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Quest Conspiracy—The Earth Faerie's Magic Revealed

by masterofdrangonheart


So you're sitting there minding your own business, playing a non-flash game, or adding a new post to your guild. Maybe you're even USING the wizard when a Faerie appears and offers you a quest. "Get me a _________," SHE demands (not asks). You groan and go in search of that perfect item that she just HAS to have. Of course, you can't use the wizard when on a Faerie quest so you make your way to the boards and start asking people for help.

Typical Quest Chat Board Topic: "Free Fast Quest HELP!"

Yeah, okay, so let's check it out - you think to yourself. You type in the item needed, and probably the Faerie it's for, just because it's fun to do.

The "helper" tells you that Earth Faerie quests aren't really worth it, a trip to the healing springs will do you better, and not cost.

But no, you persist. So you bring her that much coveted item, and what does she do to repay you? She makes your pet not hungry anymore and restores their hit points.

Big deal, right? WRONG. I have discovered the TRUE magic of the Earth Faerie, and it will make every jeweled collar and nanka bottle worthwhile.

For those of us who have been playing Neopets for a while, we know that Earth Faerie quests seem pretty much useless. All she does is fill make one of your pets "full up" and restore lost hit points. While this is better than a Tiki-Tack Tombola "booby prize", there is a bunch of free food around Neopets and you can go to the Healing Springs every 45 minutes. You might not think it is worth the effort to go get her the item, so most of the time you'll reject her quest. That may not be the wisest thing to do - in fact, I would like to say that the Earth Faerie is THE MOST IMPORTANT Faerie to do quests for. "Why?" you might ask. Read on, dear reader... read on.

So you've rejected an Earth Faerie request and now you've damaged the Earth Faerie's already tender ego. You might be thinking right now, "I never knew Faeries had egos; I thought they were all friendly and helpful," and other things of that nature. While this is true in most cases, especially with the Soup Faerie, Water Faerie and Library Faerie, this is not the case for ALL Faeries. I regretfully inform you that in the case of the Earth Faerie, you are wrong, my friend... dead wrong. The Earth Faerie KNOWS that she hasn't got the best magic, and you've just added insult to injury by rejecting her quest.

The truth of the matter is ever since they were little, the Faeries of Neopia have always stuck together. They did EVERYTHING together, from going to the mall and having sleepovers to studying for Faerie School. That brings me to my next point; what do Faeries do in their Faerie School? Well, they learn to be good Faeries, of course! By "good" I don't mean "nice" - otherwise how could you explain Jhudora and the Darkest Faerie? They are just very well trained.

We must consider that even back in Faerie School the Earth Faerie always had difficulty with controlling her magic, and was teased by her friends quite often growing up. In school, when the other non-Faerie children made fun of the Earth Faerie, however, her Faerie friends stood up for her claiming that she was "theirs to pick on - not anyone else's!" Such is the way with siblings, such is the way with Faeries.

Now, let's take that into account when looking at your current predicament. You just got a Faerie quest from the Earth Faerie, and thinking it wasn't worth very much you decided to go visit Faerieland and let her know what you think of her and her silly little quest. Disappointed, but used to this sort of response, the Earth Faerie dismisses your quest and sulks back to her home in some hidden corner of Neopia.

It is an established fact that these Faeries stick together, and that they consider themselves just very special female inhabitants of Neopia. Their long-standing and very strong friendship leads to only one logical conclusion. They STILL have those fabled sleepovers - most likely with faerie pizza, and faerie pie, and all other variety of faerie foods. By now I'm sure you can imagine what goes on at these Faerie slumber parties. You guessed it - giggling and girl talk, of course!

"What does this mean?" you might be wondering. I will tell you - now the Earth Faerie relates her story to all her Faerie friends about the way you treated her, and even though you're not the first in this action, and they know you won't be the last, they decide to punish you. What better way, they decide, than to make you wait an insanely long time before they give you another quest? Of course, it could frustrate you for a variety of reasons. It could be because your pet doesn't get stronger, or faster or more defense. Maybe it's due to how all your friends are getting quests left and right while you are just sitting there twiddling your thumbs. Whatever the reason, however, you have just discovered first hand the TRUE secret of Earth Faerie magic.

Time for a quick recap - you're rejected a quest and gotten that message about not being able to have another quest for however many seconds; you go play some games and stroll around the different shops and other places in Neopia, waiting on your next quest. Don't forget, you didn't reject just any quest; you rejected the Earth Faerie's quest, upset the Earth Faerie in the process, and now she's told all her friends. So not only will SHE not be giving you quests for a while, neither will her friends. You had better pull up a nice, comfy chair and play some more games, as you'll be waiting a good long while.

But don't fret, friendly Neopian. Even though these Faerie fiends are denying you quests to cheer up their friend, their tempers are not long lasting, and they are not ones to hold grudges (for too long - at least). They are Good Faeries, after all. So play your games and wait for them to come to you again.

YES! You've finally gotten another quest! Does this mean you've been forgiven? Maybe... but I surely wouldn't take a risk now... the girls might not like that too much. A good rule of thumb on spending for quest items is that if the item costs LESS than a codestone or dubloon, it is probably worth doing for any Faerie. However, it is almost always worth doing Earth Faerie quests just to keep things smoothed out between you and the other Faeries.

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