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The Band For You: A Guide to the Bands of Neopia

by ginelga


Neopia holds a steady stream of many successful and talented bands. Whether it be tropical rhythms, melodic compilations, or just plain old hard rock, everyone has a preference. Sometimes, though, I find fellow Neopians debating over what bands to go and see. I find that they are wary about spending their Neopoints because they're just not sure whether they will like the band or not. I myself have been faced with this dilemma, and it is not one I am very comfortable with at all. So, with the best in mind for my fellow Neopians, I myself decided to write a guide on which Neopian band would fit you best. Here I will give you a small critique of each band, which will hopefully steer you in the right direction of picking a band to see. Never again will you have to face that annoying yet nagging question: Will I even like this band?


A band with infinite possibilities. Gruundo, with unforgettable stage performances, is a band that is meant for any rock fan. With fulsome and passionate guitar solos, the band creates a good beat and can get anyone moving on the dance floor. If you love heavy rock with passionate lyrics, Gruundo is the band for you!


Hikalakas originate in Mystery Island, and their music reveals the wholesome and refreshing dose of tropical we all need in our lives! With melodic beats which reminds one only of the beach and hot weather, Hikalakas' songs are definitely made for any summer night. If you want to get away from the world for a day, an hour, or even a few minutes, Hikalakas are definitely a band worth listening to. Make sure to bring a copy of their CD while on the beach to get your spirit up and your feet moving!

The Neopian Philharmonic

Ahhh, peaceful to the ears. Not a fan of heavy and loud music? These guys are definitely for you. The Neopian Philharmonic is a symphony comprised of melodic performers, with a harmonious compilation of musicians who bring fascinating and rhythmic music to your ears. While out on the town and looking for a pleasant night, The Neopian Philharmonic is a must!

Twisted Roses

The Twisted Roses are a three-piece band with screeching music and heavy guitar chords. If you're not a fan of loud music, stay away - I repeat, stay away - from this band. Otherwise, the Twisted Roses show a remarkable sense of style with their black ensemble and unique make up. They are definitely not one to miss if you're looking to see something unusual. If you're a fan of heavy rock and ear-splitting screeching, I suggest you check out the Twisted Roses right away!

Blue Kacheek Group

The Blue Kacheek Group is definitely for a Neopian looking for a little bit of fun, a little bit of abnormality, and just a twinge of humor. The Blue Kacheek Group showcases a trio of Kacheeks - all blue, no doubt - putting on a show full of swift and unusual movements, mixed in with a unique musical blend. If you like doing the unexpected, or even expecting the unexpected, there is not a doubt in my mind that the Blue Kacheek Group is the band for you.


Jazzmosis encompasses a wondrous musical blend of Jazz music, tied in with hip musicians and marvelous tunes. If you're looking to groove out or just have some plain old peace, Jazzmosis is one to definitely see. One second you can hear a harmonic blues tune, the next, a fast and upbeat rhythm that'll have you tapping your foot and bobbing your head. If you're just one who enjoys grooving along with the music without having to get up and start moving on the dance floor, Jazzmosis is perfect for you. Not one to just sit around and groove to the music? Don't buy a ticket to see this band. Otherwise, with a wondrous Saxophone player and a hip yet smooth vocalist, Jazzmosis can suit almost anyone's needs.


Moehawk consists of a trio of Moehogs, all clad in unique outfits and sporting - you guessed it - a Moehawk. A band with unstoppable and quite rhythmic bass lines, Moehawk would undoubtedly go under the rock category. If you're a fan of rock at all, Moehawk is a must see! Ahh, but there are those who find rock music revolting to the ears. If you're one of those people, I suggest you go and check out Moehawk anyway. They don't have heavy chords and screeching yells like most bands do, and you'll find yourself tapping your foot to the beat once you get into it.


Good old M*YNCI. One of only a few bands that survived the infamous "boy band" era. A classic and popular band in Neopia, M*YNCI will no doubt be remembered for years and years to come. If you're not a fan of bubblegum pop-singing boy bands, I suggest you stay as far away from M*YNCI as possible. But if you're looking to take the youngsters out for a fun and definitely unforgettable night, M*YNCI is the band to see.

2 Gallon Hats

Definitely a band for all you older Neopians. 2 Gallon Hats brings folk music to a new level. Once you hear them playing their music, you won't be able to resist dragging the person beside you onto the dance floor, swinging arm to arm. With the foursome giving you all they got, there is no doubt you'll have an amazing time. The band showcases an amazing sense of fun and excitement in the music, and even if you're a youngster who despises folk music, you should give this band a try. For any older Neopian out there with a love for folk music and swing dancing, 2 Gallon Hats is a must see!

Sticks 'N Stones

Ahhh, the legendary Sticks 'N Stones! One of the most successful bands in all of Neopia. They're one of the meanest, greenest, downright heaviest band there is! If you're a fan of the Twisted Roses, Gruundo, or Moehawk, the Sticks 'N Stones are a must see! With legendary and unforgettable stage antics, the Sticks 'N Stones are known to throw some of the best shows and after-parties there could ever be! They are known to have three-hour concerts, not to mention the three or four encores they are known to give. They are definitely the most hard-rocking band in all of Neopia, and for any fan of hard rock, the Sticks 'N Stones are for you! Even if you're not a rock fan, but you just like going out and having a wicked-crazy time, I strongly recommend you go see the Sticks 'N Stones; you won't regret it!

Sidenote: A warning to all you Neopians who absolutely despise rock music and rock musicians themselves: Do not even step foot into the Tyrannian Concert Hall while they are playing, for you are sure to have a heart attack caused by shock, hatred, and utter disgust.

Yes Boy Ice Cream

If you're a fan of the Blue Kacheek Group, then Yes Boy Ice Cream is a perfect band for you. With techno-like music and funky beats, this trio of Shoyrus definitely know how to bust some moves. If you're looking for something unusual, or if you like the unexpected, I definitely suggest you go see Yes Boy Ice Cream as soon as possible.

Chomby and the Fungus Balls

Here is another legendary Neopian band. With a throwback to the 70's, Chomby and the Fungus Balls really know how to get you moving. With a singer with the voice of one to be reckoned with, everyone seems to have a great time at their concerts. The Fungus Balls as backup singers only further enhance the wondrous and captivating music. Miss the 70's? Wish you could see what it was like back then? Chomby and the Fungus Balls are one to catch for sure, if you're one of those fellow Neopians. Or even if you're out looking for a place to have a great time, Chomby and the Fungus Balls is not one to miss.

Wock Til You Drop

What can I say about this band? The only term that seems to come to mind is this: Wow. Definitely an unusual bunch of Neopets who know how to put on an equally unusual show. There is not much I can say about this band except that if you enjoy puzzling showcases of talent and oddly composed music, Wock Til You Drop is definitely for you.

Hopefully with my help and your own opinion, this guide has - and will, for the future - help you better choose which band to see. No more puzzling thoughts about what kind of band it is you bought tickets to see will invade the privacy of your thoughts again. With this guide, I hope you have picked out a few bands you would thoroughly enjoy seeing, and steered clear of bands you have no interest in at all. So farewell, fellow Neopians, I will see you on the dance floor!

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