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Ailemea vs. Jenna: Part Two

by rainbow_lover852


Also by jeanaet

The two Neopian families sat around the table in the Spring Garden, eating a dessert of Cocoa Juppies. All eight of the petpets were wrestling and sleeping in the playpen that Oreh had brought. Isaerios and Lindsey were in deep conversation with each other, the proud Lindsey obviously being charmed by Isaerios' lovely sapphire eyes. Oreh was telling Lailani about the wonderful days she'd had as a Flotsam, Jeanie and Rain were laughing through tears at jokes that the other was telling, and Nexy and Kiara were rolling around on the ground, giggling. They had eaten their supper of Baby Food before anyone else could begin on their Turkey Dinners.

     Ailemea and Jenna were having an intense staring contest across the table. Jenna's paw was clutched tight on her sword Faith, which lay unsheathed on her lap. Ailemea's Ditsy stared unblinkingly at it. After a while, everyone else's conversation faded away and they all watched the two Xweetoks.

     "So, Ailemea, have you written any stories lately?" Rain asked uneasily.

     "No," the Xweetok replied curtly.

     Jenna's paws clenched, as a single phrase she'd learned ran through her mind. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all...

     Aile noticed her tense rival. "What?" she snapped.

     Jenna was tempted to repeat the phrase, but all that came out was, "You don't have to be so rude."

     "I wasn't being rude - I answered her question, didn't I?" Aile snapped back, flaring up.

     "Just loosen up, ok?!" Jenna barked in frustration. "We invited you to dinner after all!"

     "Well, SORRY! Not MY fault I got dragged to this STUPID dinner party in the first place! Pardon me for having a HORRIBLE day, and a WORSE night!" Ailemea screeched.

     "It always has to be about you, doesn't it?" Jenna said in disgust. "You know what I think you are?!"

     "Say it," Aile replied in a deadly voice.

     "Jenna_Leanna!" Rain cried in distress. "Please, stop, the both of you!"

     "Now, now, girls," Jeanie said quietly. "I'm sure there are better ways of settling this than yelling."

     Jenna's eyes gleamed as she stood up and lifted Faith to point threateningly at Ailemea. "You're right; let us take this to the Battledome - that is, unless you're afraid of mussing your perfect fur?" she taunted.

     Ailemea leaped to her feet. Her eyes were shining with absolute fury. "You're on."


     Rain and Jeanie were nervous. No - they were panicked. They prepared their pets for battle with an air of unease. The other six pets were sitting in the stands, chattering aimlessly. Kiara and Nexy spoke in length in their baby talk. The playpen that contained their petpets was situated so that the petpets could watch the match.

     Jenna smiled, already feeling triumphant. There was no chance for Ailemea in this match. Her hit points were only 10/10 - Jenna's were 35/35. She would take her in the first move. She shot a confident smirk at Ailemea, and got one in return. You just wait, she thought. Now was the time when she would show Ailemea that she wasn't just dealing with a pretty striped Xweetok. No. She was much more than that.

     The match began.

     Jenna made a smooth dash at Ailemea with Faith, but the sword bounced off and out of her paws. Ailemea grinned at her from within her Bubble Shield. And then, dropping the shield, she threw a Battlecard at Jenna. Jenna was bounced back painfully. Angrily, Jenna threw a Caustic Potion back at her opponent. Ailemea was thrown backwards as well.

     Furious, the two Xweetoks healed. They became more wary. They circled around, glaring at each other. Then, without warning, Jenna threw an expensive yet strong potion at Ailemea. There was a huge cloud and Aile screamed, but a moment later she had dashed out, gulping down an elixir. She glanced at Jenna tentatively then placed an odd looking hat on her head. Jenna gasped as her opponent vanished.

     She was suddenly slammed from behind by what she was sure was Xweetok Swish, and then blasted with another Battlecard. She stumbled and looked wildly around for Ailemea. She saw paw prints in the Mystery Island dirt and smiled. Gathering her energy, she Thunder-tailed Ailemea. The hat was blown off the other Xweetok's head and Ailemea hissed.

     Then, as one, the two Xweetoks threw deadly potions at each other. There was a blast and they flew apart.

     "The match is a draw," the referee declared. "No one has won the fight."

     Rain and Jeanie rushed onto the field and stuffed Healing Potions into their Xweetoks' mouths. Instantly Aile and Jenna leaped to their feet. They looked at their scoreboards and realized what had happened. Jenna blinked in surprise and confusion. Ailemea angrily stalked out of the stadium.

