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Darkness Binding 3: Part Two

by nomad2


Cray and Yorvick were overlooking a small, dark canyon in a frozen wasteland. The hill they stood on gave them a view of the entire area. Clouds scattered the sky, which was in a state of night. A dozen tents were scattered in front of a massive stone structure on the other side of the canyon. The temple was the size of a large mansion with towering pillars on both sides of what seemed like a small entrance in comparison. Although the entire region was frozen in ice, the temple didn't seem to have any ice covering it.

      While looking up at the sky, Yorvick asked, "How long were we traveling? I thought the sun had plenty of time to be out."

      Cray grinned and said, "Five minutes. Keep in mind that we're in the far north. Night lasts much longer and day isn't seen too often."

      Yorvick looked down at his arms with curiosity still on his face and mind. Oddly enough, he didn't feel like he was freezing. Being a reptile, this frozen climate would logically kill him.

      Cray began walking, and Yorvick hurried behind him. The two kept moving in silence until they were half way to the temple, which was about three-hundred meters from them now. Knowing the eventual question might arise, Cray broke the silence with, "This canyon is magically protected from cold, at least to those in it. It was a simple spell cast when the council realized their disciples were very uncomfortable."

      As they continued to walk, Yorvick said, "Well that's good to know, but I'm still more curious about the council. Are they going to be angry that you brought an outsider? I certainly don't know what they do to people who disobey their rules."

      They both stopped as a shadow Kau rushed over to them. "Hey, what do you think you're doing, Cray," the Kau yelled. "You can't just bring outsiders here. Are you looking to be banished?"

      Yorvick looked over at Cray and said, "I guess that answers my question."

      Cray bowed to the Kau, "I know the laws as well as you, Shavak. I'll handle the council. Do you know why they wanted me here so quickly?"

      Shavak replied, "No, they only told us there was a problem with the shadows. They seemed quite anxious to get you here to help. I think I heard the one that called for a messenger mutter something about an exodus. We're all stumped in the village."

      Cray sighed and continued towards the temple. Yorvick still followed, but he and Shavak exchanged looks of distrust towards one another. Yorvick didn't expect to be given a welcome by anyone at that point. It seemed that his best chance for staying safe was to keep close to Cray.

      Upon entering the stone archway, Yorvick felt a sudden chill from the aura emitted by the structure. His powers of light were unwelcome in this place, and he felt compelled to leave; however, he pressed on into the dark temple.

      They passed many support pillars, all of which were adorned with the same markings that were in Cray's house. Because the area was barely lit, the walls and ceiling were not visible to Yorvick. It seemed like he was in another abyss of shadows.

      Ahead of them was a spot of light coming from a small hole in the ceiling. The moon shined down upon the five members of the council of shadow. All of them remained still in a state of meditation. At the same time, they slowly rose their head up once Cray and Yorvick came within ten feet of them. They all turned to face Cray without any expression on their faces.

      The Nimmo calmly and quietly said, "What is the meaning of this, Cray?"

      Cray offered a short bow and answered, "I was told you wanted me to come. I came here as quickly as I could."

      The Krawk, having a small amount of anger in her voice, said, "We know that, but why is the Draik here? He is not only an outsider, but his aura is disrupting to the temple."

      Yorvick answered, "I am Yorvick, a friend of Cray. I came with him because I wished to meet the people who have affected me in a rather painful way. Do not punish Cray, for I'm the one who wanted to come."

      The Mynci narrowed her eyes at Yorvick as she said, "We will deal with you later." She then looked over to Cray and said, "We have a problem. Do you remember that shadow who escaped his realm some time ago?"

      Cray had a pained look on his face as he replied, "Yes, I remember it well. It's dead, isn't it?"

      The Nimmo responded, "It is, but it's affects echo throughout his home. The first time returned, it told another of this world. Naturally, the other shadow listened and became interested in coming here. Of course, it can't just come when it wants."

      "Then what are you worried about," asked Cray. "Did it get stuck here like the last?"

      The Jetsam answered, "No, it's still amongst the shadows, but that's the problem. To leave, it will need the help of its people. Not many of them have been listening to it, but if they organize and get enough shadows, they will have an exodus into our world. This will be catastrophic to us and them, so we can not allow it."

      "So the shadows want to leave, so we have to keep them from coming and possessing a lot of people. How do we do that?"

      The Jetsam continued, "It's not the possession we're so much worried about. If they leave, yes, there will be possession and many will be hurt. At the same time, too many leaving the shadow plane will cause it to become unstable and dark energy will become unstable. If that happens, balance will be thrown off, darkness energy will no longer exist, the shadows will starve, and the light will then come into this world in overbearing amounts. It will be apocalyptic."

      After a moment of silence, Cray asked, "Why call for me?"

      "You are the only one of us who has ever encountered these creatures first hand," said the Nimmo. "Knowing how a shadow influenced by this world thinks, you are the only one at an advantage right now. Our hopes are best with you."

      Yorvick interrupted by asking, "What do you expect him to do? I know as well as him that these things are selfish and don't listen to reason."

      The Mynci spoke up, "That will be left up to him. If we knew, we wouldn't have a problem. He must enter the shadow plane and find the leader. Once he does that, he must figure out a way of stopping its plans."

      Cray widened his eyes and said, "You expect me to enter their plane? We have all used wormholes of shadow for travel, but never has anyone gone to the shadow plane. How will I go there without giving them a window to leak through, and how am I to get back?"

      The Nimmo answered, "You do not have to worry. We will use this chamber to do that without anything else passing through. We will also keep an eye on you to watch your progress."

      Yorvick asked, "Would you permit me to go with him? I have spent more time with a shadow creature than him. I could help."

      Cray shook his head, "No, Yorvick, you stay here. There's no point in both of us risking our lives. Also, your light would attract every shadow to us, and that kind of attention could kill us."

      The Jetsam added, "Your power is not attuned to the shadows. We might not be able to recover you after the matter is taken care of. You will stay here. You may watch over watch over Cray with us."

      Yorvick nodded his head and looked down. He had a look of discomfort on his face as he held back the urge to raise his voice to them.

      Cray rested a hand on Yorvick's shoulder in comfort as he asked the council, "When do we start?"

      The Nimmo said, "Step into the middle of the circle and we will start immediately. There is no preparation for something like this, so waiting will only make this harder."

      Cray took his hand off Yorvick and walked between the council members. As he entered the circular area where the moonlight hit the ground, the darkness under his feet rippled like a pool. He reached the center and turned around to look at Yorvick. He motioned the word goodbye with his mouth as the council faced him and bowed their heads. As if the floor vanished, Cray slowly drifted into the black. He had a calm look on his face the entire time he sank down, but always looked at Yorvick. When his entire body was gone, Yorvick quietly muttered, "Goodbye..."

To be continued...

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