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The Petpet Awards Ceremony

by machoman3


You walk up the red-carpeted steps to a large brick building. A sign is hung over your head. "5th Annual Petpet Awards Ceremony" it reads. You quickly rush in to a large auditorium and take your seat among thousands of other Neopians that have come to witness this spectacular event. A Kyrii steps up to a large wooden podium and begins to speak.

Ladies and gentlemen. Please take your seats. Thank you for coming today for the 5th annual PAC (Petpet Awards Ceremony). For the past five years, we here at PAC have given out awards to the most outstanding petpets in Neopia. The awards are presented in three categories. Without further ado, allow me to present the awards!

Bravest Petpets

#1 & 2 Jimmi and Woogy the Hasees

These brave Hasees went to great heights to help their fellow petpets survive. By flying into the air to retrieve doughnutfruit from the highest branches, these two were able to gather enough food for all of the Hasees in Neopia! Starring in Hasee Bounce, the noble exploits of this petpet duo earned them the top spot in this awards category. If you want to read more about their amazing adventure, pick up a copy of Jimmi or Woogy, two novels based on the heroic adventures of these petpets.

#3 Gwyl the Symol

In order to prove his courageousness to the other Symols, Gwyl trekked deep into the Symol mines to retrieve precious gems. When a rockslide trapped him inside the caves, Gwyl knew just what to do. Hanging from a balloon, Gwyl was able to use his trusty Lightmite companion to escape from the tunnels! Now that's a tale of courage if I ever heard one!

#4 Dieter the Polarchuck

Risking snow worms and bloating, this valiant Polarchuck traversed deep into the heart of Terror Mountain to satisfy his hunger. According to a reliable source, Dieter donated all of the treasure he collected in the mountain to the Petpet protection league! What a generous fellow!

#5 The Yooyuballs

Yooyuball is a sport which originated in the far-off land of Altador. For those of you in the audience who don't know, it involves Neopets throwing Yooyus (petpets) around an arena. The players try and toss the Yooyu into a goal. The Yooyu's hard shell makes it safe for the Yooyu to be thrown around, but nonetheless, these brave petpets deserve an award for their indomitability and guts.

Note: Because there are so many petpets that are receiving this award, the award will instead be presented to the Altador Cup Committee.

Cleverest Petpets

#1 Donkor the Geb

The master locksmith behind the famous bolt at Sutek's tomb, this Geb is said to be one of the cleverest petpets in the history of Neopia. To this day, nobody has been able to work their way past the mysterious mechanism and gain Sutek's riches. However, Donkor lived in the ancient times of the Lost Desert, so the award will have to be given in his honor. Well done, Donkor!

#2 Lab Ray Kookith

An extraordinary scientist, this Kookith is the ingenious mind behind the petpet lab ray. He is the only Neopian ever to figure out a successful way to morph petpets. Even Kauvara can't figure out a potion to do the trick! His outstanding intelligence earns him second place in this category!

#3 Warf Rescue Team

When some poor Kadoaties were stuck in a tree, the Warf Rescue Team was on the job. Using cunning and wit, these Warfs stacked on top of each other to reach the Kadoaties in need! Because of their creative and resourceful plan, the Warf Rescue Team earns third place for this category!

#4 Gwyl the Symol

What's this? Gywl the Symol has won two awards this year? Yes, Gwyl's clever plan to escape the Symol tunnels has earned him another award to join his bravery award! Good going, Gwyl!

#5 Webs the Spyder

"Webs", the Spyder from Web of Vernax, has devised a clever way of trapping those pesky Vernaxes. By spinning webs in a square, Webs can catch the Vernaxes for food in a jiffy. For this masterful scheme, Webs deserves an award.

Best Giant Petpet

This category is new to this year. What is it? Well, fairly recently, monstrous petpets have been popping up all over Neopia. Turmaculus, Snowager... these names may sound familiar. These mammoths of petpets have been appearing in all of the Neopian worlds. How did these petpets become the way they are? Dr. Sloth's experiments gone wrong? Victims of petpet growth syrup? We may never know. However, we will know which petpets won the awards for this category!

#1 The Turmaculus

Landing the number 1 slot is perhaps the most well known of giant petpets, the Turmaculus. A colossal Turmac who resides in Meridell near the Symol Hole, the Turmaculus is so gigantic that he is unable to move. Most of the day he just lies there and sleeps. Pay him a visit if you want to try and wake him, but be careful, his ever-empty appetite results in his ability to swallow anything, including your petpet!

#2 The Snowager

A jumbo-sized version of a Snowickle, the Snowager can be found in the Ice Caves, guarding his stash of plushies, keyrings and various other treasures. More often than not, the Snowager is awake guarding his treasures. At certain hours of the day, the Snowager decides to take a nap on his treasure. If you're feeling lucky, you can try to sneak up to his pile of treasure and swipe a trinket. Be on your guard, though, for the Snowager may wake up and fire shards of ice at you and your Neopets. Ugh.

#3 Slug Monster

Not much is known about the beast guarding the ruins of old Maraqua who bears a striking resemblance to a Slugawoo. Apparently, all those who came face to with it were too petrified to speak. Just remember that you should never go exploring the ruins alone... or unarmed!

#4 Snowbeasts

According to the acclaimed adventurer Hannah, these mysterious and elusive creatures make Terror Mountain their home. Gargantuan in appearance, these Snicklebeast look-alikes give Terror Mountain its name. Coming in both the white and red-furred varieties, these monsters are a terrible force to be reckoned with.

#5 Goregas

Coming in at the final slot for this category is Isca the Aisha's childhood pet. Goregas is a massive Gulper who only Isca is able to call to arms. He was able to help the Maraquans drive away Scarblade's wicked crew during the attack on new Maraqua.

Thank you for coming to the 5th annual Petpet Awards Ceremony!

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