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10 Things to Do While you Restock

by xynto


We all get bored waiting for shops to restock (especially with the new restocking system currently running). However, is there a way to diminish this boredom?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What is restocking?

Well to start off, restocking (also known as RSing or even frequently used as 'rs') is when you buy off items on the many Neopian shops (currently a total of 103) for a cheap price and sell it at a higher rate for a profit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So now you know what restocking is, but when do the shops actually restock?

Previously, Neopian shops restocked right after the other. For example: Shop number 23, Space Weaponry, restocks. Then, after a very very VERY short time, shop number 24, Space Armour, will restock. However, the Neopian shops now have a different way of restocking: randomly.

Yes, randomly. Or at least we think they restock randomly. Seeing as no one has figured out a pattern yet, we have all assumed that the shops do restock randomly. Hopefully, someone out there will notice the pattern, if any, and will decipher the shop's restocking pattern.

It was boring enough having to restock with the 'old' restocking method. Now that the 'new' restocking method has been set into place, restocking has become more like a burden rather than something somewhat enjoyable.

Eventually, refreshing every second can tire your fingers. Not only that, but, well... it's boring. So what exactly should you do while you restock? Here are 10 things that will make your restocking experience much more enjoyable.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- The 10 Things to Do While Restocking -

1. Eat, drink, and indulge:

Since it's boring enough restocking, why not refresh yourself (and your fingers - haha) by eating a hearty (and healthy) snack, drinking an ice cold drink, or even indulging yourself with a good book?

2. Read, analyze, absorb: Read a few Restocking Guides that have been published in the Neopian Times. Reading up on restocking can help strengthen your knowledge of restocking. Learn to analyze the important ideas about restocking and maybe even absorb the information. Here is the title of a great restocking guide which you can find here on the one and only Neopian Times: "You Know You've Done Too Much Restocking When..." - by mgs__fox.

3. Play Neoquest: Playing Neoquest is a great way to waste some time while you wait for the shop/shops to restock. Since you are bored restocking already, Neoquest won't increase your boredom. :P Catching up on some Neoquest is great as well; as you wait for your shop(s) to restock, you progress through your game. Before you know it, you'll even be finished. A guaranteed great way to use your time wisely while restocking.

4. Chat, chat, and... chat: Chatting is a great way to enjoy yourself while you restock. Whether you chat with your friends, guildmates, Neopians, or yourself (I highly advise that you DON'T talk to yourself. It's just... weird :P), chatting is a great way to lift off that boredom.

5. Do your homework: Now is a good a time as any to do your homework. After all, you have nothing better to do? Right? (Don't answer that :P... seriously.) Anyway, since you are so bored restocking, why not be bored a different way by working on your homework!!! You can progress through your homework (and maybe even finish it) while you wait for those darn shops to restock! Refresh a couple of times and then maybe complete one of those tricky math questions. Or refresh for a few minutes and then read one page out of that English book? Before you know it, you'll be done with your homework and may have even restocked a few items. :D

6. Daydream: We all do it, so why not do it while you restock? Daydreaming is a great way to enhance the mood. Daydream about winning the Test Your Strength Jackpot. Daydream about daydreaming. Or better yet, Daydream about the Neopian shops actually restocking! (Hahaha... no.)

7. Make a gallery: Galleries are fun, exciting, and sometimes even expensive. However, your gallery can be about anything, so price may not even have to play a heavy role in your gallery making. Making galleries gets your head focused and your creativity flowing. Make a gallery about sand, shiny dubloons, tenacious stamps, and maybe even Sloth or the Meepits (Note: I, Sloth... err, I mean, I, Huan, would like to confirm that Sloth and his army of Meepits did NOT force me to say this.)

8. Construct a wish list: Have friends that nag you all the time to make a wish list? Well, now is the perfect time to make one. You can accomplish two things: become less bored, and finally shut your friends' nagging mouths about making that wish list.

9. Train your pet(s): Training can be both costly and time consuming. This is the perfect opportunity to train your pet(s)! Waiting for hours and hours for your pets to finish a course can get boring; however, training them while you restock makes it seem like four hours was only four minutes. Take advantage of this opportunity.

10. Write a Neopian article about restocking: While waiting for your shop(s) to restocking, writing up a clever article on 10 things to do while restocking is a great way to waste some time. Who knows, after you've finished writing up that article, the shop(s) may even restock. ;)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So there you have it, 10 things to do while you wait 'desperately' for the shops to actually restock. I hope you have enjoyed the article and maybe even experiment and attempt to do some of them? Happy restocking!

- xynto (Huan)

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