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Vampires Need Love Too!

by jennuine_1


What an ADORABLE costume!

Wait... that IS a costume, right?


But DON'T WORRY! So your new pet likes to nibble on a neck from time to time. In the grand scheme of things is it really all that important? I don't think so, and I'm here to tell you that EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT... as long as you take a few simple precautions that is!

I've compiled a list of items guaranteed to make your job as a Vampire mommy or daddy easy as can be. So read on... and relax!


The good news is that you don't really have to worry about feeding a Vampire! Your little sweetie can take care of that all by him or herself! While you're off in dreamland, your Vampire pet will be flying around town under the cover of darkness searching for dinner! (The less you know about what they do out there, the better... trust me.)

But for those rare nights when your red-lipped rascal is feeling a bit too tired to go out hunti... err... shopping for food, you might want to try a few of these made for Vampire specialties that I've chosen especially for you:

1. BLOODY GHOST TOAST! Start your pale pet's day off right with these adorable spooky food creations! If your other, less bloodhirsty pets are feeling a bit left out out, simply substitute some strawberry jelly and make it an early morning treat for the entire family!

2. RED SAUSAGE! You and I may be bent over with nausea every time we look at it, but red sausage is actually a mouth watering culinary delight to a Vampire. Just slap a plate of these succulent sausages in front of your little one and watch them go! This is one treat that they really love to "sink their teeth" into!

3. BLOODBERRY ELIXIR! A Vampire's thirst is almost never quenched! This can cause some messy problems if you're not prepared! Keep a well stocked supply of this special drink around and you're sure to avoid any unwanted "pains in the neck."

4. CRYPT OF SPAGHETTI! Unsure of what to put on your Vampire's plate for dinner? Who doesn't like pasta? This casket full of yummy spaghetti should do the trick nicely! Just be sure to ask for the "special sauce" when you're placing your order!


The food is the easy part when it comes to Vampires. I hope you have some Neopoints saved up, because as far as interior decorating goes... those little fanged balls of fun are downright picky. It's enough to drive you batty! But with only a few items you can transform your home into a Vampire's dream come true! Let's start with the basics.

If your Vampire had his way, he'd live in an immense stone house up on a hill in the middle of nowhere. Preferably one with towers, maybe a drawbridge. Definitely some secret passages and tapestries. In other words, folks, a castle.

Now if you already happen to live in a castle... GREAT! A little weird, but... great! If you don't, a room built out of stone should do the trick nicely. For only 800 NP Neopian Construction would be happy to add a stone addition onto your home! Go for it! It's worth every Neopoint!

Here are some items sure to make your Vampire feel at home:

1. SPOOKY WINDOW! Make sure you have a window or two built into his or her bedroom so that your Vampire can leave for her midnight feedings without waking up the entire household! Caution: leave the windows open at night or you're sure to spend a fortune in window replacements fixing those "bat-sized" holes! How did they get there?

2. BLACK SKULL CANDLE! When it comes to lighting, just remember the old Vampire saying; "Sunlight is bad, keep those curtains drawn tight. But candles, my friend, are a Vampire's delight!" Place some of these spooky themed candles around your Vampire's bedroom. She'll love you for it!

The house is looking pretty good so far, right? A little morbid, maybe, but hey, what were you expecting from an article about Vampires?

Now for the heavy stuff. Furniture! It may be a little expensive, but try out a few of these options and see which ones your little Immortal Beloved can't live and live and live without.

1. ROYAL THRONE! Your sweet li'l Faerie Kacheek may be perfectly content with a bean bag, but a throne is the only thing a Vampire will feel obliged to sit on. How regal! Or spoiled. It just depends on which way you look at it, I suppose. Can't you just picture your fanged ball of fun perched atop this lovely chair?

2. RED CARPETTED STAIRS! To any respectable Vampire, a staircase is an absolute MUST HAVE! The first time they come gliding down those stairs with their goblet of bloo... ummm... fruit juice in hand, it will just be too precious! Take a picture for your scrapbook!

3. CASKET BOOKCASE! Need a place to store your precious pet's books? Need a bed? Guess what! This handy dandy item serves as a bookcase and Vampire bed all rolled into one! The shelves slip out easily, revealing a velvet lined sleeping casket! 100% Vampire approved! Guaranteed to give your Pet a good day's sleep!


Did you know that Vampires LOVE to read! It's true, they do! "I vant to read a book!" will be a popular phrase around your house now that there's a Vampire around. I've chosen a few novels that we're sure your pet would love to sink his teeth into!

1. TEETH SHARPENING TECHNIQUES! This instruction manual is a Vampire must have! No more scary trips to the dentist for your canine wielding cutie. Now your Vampire can learn how to keep their precious teeth pointy, perfect, and predatory! Ouch!

2. LONG NECK LUCY! Any Vampire is going to drool over this classic masterpiece. It's sure to keep your neck nibbler's saliva flowing. They'll want to read it again and again!

And that's it folks!! With just a little effort, you'll be the proud owner of the happiest little Vampire in Neopia!

Oops! We almost forgot! You may want to sleep with a little something extra around your neck to ward off any unwanted love bites:

Or you may just want to be ready to


Good Luck!

~Jennuine_1 (author of Zombies Need Love Too!)

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