     The rest of the group followed Ailemea, Jenna fuming within. She knew this wasn't over yet.

     In fact, it had barely begun.


     Jeanie and her pets were just about to whistle for transport Eyries, when without warning, a Weewoo swooped by and dropped a copy of the Neopian Times upon Rain's head. "Ow! What the?" She picked up the paper, and watched as its deliverer flew off into the distance. "I didn't know Weewoos could fly."

     Jeanie shrugged and came over to inspect the paper. "Must be a random event. This could be just a book or some--!!" The girl's eyes widened and she nearly dropped the Times. "OH NO! RAIN!"

     "What!" Rain grabbed the paper and gawked at it in astonishment. "Terror Mountain overthrown!" she gasped in disbelief, and then read aloud in a trembling voice, "Armies of Dr. Sloth swarming over the mountain, already spilling out into Tyrannia. Space ships from the skies can be seen soaring over the lands, homes being burned, citizens trapped..." Rain's face grew paler with every word. "All Neopians must evacuate to Maraqua within the next few hours. No exceptions."

     Many Neopians stopped to listen, thunderstruck.

     "What about Faerieland?" Jeanie asked, not understanding. "Why isn't Fyora here? She should be in control!"

     "It says that Faerieland has lost contact; only a few faeries have been seen in the pillaging, doing their best to save the town centers," Rain answered weakly.

     The two owners looked at each other and then everyone began to run. The skies grew black as some unknown shadow shaded the entire island. The two families reached Rain's Neohome very quickly. Then there was a great tumult of action. So much to be done, so much to be left behind! Oreh handed the petpets to all of their owners and then collapsed the playpen and hid it in a closet. Rain and her family ran around the Neohome, collecting everything important and hiding it under the floor. Rain snatched up her savings and then they all ran outside once more.

     Ailemea screamed, and several other shrieks and wails joined in chorus. They all turned to see what was wrong and then they saw it as well. They knew what the shadow was now.

     Great fleets of ships soared over the island, and from the skies came hundreds of parachutes bearing blank-eyed Grundos of all colors. Spotlights penetrated the jungle, revealing numerous citizens hiding in terror. Then there was a ear-splitting explosion, and flames shot up from Mystery Island Central, spreading rapidly from Neohome to Neohome. Grundos emerged from the smoke, zapping the confused Neopians with stun guns, cornering families in their homes. And in all this chaos, two owners and their pets remained standing by the seaside neighborhood, watching the jungle being swallowed up in fire.

     Ailemea fainted and Jeanie scooped her up, Rain taking Nexy.

     Jenna could only stare in horror and anger. Her grip tightened on her sword, her eyes blazed with a passionate hate! Before her very eyes, her homeland was being thrown over. All in one night, her world had been completely turned upside down.

     "Oreh, what are you doing! Stop!" Lailani yelled. They all turned to see a blank-eyed Oreh walking towards the ranks of Grundos.

     "Oreh, get back here this second!" Jeanie screamed. The Island Grundo did not reply, and when she reached the ranks, she turned around and began to march with them. She was gone.

     "Hurry," Rain urged breathlessly. "Into the sea, I have an old residence down by Maraqua." She indicated the beach but a few yards from her now quiet and abandoned Neohome.

     The two owners, Rain carrying the babies, Jeanie carrying Ailemea and Haelee, ran and leaped into the sea. Lindsey grabbed Isaerios' paw and the two leaped after them, their petpets on their heads.

     Lailani was looking tearfully after her new friend. Jenna took her hoof and gently pulled her to the water.

     "Come on, sis, we can't do anything for her now," the Xweetok said gently. Lailani pulled away and Jenna thought she was going back for Oreh, but the Peophin only reached down and picked up the confused Snarkie, Oreh's petpet. The yellow Scarabug whimpered, not understanding.

     "It's okay, little one," Lailani whispered. "Pearl and I will take care of you until Oreh is sane again." The Scarabug settled and Lailani dashed into the sea, Pearl sailing in after her.

     Jenna took one last look at her home, trees burning, people screaming. She could do nothing to save it. Clenching Faith, Jenna promised herself that she'd see the island again, revive it. But now, she had to go.

     "Good bye," she breathed as she slipped sadly into the sea, following the only treasure she had left; her family.

To be continued...

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