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A Day in the Life: A Pet Personality Quiz

by buggybounce


Are you addicted to personality quizzes? Or have you ever wondered what you would be like if you were a Neopet? Then this is the right quiz for you! Just answer the questions that follow as if you were one of your pets, then at the end tally up your answers to see which kind of pet you would be.

1. You and your fellow Neopian friends decide to go to Neopia Central, but just can't decide on what shop to go to. You speak up and say:

a. "Ooh! Ooh! Let's go to the Petpet Shop and Plushie Palace! Petpets and plushies! They are so cute and fuzzy!"

b. "Mmm... Food! I'm hungry..."

c. "Why don't we take a curate outing to the Book and Novel Shoppe? Or the Grooming Parlour, perhaps? That would be the feature of my day!"

d. "I need a nap."

e. "Muahahaha!!! To the Bank!!!"

f. I wouldn't say anything. I really wouldn't mind what shop we went to; I just like being with my friends.

2. Your owner has just completed a Fountain Faerie quest. What color do you hope and pray s(he) will paint you?

a. *starts squealing and jumping up and down* "BABY! BABY! BABY! BABY!!!!!!"

b. "Uhhh... what's a Fountain Faerie quest?"

c. "I would most likely crave the color Royal, of course."

d. "Hmm, I don't know. Do I really have to choose?"

e. "Grrr..... Darigan would be my choice, then all of Neopia could be mine!! Muahahahaha! I shall rule the world!"

f. "Island. It would be cool to have that 'native' look."

3. How would you spend 10,000 random Neopoints that you found and picked up off the floor?

a. "On anything adorably cute, like petpets and petpetpets and plushies! Lotsa plushies!"

b. "Food... mmm..."

c. "The most exquisite accessories, obviously."

d. *yawns* "I don't know. Maybe a few things here, a few things there, maybe a pillow or two."

e. "Things for my evil plan, because as you know, I am going to be ruler of all Neopia! Muahahahaha!!"

f. "Probably on a couple things that I could share with my family and friends, and then I would put the rest in the bank."

4. What are your favorite games to play?

a. "Every game I can find or make up! Isn't playing so exciting?!"

b. "Whichever games give me the most Neopoints."

c. "I adore the most royal competitions. The Beauty Contest wins my vote - no pun intended."

d. "I don't know... I don't play games often. I read. Or sleep."

e. "Who has time for games? I have planning to do!!! Muahaha!"

f. "It varies for me. Sometimes I like Faerie Cloud Racers, Turmac Roll, and Bouncy Supreme. Other times I like to sit down to a good puzzle. It just depends on my mood."

5. I know this is completely random, but what do you think of when I say, "muffins"?

a. "Muffins?! Did you say muffins?!!! Those little things are my favorite! They are so cute!!!"

b. "Muffins... mmm... food..."

c. "Pastry scones? They are quite tasty, you know."

d. "I've seen a grey muffin before. It was so depressing. Or was that a cupcake?"

e. "Haha, that's it! I'll use muffins to help me with my quest to rule Neopia! I shall rule!!!! Muahahaha!!"

f. "You know, its funny that you say that. Hold that thought, please? I need to go check on the batch that I put in the oven a while ago..."

6. What is most important to you in life?

a. "Cuteness, and anything fuzzy or plushie! I love laughing and having fun, too!"

b. "Food, muffins, food..."

c. "Love, royalty, spirit, education, the knowledge of different spoons and utensils for how to set the table properly."

d. "I don't know. I like sleeping, and reading, maybe..."

e. "Now that's a dumb question. It's ME!!!!! Muahahaha!"

f. "Friends, family, having a positive outlook on things and loving."

7. What is your favourite colour?

a. "All the colors of the rainbow!!! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, and everything in between!"

b. "Mmm... brown and green, because those are the main colors of the food chain. That's what I learned in science class."

c. "Purple and mauve, obviously. Those are the colors of royalty."

d. "Hmm. Maybe grey, maybe not..."

e. "Black... To lurk in the shadows of Neopia; it hides me well, but you don't know I'm even there!!! HAHA!!!"

f. "I like natural colors, the colors of the wind and such, of multicolor orange leaves, and sky blue."

Congratulations! You've finished the quiz! Now count up the number of letters you had for each question. The majority of the letters you scored will be your pet and color. So get your scores ready now, because it's TALLY UP TIME!!!

This is how it works: If you had mostly...

... A, then you're probably a Baby Cybunny. You're loving and bouncy and are extremely random, and you have a wonderfully optimistic view towards life, and many people like how you cheer them up. You despise anything sad.'

... B, then you are most likely a Plushie Skeith. You love eating and taking advantage of what opportunities life gives you. You might not know much about Neopia yet, but you'll get there. Food is your pride.

... C, then you're mostly a Royal Kyrii. You're doing well, and you have excellent vocabulary skills and like to learn and live your life through how people (and you) see yourself. You are very wise and sophisticated and have very good manners.

... D, then you are most like a Grey Koi. You speak for yourself, and are nice and gentle, but tiredness and sadness sometimes wears you down.

... E, then you must be like a Darigan Pteri. Your idols are Sloth, Lord Darigan and Lord Kass. You are addicted to laughing evilly and hope *cough* to take over Neopia one day. Good luck with that...

... F, then you are probably an Island Lutari. You are happy with who you are, and you are open to many new ideas. Your friends and family mean the most to you, and you hum to your own little tune, but yet you go with the flow. Many people admire you for having a personality like that.

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