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10 Neopian Jobs that Let You Have Weird Hair

by billybobthorton04


Inspired by me being fired (it's ok, I'm just a teen, plenty of jobs out there) for dying my hair bright pink...

Whether it's the "high as Cybunny ears" 'do you've sported since the '80s or the desert look that you've only worn since last night, there's just something about you and it goes right to your head.

Unfortunately, the working world isn't always sympathetic to individual expression. In a conservative work environment, shocking gooseberry locks may not only turn a few heads, they can also be grounds for termination -- regardless of what else you have to offer.

Like a bad paint job, you want to avoid drawing a negative reaction. While the company you choose to work for definitely plays a role, there's a little more to highlight -- where you live, what you do and the responsibilities of your position are all going to make a difference in what's acceptable. Are you going to be behind-the-scenes or is your job customer-centered? How far do you go with your look? Will your bright red strands pass for "natural-looking?"

Small businesses may be more likely to applaud your look than a corporation, but that's only a general rule. It's the opinions of the people with whom you work the closest on a daily basis that are deciding the issue for you, so learn a little more about the employer and the environment before you reach for the dye or get a mohawk.

Here's a list of some job titles that offer more hairstyle leniency:

Snowager Security

What they do: they watch over the Snowager's cave while he sleeps, then wake him up when they see someone coming. If you ever get out of there alive and with some treasure, thank a bad Snowager security pet.

Why the job allows it: the Snowager never sees his security. Well he couldn't... he would have to eat them... so if you aren't looking for the safest job around, Snowager security would be the way to go!

Dark Faerie sidekick

What they do: they help the dark faerie do her evil bidding. Most of the time they just bring her things so she can complete her potions

Why the job allows it: being a sidekick, the weirder the hair the better. The dark faerie doesn't care. She's too busy being evil. Also, she doesn't have very many people apply for a job as her sidekick and beggars can't be choosers!

Custodian at the Neopets arcade

What they do: they come at night and they wash the toilets, they wash the floors, they pick up the pizza off the tables, and they scrape the gum off the underside of the tables.

Why the job allows it: the job takes place at night, so no one will see a weird haircut, style, or colour. So the owner allows it, (although the custodians are not allowed to play the games when they are on duty; they can only play on regular hours).

Stunt double for the tuber-ler potato counter guy

What they do: when there is danger of the real tuber-ler potato counter guy can get hurt on the job, these guys (or girls) do the dangerous moves for him.

Why the job allows it: this job limits the weird hairstyles to two: Mohawks, and on special occasions: Fauxhawks.

Neopian Villain

What they do: they steal, they lie, they try to harm your favourite Neopian heroes. They are usually an enemy or an archenemy of one of these heroes.

Why the job allows it: villains don't care about their looks. All they care about is whether they are going to take over one place or which hero to fight against today? I do not recommend being a Neopian villain since the hero always wins.

Chef at the Neolodge

What they do: they cook the food that your pet eats when he visits the Neolodge. (And they do a good job at it too!)

Why the job allows it: they are always behind the scenes, since the waiter always brings the food to the table; therefore no one will see the wild hair the chef has. (And believe me, a couple of the current chefs at the Neolodge have WILD hair!)

Team Mascot for any team competing in the Altador Cup

What they do: they put on a costume and try getting fans exited about the game, they wave their arms around, do silly dances and hang around with the cheerleaders.

Why the job allows it: if you choose this job, try not to wear to many hair products. It is very hot in the costume. You also can't be as frail as a Lenny... the costume is very heavy. But since you are wearing a costume no one can see your hair.

Working at the Coffee Shop in the Arts Centre

What they do: they make the coffee that all the art lovers drink so fondly. (I've stopped there a couple times myself!)

Why the job allows it: you could work anywhere in the Arts Centre honestly. In that little space of Neopets it's ALL about freedom of expression!!!

Card dealer for the game Cheat

What they do: they deal the cards that make you either win or lose at this fun game against only the best.

Why the job allows it: an original look is key to being the card dealer or one of the best players (Kalora the Kau, Little Timmy the Tuskaninny...) so if you have weird hair and an outfit that goes with it, you should try for this cool job.

A gardener in the Haunted Woods

What they do: surprisingly it's a pretty sweet gig since you get paid a lot for not doing a lot. They feed the trees (you don't want to know with what) and they don't trim the grass (though they are always tempted to).

Why the job allows it: the Haunted Woods. Do I need to say anything else?

Now I hope you have enough information to make the hard choice of losing the weird hair or applying for one of the 10 fantastic jobs listed above. It's all your choice. Do I have weird hair? Yes. What job I picked for myself? Well all I'm telling you is: I hope I see you in the Haunted Woods...

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