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Fun Doesn't Have to Be In the Sun!

by demonlightreal


So you've worked all through the hot months, earning NP, saving the world from various members of the Gallery of Evil and working your way through tricky puzzles. No wonder you didn't have the opportunity to get away! Now that we're reaching the end of the months of sunshine, it's time to pack your bags and escape the brown-leaf blues, and NeoGuides Holidays are here to tell you how.

Trendy Holidays:

We all know that Mystery Island is a prime location for a bit of beach-sitting, castle-building and sea-swimming, but the island can get crowded in peak season. NeoGuides Holidays would recommend booking far in advance so that you get an ideal spot on the sand.

It's easy to see why Mystery Island is so popular - quite aside from the stunning scenery, white beaches, blue lagoons and lush, exotic foliage, the inhabitants are quite happy to take your NP (and codestones) off you. Watch your pockets, because while some of the events set up might be free (local mystics predict your fortune) or well worth the money (Tiki Tours, the most reliable transport on the island's infrastructure, is certainly a cheering outing); it is all too easy to end up buying suitcases of tack. Tiki Tack, in fact (Ed - har har).

Things to cross off on your list: even if you've been busy and want to put your feet up, it's well worth climbing up Techo Mountain. The view is spectacular.


A new fad to hit the holiday industry is the Eco-tourism boom. The ethically minded Neopians among us might hope that this is more than a fad, and will last long into the future.

While Neopians can help each other and conserve the natural landscape pretty much everywhere (think the revival of beautiful Maraquan architecture and the preservation of the Haunted Woods night time climate), Lutari Island is the perfect holiday spot for the eco-minded tourist. Practically everything on the island is built from sustainable wood; the locals always keep one eye on the nature that surrounds them and have harvested the rhythm of the natural world. You can bathe in the healing pool which soothes your pet without the application of faerie magic. Be aware, though, Lutari Island can be quite difficult to access. Special methods must be used to travel through the mists that wreathe and protect it.

Things to cheer you up: the Wheel of Happiness is ready to whisk away your sadness every hour.

Where the Stars Are Heading:

What's wrong with a little celebrity endorsement? The fashion and media conscious Neopian (particularly the faerie-types among you) will already be aware that the closest place to the stars is Faerieland! It's already the home of the premier faeries Fyora and Jhudora (who is arguably infamous rather than famous) and is periodically visited by a host of other Neopian stars, notably Hannah, Lord Darigan, the king siblings Skarl and Hagan (well, where do you think the dolls, artefacts and crowns came from in Fyora's tower?) and the ever-elusive but much beloved Fountain Faerie.

The glittering city sits high above the oceans of Neopia, nestled within the clouds. While you're there, you can enjoy a quick flutter at the Wheel of Excitement, stand at the tracks and watch a few furlongs of Poogle racing and perhaps purchase some exquisite faerie furniture for your Neohome. Be warned: as an exclusive holiday destination, Faerieland can be quite expensive, but fortunately there is an Employment Agency if you've run out of NP and don't know how you're going to get home.

Star Spotting: you can often find a famous face or two snacking at the Faerie Foods shop. Even celebrities need to eat.


If your feet are itching and your eyes crave something new, why not try an exotic holiday? Shenkuu is a newly discovered mountain retreat just north of Altador. Only try the food if you're particularly brave (you never know whether it's going to make your taste buds sing or explode - and who trusts that chef?) but there's nothing like sitting next to a mountain stream to relax the body and mind.

Pronunciation: fortunately the people of Shenkuu are fluent in Neopian standard, so you don't need to learn the lingo.

Something Different:

If just roaming isn't good enough, and you are a bit of an excitement addict, we would recommend either visiting the Haunted Woods or Krawk Island. Be warned: these are not orthodox holiday destinations. The Haunted Woods are not for the faint hearted; ghosts lurk under every rock and even the activities you find there (particularly the Wheel of Misfortune) might 'reward' you with something nasty. That said, the nightlife is spectacular.

Krawk Island is an example of what we call 'grey' tourism, in that it's dodgy, not that it'll depress your pet. You can indulge in a fabulous meal at the Gold Dubloon and see if you strike it lucky on your treasure hunt, but keep a close watch on your pockets. Unlike Mystery Island, this isn't a tourist trap in the usual sense of the word, but there are many, many nefarious Neopians who wouldn't think twice about blagging your swag (Ed - another comment like that, and you're fired).

Dress code: black and white are mandatory at both destinations.

Walking Tours:

They say a change is as good as a rest, and if you're sick of trudging around the same old area (doesn't your user lookup seem terribly familiar now?) then you could lend your feet (or paws) to a walking holiday. Qasala and the Lost Desert are ideal for wandering around, since basically, once you get there, you have no choice but to trek. The cities themselves are quite hospitable when they aren't being attacked by giant flaming monsters, but before you set out into the desert itself (NeoGuides recommends Coltzan's Shrine as a point of cultural interest), make sure you tell someone where you are going and take plenty of water with you.

Sore Feet: remember to take some Magic Smelly Socks if your feet get bloaty from overuse.

A Bit of History:

If you're the type of owner who force-feeds their pets books in order to improve their minds, then you'll love a historical holiday. Altador and Brightvale are strikingly different in architecture, climate and culture, but they both have one thing in common: a rich and extensive history.

