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20 Ways To Make Neopets More Fun

by torturerose


Yes, I admit, Neopets is already uberly fun, but surely it could be... better. Right? Well, when I seriously got to thinking about it, of course it can! I searched my brain, high and low and thought of 20 ways to make Neopets more interesting! And because I'm a nice person *shifty eyes*, I'm going to pass on my wisdom and tell you 20 ways to enjoy Neopets even more! Although, I must warn you, you have to be pretty bored to do a lot of these things! Enjoy!

1) Paint all Neopets chocolate. It's just so obvious. I mean, pets and chocolate are great separately, but when put together, my gosh have you got yourself a combination! Your pets will look so delicious you'll have to resist slobbering all over your keyboards and it will certainly liven your day!

2) Neomail a friend a totally random sentence! This is so fun on so many levels! I mean, for one you get to think of the sentence, but the utter confusion you cause your friend is just hilarious! Just to help get your mind juices flowing, here's a sentence example: "My toe fell off this morning, so I glued it back on with toothpaste... on my nose." See what I mean?

3) Decide to talk in a certain way on the Neoboards all day! This can be done in several different ways! Like a pirate (Arrr!), like a ninja (Heeeeya!), like Adam (ASPARAGUS! GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!) You get the point.

4) Buy yourself some Cheery Tomatoes! They're about 1,000 NP to buy, but they're SO darn cute, it will just liven your day, I promise! There are several other "cute" items you could buy to brighten your day, but if you're a particularly evil person, a "Bad Seed" is the way to go!

5) Get out 100 NP (1000 NP if you're feeling quite bored) and buy 100 1 NP items! Once you've got as many as you can handle, donate every single one to the Money Tree and run there quick to see your name and your hundreds of items! I have no idea why, but this gives you the best feeling and rumour has it, donating to the Money Tree can boost your Random Events! What have you got to lose? (Well, besides a measly 100 NP.)

6) Try getting one of those nasty game Avatars you've been trying to get for months! Today could be your lucky day, after all!

7) Get round some friends (no matter how old or young) and make over yourselves like Sloth! Just some green face paint and a little creativity can get you a long way and trust me, the end results are always funny!

8) End every sentence you type or speak with "Meep". You'll have all your friends and family more confused than the Library Faerie doing her maths homework!

9) Buy each of your pets a gourmet food. They don't have to be expensive and the sheer delight on your Neopet's face is definitely worth it!

10) Try drawing your pets! I personally, cannot draw (seriously, if I tried drawing a house it would come out looking like a hand... it's that bad), but even when I tried drawing my babies, the finished product wasn't that terrible! And if you really do well, you can enter your piece into the Neopets Art Gallery. You never know!

11) Set aside a good 20 minutes and try answering as many as the Neopets Polls as you possibly can! Make your views count, woo!

12) Dive into the Rainbow Pool head first! Go on, I dare you! Your pets will have a blast and being stained rainbow for the rest of the day is surely a mood lift!

13) Hang outside Hubert's Hotdogs and natter with your pets. Just be careful not to get too loud; Hubert can get pretty raucous at times, but the hot dogs are worth it!

14) Steal lots of free omelette when the Tyrannian Lupe isn't guarding it. Fun and yummy!

15) Buy an army of a certain cheap item (or an expensive item if you're loaded!). Just buy hundreds of the item and call it your army; no one will ever mess with you again! I myself have an army of Bad Seeds... they're just so naughty!

16) Brighten up all your graphics! Give your account a make over and change your lookup, shop layout, gallery layout, pet lookups, the lot! Choose lots of new bright coloured ones and make everything cheery!

17) Join a guild! Or if you're already in one, get more active! Guilds can be absolutely wonderful if you put in your time; they help you with problems and are always there to chat to when you're bored. Plus, you make loads of new friends!

18) Try and make up your own Neopets tongue twister and then get all your friends to try and say it 3 times quickly! Here's an example I thought of: "Many mischievous magic mirgles might make you moan!" That one isn't very good; I'm sure you could all do better!

19) Try and get something at the Money Tree! It takes some patience to do, but if you do get something it could make you some Neopoints and you get a great feeling in your tummy when you get something, especially if you've been trying all day!

20) Finally, try and write your very own Article for the Neopian Times! All you need is an idea and a dictionary and boom, you got yourself an article! Not only is it fun to do, if you get published you get a glorious trophy for your user lookup and who doesn't want one of those? It certainly made my day writing this article and I hope it brightened your day reading it!

There you have it folks! 20 days to enjoy Neopets even more! Hopefully you guys can do as many of these things as possible; I'm pretty sure your pets would have a great day (probably laughing at you!) if you did!

I would like to thank Louisa, because without her I wouldn't have had the push to write this article! I luff yew xx

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