?

The pretty blue JubJub flicks a piece of dust off of her gleaming coat and says, "Think about how you could be a part of this guild. How would you contribute to it? Remember, being a part of a guild means working with others to build it up to the best it can be."

You ask her what she means by this, and she heartily replies, "The goal of a guild is to get good, active members, with activities, message board posts, and helpful hints. Sometimes, nice Neopians will even send you a neomail commenting on your guild. Be sure to thank them no matter what!"

There are too many guilds to look at and so little time. You mention this to her, but she replies in a carefree manner, "You don't need to find a guild in one day. Things like this take some time; especially if you want to find a good permanent guild. Sometimes, you will join, but it won't work out. Don't worry, you can always join another!"

After some time, you have chosen a guild. Clair is ecstatic with joy. However, you have no idea what to do. You suggest going off to play a game of Meerca Chase. Clair laughs and says, "The guild leader is looking for members that will help contribute to the guild and build it up. If you join it, then sit back and do nothing, the other members will get irritated. You will be categorized as an inactive member."

Clair's helpful tips on how not to be categorized as an inactive member:

-Post! The other members would love to meet you, so introduce yourself on the message boards and maybe even drop a nice comment.

-Neomail the guild leader. They would love to hear from you. Just introduce yourself and say you are new to the guild. The leader will be delighted and probably will give you some helpful tips about the functions of your new guild.

-Participate in activities and other events that might be going on. You could win an award or maybe even qualify for Member of the Month.

-Use the guild's banners or graphics if they have any. That way you will show your appreciation for the guild and attract non-members.

You tell Clair that she earlier mentioned that members should contribute to their guilds, but you cannot think of anything to give. Clair thinks for a moment then answers, "It depends on the member. Some members are cunning, and can offer ideas, suggestions and helpful tips. Other members are good with html; they can make a dailies page for the guild." She stares at you for a long moment. "What are you good at? Use your talents and interests to make your guild great."

Suddenly, you find yourself back in the Guild HQ lobby. Clair is settling back into her desk. You smile back at your new friend and thank her for all the help and information she has given you. "Come back any time you wish for more helpful hints," Clair says. "Remember what I told you and your guild experiences will be great!"

You walk away, out the double doors and into the sunshine, full of knowledge and glowing with warmth. Hopefully you will put your talents to work on your new guild. If all doesn't work out, you know you can always go back to a helpful friend, but for now, you are excited, and your new future in your guild awaits.

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