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7 Steps to a Smarter Neopet: A Guide For Dummies

by jayandcourtneyk


Does your Neopet answer every question you ask it with "I don't know"? Does it walk around bumping into objects, not caring when doing so? Does it fall asleep in class often? If so, this is the perfect guide for you.

Your Neopet's intelligence may not be the most important thing to you, but it's not entirely about smarts. If you read your Neopet lots of books, it may get a book club trophy! Below are 10 ways to get your Neopet smarter. Try it, and you may see some improvements over a few weeks!

Step 1: Pick-a-pet

Of course you have to pick which pet you're going to make smarter! If you only have one pet, then you're set. But if you have more, you should pick the Neopet that has read the book that came with your newbie pack. Pick a pet that may have read any books in the past.

Also, try to pick a Neopet that isn't a Grundo, a Krawk, or a Draik that's been hatched from an egg. All these Neopets start with an intelligence of "dim-witted." They will take longer to get smart.

Step 2: Books

Of course. The most obvious part in making a smart Neopet. There are so many books! Try to find cheaper books first. When all the non-rare books are read, get started on buying rarer books.

But where will you get all those Neopoints to afford the books? One way is to play a lot of games. But not all people are good at games, so you may need to spend a few Neopoints to buy a scratch card, spin a wheel or place a bet. However you make Neopoints fastest is up to you. ;)

Step 3: It's all in the neggs

We all know it... whenever that random opportunity happens and you snatch that one negg from the Snowager, you want to feed it to your pet. Every negg is capable of doing something different... including decreasing your Neopet's intelligence!

The genius negg is a great one to eat. Not only does it raise your Neopet's intelligence, but also gives you one of 6 books! My suggestion is that you keep buying genius neggs until you get all 6 books. Not only will they get smarter, but, like I said, you'll get all the books. A genius negg is worth 24 negg tokens at the Neggery.

The staring negg... the WORST negg to feed your Neopet! By staring at your Neopet it will drain your Neopet's intelligence by 10! A Neopet's average intelligence is 10, so be careful! It is 30 negg tokens at the Neggery, but I don't think it's worth it!

A kal-kaleid-kaleideonegg? The only thing most people know about this negg is that it's hard to pronounce! But I'll tell you: This negg will randomly alter one of these aspects of your Neopet: color, species, gender, or stats, positively or negatively. When it says "stats" it may lower your pet's intelligence. But it can do so many other things to your pet, you shouldn't worry. It's worth 52 negg tokens.

Other neggs:

Glamour negg (decreases intelligence) 7 negg tokens

Witchy negg (MAY give +5 intelligence to your pet) 48 negg tokens

Step 4: "Brightvale" is another word for "Wisdom"

Ah, Brightvale. Home of wise old King Hagan. He has made sure everyone in the village is well educated, just like himself. And he might as well share that wisdom with everyone.

Scrolls are one of the best things there. You can read it to your pet and it may affect it in numerous ways... so be careful! Because if you think "Scroll of the Wise Man" is the same as "Scroll of the Wise Guy," think again.

And of course, the Wheel of Knowledge. Such a smart idea. You may spin it for 500 Neopoints, and get a great reward. You can win scrolls, codes, Neopoints, and even wisdom straight from the mouth of King Hagan!

Step 5: Picky readers

Now I know, while you are reading books to your pet, your pet will sometimes scowl and say, "I'm not reading that; like, that book is so boring!" And that will just tick most people off. For example, this happened to me recently:

I was given the book Cartography for Beginners by King Hagan. I was going to read it to my Flotsam, but she reacted negatively. So did my Hissi. But then my Ixi eventually read the book.

If this happens, then try reading it to your other pets. If you are targeting a pet, however, then I suggest selling the book or auctioning it off to get more Neopoints.

Step 6: The finishing touches

Well, well, well! Your pet has reached the intelligence level of "Ultimate genius." Good work! Only one problem: your pet is stuck with a blah pet page and no description!

HTML is the most complex thing existing. If you need HTML help, go to http://www.neopets.com/help.phtml and click "HTML guide" on the top. That's the computer. That guide holds all you need to know to conquer HTML!

But this is not an HTML/pet page guide. Back to the books.

Colour doesn't really matter. You may consider a colour, though (more on that above).

Now you're done! Everything you need to know to have your pet smarten up is in this guide. Whether you are educating a Tonu, Kyrii or Chia, or anything else, this handy guide will ensure that by the end your pet will own that book club trophy, unless...

Step 7: Other ways to make your pet smart

Okay, I lied about you being done, but there is one more way to increase your pet's intelligence that I never mentioned.

Poor old King Coltzan III was murdered, and now he will be eternally remembered because of that big tall shrine smack-dab in the middle of the Lost Desert. Once in a blue Kreludor he will increase your pet's smarts.

Well, I hope you learned something... all of this will take lots of time, usually ranging from nine months to three years, depending on how often you are on and how many Neopoints you have. Good luck and happy reading!

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