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Why Abominable Snowballs are Great!

by lobstermagnetcty


I know what you're thinking. Abominable Snowballs? Great? Yeah right!

I'm sure most of you think Abominable Snowballs are only petpets to be fed to Turmaculus, that they don't have feelings, they're not good for anything, and that only bad Neopet owners who don't really love their Neopets give their pet an Abominable Snowball.

Well, you're wrong. ^^

These feisty little petpets have plenty going for them: they're cheap, dependable, loveable, and easy to look after. I mean, what other petpet enjoys being tossed about in a snowball fight? I don't think those stuck up little Kadaoties or freaky Meepits would be too pleased to be used as ammunition!

I know what you're thinking now. You're thinking, "Yeah, you _say_ all these things, but can you _prove_ it?

Yes I can! ^^ First I'll prove that they're cheap. I'm going over to the Shop Wizard, and typing in "Abominable Snowball." I'm refreshing a couple of times.... Looks like they only cost 1,000 NP- the amount any player should be able to make by playing only one game the maximum of three times in one day.

Now let me show you how dependable they are! Jeera826, my Striped Shoyru, has had hers (named Frosty) for 325 days and 2 hours as of this writing! And not once has he run off, or tried to bite her, or anything. In fact, he defends her in the Battledome on a regular basis! And loveable? Just listen to what Jeera has to say about Frosty: "I love Frosty, my Abominable Snowball." Have you ever seen such devotion? I thought not. ^^

Now, I bet you're wondering how I'm going to prove that they are easy to look after. You think you've got me on this point. But you don't! ^^ Once again, I point to Frosty, who has never asked for anything from the Petpet Supply Shop. Now, some petpet owners have spent hundreds of thousands of their hard-earned NP on buying fancy petpet beds and scratching posts and toys, because they have demanding Babaas and Noils. But Abominable Snowballs are a different story altogether. Not once has Frosty begged me or Jeera for anything! He's content to just curl up next to Jeera (Well, if he could curl- it's more like just sitting there. ^^) and fall asleep instantly.

Are you still not convinced? Do you _still_ think Abominable Snowballs are just bait for Turmaculus? Well, why don't you talk to Jeera here and her Rainbow Frost Cannon. Just kidding!

If you don't agree with me by now, you must be one of those players who spoils their Neopet, and you think that your pet will be offended at getting such a cheap petpet. Well, I'm one of those pet spoilers too, and let me tell you, Frosty has not hampered Jeera's being spoiled in any way. ^^

*Jeera wanders in and blasts Lobster with the Rainbow Frost Cannon*: I'm not spoiled!

Lobster: *from under a mountain of Rainbow Frost* Sure you're not! ^^

Jeera: Well, I'm glad we got that cleared up! *She turn to the NT readers* You hear that! I'm not spoiled! *She storms out*

*Lobster shakes off the Rainbow Frost* Well, now that we've gotten past that space-filling distraction (not that I was using my Neopet to fill space or anything, haha!), let's get back to the article! Now where were we?

Ah, yes! Feeding Abominable Snowballs to Turmaculus. Now, what a horrible thing to do! I oughta call the Petpet Protection League right now and have you arrested if you try to feed one of these freaky but loveable petpets to Turmy over there! I mean, you wouldn't feed your Ona to him, would you? Of course not! So what makes Abominable Snowballs any different? Just because the Snowager seems to have hoards of them doesn't make them any less special. Abominable Snowballs have feelings too! *Lobster stands on a chair and shouts* If you say, "Hi Frosty" do they not turn into a puff of smoke, and then turn back to normal? If you pet them, do they not make a ghastly moaning noise? Yes, they are petpets, just like the rest of them! With feelings, wants, and desires! *Lobster comes to her senses and realizes she is standing on a chair screaming. She steps down and sits in the chair instead.*

Ah heh heh, sorry guys! Um, as I was saying, I realize you don't want to lose your pet's beloved Baby Blu or Candychan, but do you really want to sacrifice one of these nice little Spooky Petpets? Couldn't you find another petpet to use as bait? You obviously haven't given these sweet little fellows a chance to steal your heart.

And to the argument that Abominable Snowballs are useless? Well, that's simply not true! If you've fallen in love with them through this article, but don't want to take away your pet's favorite Polarchuck, they make cheap, but unique galleries, too! I've already stated that the regular Abominable Snowball costs only about 1,000 NP. Well, most of the other colors aren't that expensive either! I mean, Yellow, Purple, and Blue are all less than 5,000 NP each, and Robot is only around 7,500 NP! Red is a bit on the expensive side for a player just starting out, but no big deal for the established Neopets player, as it cashes in at around 50,000 NP, which is still buyable, and incredibly cheap compared to _some_ galleries you could be collecting. I mean, talk about getting a cheap gallery! And not too many other players will have one either. I mean, _they_ all think of Abominable Snowballs only as bait for Turmaculus! So you'll be unique, and that's always fun! ^^

After reading this article, I hope you've learned something about the forgotten petpet known as the Abominable Snowball, and how loveable and dependable they can be! I suggest you run out and buy one right now, because after the rest of Neopia reads this article, you can bet everyone else will be rushing out to buy one too! And if you're not convinced already, and you are one of those horrible people who feed these amazing petpets to Turmaculus, you can bet Jeera's going to find out, and she won't be happy. I suggest you take out Rainbow Frost Cannon insurance, because she'll be blasting you sometime soon....

Jeera: *maniacal laughter*


[Author's note: If you are reading this, it means I've gotten my first article into the Neopian Times! Wh00t! ^^ Especially since I had so much fun writing it!]

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