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Teach Your Pet to Wiggle Jiggle

by chickenburrito96


Almost everyone loves to dance, at the concerts, the dance floor; actually you can dance almost anywhere! For some of us (the lucky ones) dancing comes as naturally as breathing. We move our feet around the floor like there's nothing to it, watching other pets trip over their two left feet. Others, are pretty good at dancing, but can't get the moves right. They understand everything about the concept of dancing; they just aren't that great at it. The rest of the Neopets just can't dance. They move clumsily about on the floor, looking terribly lost and confused. Since I am a master of dancing skills I pity these pets. They need help, but it hasn't been offered yet, until now. All you have to do is follow my lead...

To be a great dancer, you just need a little practice and a few items. However, before you can even think about dancing you need to know one thing. What kind of music does my pet like? You may have read this question and have gotten totally stumped. Unfortunately, most Neopians don't know what their pet's taste in music is. The answer to that question is quite simple, though. Concerts! Yes, to learn your pet's unique taste in music all you have to do is take him or her to a few concerts. The one they like best and can see themselves dancing to is the kind of music you'll need.

After you know what kind of music your pet likes, you need to bring that music to you. I would suggest buying a few items from the band your pet likes. Maybe a speaker and/or a CD from that certain band. For example, if your pet likes the Moehawks, buy him or her a Moehawks speaker and CD. The reason for this is obvious; it is extremely difficult (even for the best or us) to dance well without our music. The speaker will be placed into your dance room, but I will explain more about that later.

If you want to enable your pet's dancing abilities even more, take him or her to a few extra concerts. It's not too costly; just buy the tickets straight from the ticket booth for 1,200 Neopoints per ticket. You need to take your pet to see the band your pet likes or one with similar music. This way they can sort of experience the music they will be dancing to and feel more into the dancing.

Other than music, there are three other things that you'll need in order to be a great dancer. You will need space in your Neohome, just a simple one room on one floor. Your pet will also need time and patience. You can't learn to be a great dancer overnight and no one said that it would be THAT easy. It even took some time for the best of us, the naturals. It just might take longer for you.

Next, you'll need space for your pet to dance. Build a separate room in your Neohome and make it your dance floor. You can put a few items in it, maybe a disco ball if your pet is into disco, you know... that sort of thing. You just need to leave the center of the room empty. This is where your pet will practice dancing. Beside the dancing space, position the band's speaker to your liking. It doesn't really matter where it is, as long as it isn't blocking the dace floor, and it is in the room. You also will need to have the extension lights in your Neohome. It is very very very hard to dance in the dark. Trust me, I've tried and it doesn't work. Adjust this extension until it is at least candlelight. Hey, it's better than nothing.

Lastly, you'll need time to practice. If it's easier for you to plan a certain time to dance for a certain period of time, then do that. I'd plan to dance about once a day from thirty minutes to one hour, but if you have spare time, use it! The longer you dance, the better you'll get. I myself prefer the unscheduled way. I go into my dance room whenever I feel like it, dancing from anywhere from thirty minutes to six hours. It all depends on my mood. Dancing can be a great way to release all the day's tensions.

If you want your pet to be really good at dancing, try painting them a color they can dance in that also fits their favorite music. I have mentioned a few of my favorite and most useful dancing colors, but almost anything can work. Just remember, the color needs to fit the style of music; you can't dance like crazy in a royal girl dress.

Jelly - This is a great color to wiggle in, for obvious reasons. It's also my favorite dancing color. It's great for dancing to music like Yes Boy Ice cream.

Disco - Another great dancing color! You can easily get into that disco vibe and almost could dance at any time or any place! This color is especially great if you're dancing to music like Chomby and the Fungus Balls.

Cloud - You're so light and airy that your feet will just float across the dance floor, no problem! Cloud is great for music like M*YNCI.

Island - A great color for tropical music because you're already in the island attire. Island is a great color choice if your pet's favorite band is the Hikalakas.

Royal - This color is basically only good if you want to be a good ballroom dancer. Good for nice slow music like Neopian Philharmonic.

Well, that's all there is to it. Once your pet knows how to dance all your friends will stare in awe at their mad moves. You'll be the best dancer at all the concerts, no problem! But don't forget that while you're learning; don't be so hard on yourself. If you look at all the good things you can do so far versus the bad, your skills will double faster than I can blink. Have fun wiggle jiggling!

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