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Who's Hot Today?

by purplepassiony2k


Is the beach your thing? Love to stroll along the shore in search of sea shells? Or perhaps you just want to relax and soak up some "rays." Whatever your preference, is there anything more relaxing than a day at the beach? It's all I've been thinking about lately with all the hot, sticky summer weather we've been having, so I decided why not write a fun article since hopefully it's summer for you too! LOL.

Nearly everyone loves the beach and what better way to enhance the experience than with some great beach accessories! Find out what beach essentials you'll need to soak up the sun, sand, and water! The question is... what to take to make this beach trip perfect in every way? Everyone's first thought is yummy food, right? Or maybe drinks, or is that included in the food? No, the most important thing is sun screen, but everybody knows that. So you make a list. It would be frustrating to get to the beach and find you left something out and it would be an awful waste of precious beach time. Be sure to start buying early... this may take awhile. So without further ado let's begin...


Factor 50 Sun Tan Lotion: The beach is a great place to chill out and relax. Start with the all important sunscreen lotion; forget about the tanning lotion; tanning is going to happen regardless. Reapply sunscreen frequently. Don't forget your lips! If you spend several hours at the beach without sunscreen lotion to block the sun's effect you will be reminded for the rest of your week, painfully. Haven't you ever seen a giant walking cherry? Oh - that was YOU last year--sorry!!'

Royal Umbrella: Block the sun, not the fun!! Perfect to shade and protect you against the scorching heat of the sun! The bigger the better. A beach chair umbrella is savvy and lightweight, which makes for easy transporting to and from the beach. Try to avoid buying a fire umbrella, unless you don't mind someone thinking your umbrella is on fire and they toss a bucket of ice cold water on you! *giggles*

Gulper Print Beach Towel: Of course you will need towels. Several, to be sure. A day at the beach is twice the fun with oversized towels with larger-than-life Gulpers! My Neopets tend to love beach towels that feature their favorite items. These towels are great to wrap around your Neopet so they are nice and cozy and warm. No, the beach towels do not come with someone to help you dry off! o_O

Stone Cool Box: Surf's up! This stylish and highly functional beach cooler will complement any outing. Beach goodies should be fresh, simple and portable - be sure to bring a cooler for all perishable items. Fruits like kiwi and strawberries help keep you hydrated in the sun, so try incorporating them into a dessert. Yummy, now we are talking! *smiles* (Hey, I am the gooey goodie goddess, remember! *licks lips*)

Beach Chair: (zzzz...) Listening to the waves hit the beach and the sounds of people enjoying themselves. One important consideration when buying a beach chair is portability. After all, the chair must be transported to the beach, and carried to an ideal spot on the sand. Almost any beach chair, however, will promote a state of complete laziness when used. Umm... yeah... that's what they're supposed to do!

Psst... can't you just feel the waves rolling in to tickle your toes already?

Marrow Sandals: These easy-on flip-flops will help keep those small feet protected from hot sand and rough shells! Popular, practical, comfortable, soft, and inexpensive is how we hear people describe these popular beach sandals. These are the sandals which will put your mark on the beach. One simple question for you. Neopets who wear socks and sandals: what are they thinking? Put another way... maybe some owners might not want to see those freakishly wide feet with their stubby toes and clawlike toenails!

Sun Hat: A walk along the beach is all about shell collecting and relaxation but it's also important to keep the sun out of your eyes. Whenever you want to look brilliant on the beach, wear a wide brim hat but please don't show up in public wearing that Meerca Propeller Hat anymore because your buddies are still laughing at you behind your back! If you like stupid hats, then go for it, but don't say I didn't warn you! *chuckles*

Cool Shades: Sitting in the sun isn't relaxing if you have the sun in your eyes. Always be sporting your sunglasses for added protection. Update your look with the hot new trends in this season's eyewear. Any pair of sunglasses is enough to brighten your day! Your Neopets' future may be bright, but they gotta wear shades!! (You just knew I had to say it! tee hee)

Tropical Swim Trunks: What should you wear to your beach bash? While it may be a moment of dread to try on your first bathing suit of the summer, there are options for softening the blow. Why not wear Tropical Swim Trucks! So dive into summer, wearing the perfect bathing suit. You'll look and feel confident as you're catching a wave at the beach with your Neofriends! Any other Neopets out there dread bathing suit season? or is just mine? *shrugs*

Wave Print Beach Ball: And let's not forget the old beach standby, the beach ball. What better way to celebrate the warm weather! You'll enjoy countless hours of fun-in-the-sun even if your favorite inflatable beach ball rolls away from you at the slightest hint of a breeze! Who doesn't love beach balls especially since it's fun diving in the sand after the ball because you don't get hurt!

Beach Sandcastle Set: Neopets love digging and building in the sand, it's a must for a beach visit. There is no wrong way to build a sandcastle. Why spend money on toys when you can use free beach sand? Indulge your creative side and create your very own dream sand castle. Build it too close to the water, and it will get washed away before you can fully enjoy it. It is safe as long as you do not build structures that can collapse and bury you... haha.

Blue Chomby Float Ring: How could I forget such a thing? Keep away the boredom bug. Delight your little one with this colorful, fun beach-time float and see how much fun they have splashing and squealing with laughter! Float away your problems while relaxing at the beach. Owners of all ages have more fun in the surf and sun when floating on a water toy that is filled with personality.

Pea Chia Kite: Up up & away! Feel all the excitement of the sea and the air, when you launch a kite and test your skills. Flying a kite makes "together-time" easy for families since kites are so much fun; everyone will want to have a go! So grab a kite and get started. Please don't try to eat the pea kite, though; it's not actually very tasty! *winks*

Now I invite you and your Neopets to take a walk down the beach, and keep your eyes peeled for treasures! Can't get to the beach? Well, you could visit Mystery Island's Beach and imagine yourself there, or play a game of Mynci volleyball with your Neopets, or surround yourself with beach items and shells just the same! ;) - Chelle

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