The hallowed, marbled halls of Altador play host to a collection of beautiful alabaster statues. Each one holds a story of its own. There is also an extensive library for research purposes, so if you come across a particularly arcane piece of lore, you can have a chat with the curator there. The city itself is idyllic and the clean streets are a pleasure to wander around.

Brightvale is very aptly named. Ruled by King Hagan the Wise, you will find yourself immersed in information of all types. The castle itself is difficult to enter; you'll have to prove that you aren't a wannabe scholar by declaring your intelligence, but you can take your brain for a spin on the Wheel of Knowledge. Be warned, this is not a holiday for featherweight intellectuals. Brightvale is a bastion of the arcane in an all-too modern world.

Petpets: Altadorian petpets are celebrities in their own right. The recent Altador Cup features the Yooyu.

Party Time!

Okay, you're young, you're energetic, maybe you've been painted Disco. So where do you want to go? You need a holiday where the days are long, the music is loud and the locals are pure rock and roll.

Tyrannia is the answer. The plateau features a massive stadium where, for the price of a ticket, you can see your very favourite band performing, and take away a few souvenirs at the end of the night. Unfortunately, the music isn't the only thing that'll be giving you headaches - not only is the Battledome is situated right next door (fun in itself if you enjoy a scrap or cheering the fighters on), but there are a few not-quite tame locals who might decide to bite you if you aren't careful with your gambling habits.

Don't worry about food: the omelette is free.

A Bit of TLC:

Maraqua is a soothing place. Once you get past the problem of how to breathe underwater, you can ensconce yourself next to a window and watch the tides tease the fronds of seaweed, float through a world of water-filtered light and take part in the gentle activities of seashell collecting or angling. If you fancy spending a bit of money, you can visit the kelp restaurant for some truly inspiring cuisine. Tip: over order. The food tastes just as good if you take it home in a doggy bag (Ed - should that be 'doglefox bag'?). Despite being rebuilt, Maraqua is such an idyllic spot that many people choose never to leave, building Neohomes wherever premium seabed becomes available. The bubbling pit makes for an excellent natural Jacuzzi.

Don't get too downhearted if: the waiter at the Kelp restaurant seems a bit snooty. He is still sore after a few bad experiences in the caption contest.

A Bit of R and R:

For the quiet life, hope over to Roo Island or take a detour around Kiko Lake.

On Roo Island you're perfectly safe from the vampiric Von Roo, just so long as you don't visit him at an inconveniently early hour. King Roo is a character, and he will try his best to encourage you to play Dice-A-Roo, but don't be afraid to say that you're bored after a few too many throws. After all, you are on holiday. Avail yourself of the Merry Go Round. It isn't as fast as it looks, and you don't have to put any effort into this ride!

Kiko Lake is very small and relatively undisturbed (Ed- then why are you publicising it?) and so it makes a perfect venue for a picnic. The Glass Bottom Boat Tours are inexpensive and gentle - no tubular Kiko racing here! You might even find time to take a look at home crafted items at the carpentry shop. Don't worry; you'll get plenty of shut-eye. The Kiko carpenters know when to stop hammering.

Be aware: there is no pot of gold at the end of the Roo rainbow.

Budget Holidays:

Meridell is a world away from the tranquillity and peace of Maraqua and the small islands. The signs of a recent conflict are still present, and Darigan's citadel floats on the horizon. You can even talk to the current ruler, although he might not talk back because he'll be stuffing his face. Not to worry, though, the locals are quite friendly in general and will let you help yourself to the rubbish dump for a bit of fossil hunting, as well as encouraging you to take part in cheap ye olde activities such as archery and picking your own berries. Food is easy to come by - sample the gruel, gravy and hot crossed buns. Watch out for the mud.

If you can't even afford the short hop to Meridell, NeoGuides have set up a deal with the Neolodge whereby you can take a weekend break in Neopia Central for only 10 NP per pet. You'll find the coupon on our back page; simply take it to the unfortunately named 'Cockroach Towers'. (Ed- unfortunately named, my tail!)

Secret Holidays:

Rumour has it that there are places in Neopia that can only be reached by the very knowing. Unfortunately, NeoGuides have found their access a bit wobbly, so to speak, so we have very little information on the whereabouts (or even the existence) of such areas.

How to Get There:

Many Neopians (the Shoyru, Elephante, Uni and so on) will have no problems with transport since they can fly. The Lutari, Jetsam and Peophin will probably have to restrict themselves to non-landlocked destinations, and the terrestrial pets such as Gelerts, Lupes and Aishas may have to hitch lifts from here to there. NeoGuides find that the Faerie Cloud Racers are the fastest route to the sky. We do not endorse Mootix Drop activities, since the parachutes are designed for petpetpets and are in no way big enough to support a full grown Neopet.

Holiday Essentials:

Bring plentiful first aid supplies, water (most of the water in Neopia is pure, but you never know in some situations) and a portable safety deposit box in case of Pant Devil or Grundo Leader attacks. Only carry enough NP to get by, since a full bank is a safe bank, but a full pocket makes a target. Finally, bring an open mind! Travel-shy pets might benefit by a pair of step-out shoes to send them on their way.

Above all, be respectful to the locals and enjoy yourself.

Happy travelling.

- NeoGuides

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