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The Last Attempt

by aerissdb


"Yasil! Can you teach me about some more Maraquan lifeforms?" exclaimed a very curious Gnorbu named Maerzadi.

     "Zadi, do I really have to talk to you about them every day? Let's just go for a swim and maybe I can show you some instead!" replied Yasil.

     Maerzadi looked worried for a second but agreed nonetheless. So off they started towards the Altador beach. It was a perfectly sunny day, not a single cloud in the sky. Birds were flying up above chirping cheerfully in the nice cool air that was just right. Not too hot and not too cold. If only it could be this beautiful every day in Neopia.

     "Yasil? I forgot to tell you before...." started Maerzadi, sounding very guilty. "I can't really swim... I mean... my little legs are just too short and I've never really been in more water than there is in a bathtub. Actually, I've only ever been in a bathtub, but at least I'll have my little rubber Baby Boochi with me!"

     Letting out a little chuckle, Yasil explained to Maerzadi that it wouldn't be a problem, because since he was a Maraquan Acara, he was an excellent swimmer and that it would be entirely possible for Maerzadi to ride on his back. Relieved that Yasil didn't get angry with his sudden confession and pleased by his solution, Maerzadi continued skipping along the sidewalk with the Rubber Baby Boochi under his arm.

     When they finally arrived at the beach, Maerzadi was immediately a little intimidated by the vast amount of water. He was really hesitant to just jump right in even if he was riding on Yasil's back. Yasil tried everything, bribing him with candy, giving him some time to get used to the idea, splashing him with water, telling him about all the wonderful things he'd see underwater, and telling him that the whole reason they came out here was because Maerzadi wanted to. He still wouldn't budge. So they agreed to just walk up and down the beach talking about everything below the sea.

     The conversation soon changed to Maerzadi's curious thoughts about his father's voyages across the sea and wondering if he'd ever return or ever even see him again. Yasil being the sympathetic and loving friend that he is, he encouraged Zadi that everything would turn out just the way it was supposed to. He also told him that he was sure someday he would in fact see his father again.

     Before long, the sun started to set and Yasil knew he better get Zadi home before his mother got worried, so they started back in the opposite direction.

     "Heeeeey! WHAT'S THAT?" cried Maerzadi.

     "There's something glimmering over there just below the surface of the water!" he added.

     Yasil was too tired to investigate something that was probably no more than a seashell, so he decided to tell Zadi that he'd have to go swim to get it because he knew he'd refuse, but to his dismay, he actually agreed this time. He'd tried everything before except for luring him into the water with a shiny object. He immediately laughed to himself, wondering why he didn't think of that before.

     Running over to the water, Maerzadi dove into the shallow water and retrieved the sparkling object.

     "You see! It's not that bad after all! And I didn't even have to help you! You are a natural swimmer!" said Yasil as he praised Maerzadi for finally giving it a try.

     Completely ignoring what he was saying, Maerzadi's eyes were huge with curiosity over what he had found.

     "Look, Yasil! It's a bottle with a note inside!" exclaimed Maerzadi.

     "Wow! Well, what does the note say?" asked Yasil.

     "...I can't read, Yasil. Will you read it out loud?" asked Maerzadi as he handed him the note.

     "Avast ye landlubbers! This here be my last attempt at a rescue. I am sure this be absolutely a ridiculous thing to try, but at this point I am out of options. I am currently marooned on a deserted island a little west of Krawk Island. It's probably not even listed on any map in existence, but ye've got to find a way to rescue me nonetheless. Ye see... I've stashed away a bunch of fortune for me boy who I left before ever even meetin' and only I be the only one who knows where it is. So please, find my baby boy, Maerzadi, and come rescue me before it's nair too late.


     Captain Jerisallu"

     "It's my father!! We must save him, Yasil!!" cried Maerzadi, his eyes as big as saucers.

     "Calm down!! I promise to go find him, Zadi, and to bring him home safely, but I have to take you home to your mother first or she'll have my hide!" informed Yasil.


      "There are no 'buts' about it, Zadi. This mission is far too dangerous for a little baby Neopet like yourself. You have to leave these responsibilities to me."

      With that, Yasil led a very irritated Maerzadi back home. And he went home to get his last good night's sleep before he started off on the journey to rescue Maerzadi's father despite the dangers of Maraquans in pirate territory.

      The next morning, Yasil packed up a few necessities and headed to Shenkuu where he persuaded the crew of the Cyodrake's Gaze to drop him off on Krawk Island.

      From there he rented a small ship to explore the waters west of Krawk Island just like the message in the bottle advised. After several days of tedious searching, he finally saw a very small bit of land, so small that it would have been easy to miss even if you sailed past it 100 times.

      "That has to be the island I'm looking for. It's west of Krawk Island, and it's definitely been left out of every map I've owned. And it's no wonder, too. It's so small it probably goes underwater with just the slightest bit of rain," Yasil said to himself.

      He pulled the ship onto shore and each got off to see if he could find any sign of life or proof that Maerzadi's father was even here at all.

      After searching nearly the entire island, Yasil finally found a pirate Gnorbu unconscious under a palm tree in the sand.

      "This must be him! Is he alive? Should I check for a pulse?" wondered Yasil.

      "Oh bugger, get off of me, ye scoundrel! I'm trying to take a nap!" said the Gnorbu, looking very irritated.

      "Oh! So sorry, sir! I am a friend of your son's... I am here to rescue you," apologized Yasil.

      "Me boy, Maerzadi? Take me to him at once!!" demanded Jerisallu.

      After traveling for several days, they had at last, returned to Altador where Maerzadi impatiently waited on the docks.

      "Argh! Maerzadi, me boy! At last we are reunited!" exclaimed Jerisallu before the ship had even docked.

      Maerzadi jumped up and down until his father finally got on the dock where they both embraced in a bear hug.

      "Ah, me boy. We have so much catching up to do!"

      "Daddy! What about the treasure?"

      Laughing, Jerisallu handed his son a chocolate coin.

      "I'm afraid that's about all I have left. How else do you expect I survived on that island?"

The End

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