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The Art of Fishing

by mygoodguild


Fishing has always been a popular subject in Neopia, even before the Underwater Fishing Cavern – what made fishing famous in Neopia – was discovered. But really, fishing isn’t just a word, or something to do in your spare time. It’s not even a sport, really. It’s an art, and this article will make you realize that. I will be teaching you about the numerous fishing items, places, and even how to fish! So now, after that wonderful little introduction, I will introduce myself. I am Oliveleap, island Mynci... But you can just call me Ollie. And who are you? Fisherman-to-be Neopet!

Before we start with the actual article, I’ll give you a few English tips on “fish.” The plural of “fish” is “fish.” Enough said. Onto the article! *blast of trumpets*

Let’s first talk about all of these gnomes that seem to have existed since the beginning of time. There are at least six fishing gnomes at the current time. The Unlucky Usul Fishing Gnome features a little Usul that seems to be having no luck at fishing – he hasn’t even gotten a single bite! The Fishing Kiko Gnome shows a Kiko with a fish on the end of his line, and the Straining Aisha Fishing Gnome shows an Aisha, working hard to reel a very big fish in! If you happen to buy one of these gnomes, I am sure they’d look very beautiful in the front yard or garden of your neohome. You could show off your love for fishing and gnomes to your neighbors! But if lawn décor isn’t for you, check out the Fly Fishing Usuki, a happy little fellow that can keep you entertained for hours on end!

If you’re trying to learn how to fish or just want to hear the tales of other fishermen, books could be the answer. Try Hooked on Fishing, a book that contains tips and anecdotes, or Gone Fishing, a beautiful hardback that features a small group of Neopets and their fishing trip. If you’re of the species, Fishing for Techos could be right for you. But if you’re a Zafara in search of tips, hints, and help, Fishing for Zafaras could be the must-have book for you.

Oh, you’ve already read all of the books? You want professional help? Well, you’re reading the right article! For a beginning fisher, I’d suggest you buy the Basic Fishing Set. Now we can get started! You can fish almost anywhere where there’s water, but if you’re a beginner, I’d try the Underwater Fishing Cavern in Maraqua. It’s full of fish – and a bunch of useless junk! Now take out your fishing pole and attach the bait. Then cast and wait! After a while of waiting you will feel a slight tugging on the end of your line. Give your pole a little yank and reel in! Pull the fish to land! Good job, give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve now caught your first fish. But don’t worry if it escaped. When you fail, you must always try, try again!

You now know how to fish. If the Basic Fishing Set isn’t what you need anymore, try the advanced or super set. And a true fisherman needs the right outfit! Head on out and purchase a Lucky Fishing Shirt and Lucky Fishing Trousers for some extra good luck charm – and just to be handsome! For most, however, that’s not enough. Also check into buying a Lucky Fishing Hat (my personal favorite) or Lucky Fishing Boots. Time to move on...

The Underwater Fishing Cavern is a place where most amateurs and professionals spend their day! Not only is it a place for beginners, but it’s also for the skilled! If you’re a talented fisher, you’re much more likely to catch bigger, better fish. But to become talented, you must spend every waking moment at the cavern. Well, not every moment (you are only allowed to catch so many fish), but after all, fishing is known as something that requires a lot of time and patience on your part! And oh, did I mention while you fish you have to be quiet and still? If you make a lot of noise or move around a lot, the fish can hear it too! But don’t worry; all of this hard fishing stuff pays off... And you’ll become a lot better at it.

So, you’ve caught something in the Underwater Fishing Cavern. Good job, fantastic! But now, what can you do with it? The first thing in your mind is probably eat it. Well, eating the fish would be the most reasonable thing to do, but who says we have to be reasonable? You can let the fish go again. After all, fishing isn’t only for the hungry; it’s for the bored, too! So if you’re looking for a little fun and don’t plan to eat the fish, catch them and then let them go. But if you don’t want to eat the fish and you don’t want to let it go, along with all of the time you put into catching it, what can you do? Take the fish and frame it on your wall, proudly displaying your skills and creating a lifelong memory of the fishing trip. If you live in Maraqua, the fish can actually live inside the water-filled frame. If not, well... *cough* Let’s move on! You can also give the fish as a gift for a friend’s birthday or for a holiday. A fish – now that’s what I call a perfect birthday present! You could sell the fish, too. Fishing always pays off, whether with time, food, or happiness!

If you're not having luck with fishing, but you're craving a fish to eat, run off and buy some! Fish dishes (haha) that have proven to taste good include but are not limited to: Fried Fish, Smoked Meridellian Fish, and Fish and Chips. If you're wanting fish-shaped candy, try Gummy Fish or Orange Jelly Fish. Where did that one come from, anyway? *snort*

Remember how I said fishing is an art? Well, art is also a fish! Let me explain. Now that you’ve had the ultimate fishing experience, you know what fish look like. Go ahead and get out your art supplies (paint, pencils, paper) and draw a fish! Color it in, too. It doesn’t have to be a normal fish, blue or green. It can look like anything you want it to, because it’s your artwork. Be creative! It can be a fish colored with swirls of the rainbow or a fish with wings, because it’s your creation! But if you’re trying to be lifelike, make your fish look at least a little normal...

I hope you had fun reading, learning how to fish, buying fish equipment, eating fish, and visiting new places to fish! But seriously, consider purchasing one of those gnomes one day... Hehehe. Thank you for reading and educating your inner fisherman!

Author’s Dedication: This story is for all of you out there whose hearts are true to fishing... And also to my grandfather, who is the true fisher of my family!

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