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Tea Friends

by greenjunglekitty


"You will clean out your closet today, Teacup!" said the red Kougra's owner. "It's a mess, and you haven't cleaned it in years!"

      "Aw, do I have to, Mom?" Teacup whined. "It's too big a mess in there!"

      "That's your doing, Teacup. It's not my fault you're a packrat. You will clean that closet, or else I won't finish saving up for that paint brush you want!"

      Teacup sighed. "Yes, Mom." And she trudged to her room.

      Teacup, a red Kougra, was an 'only pet.' She lived with her owner - 'Mom.' And Mom was right. Teacup was a packrat. She had always stuffed her junk into her closet for years, and now it was crammed with things Teacup didn't remember ever having.

      Opening the door to her closet, she stared in horror at all the stuff. She reached for the first thing she saw: a Green Kougra Plushie. She gasped in delight. "Stuffy!" she exclaimed, and hugged the plushie. She carefully set Stuffy on her bed before continuing.

      An hour later, Teacup has cleared out half of her closet. There was only a bit left. "I'm almost done," Teacup told herself. "About another fifteen minutes to half an hour, I should be finished."

      Then, she reached for another item. It was a really dusty piece of paper. "What is this?" Teacup asked herself. She dusted it off, to find out it was a letter. "A letter... from who?"

      Teacup plopped herself on her bed, and began to read.

      Dear Teacup,

      I hope you are having a good 10th birthday! I can't believe you're already 10 and I'm still 9! That's not fair. Ha ha. Just kidding.

      Have a wonderful birthday, and may all your dreams come true.

      Your best friend,


      (P.S. hope you like the present!!!!!)

      Teacup almost sobbed when she finished reading the letter. Icedtea was her "old" best friend. They were always together, then one day, something happened, and Teacup never saw Icedtea again.

      They had met when they were only toddlers, around five years old. They became friends because they thought that since they both had 'tea' in their names, they were meant to be friends forever.

      "Iced, what happened to you?" Teacup asked herself silently, looking at the letter.

      What had happened was when both girls were twelve, Icedtea's owner became a Neopian Times writer, and she became famous. They ended up moving to Mystery Island, leaving Teacup behind. Teacup wrote to Icedtea a lot, but Icedtea never replied. Teacup didn't know why.

      "Why?" she now asked herself. "Why didn't you ever write me back?"

      Teacup jumped up and rummaged through the rest of her closet. She found another letter.

      Dear Teacup,

      I'm moving to Mystery Island. My new address will be 145679 Safari Lane. Promise to write to me? I promise to write back. I want to keep in touch, Teacup, because you're my best friend - and we always will be. Right? Write me as much as possible! Tell me about what's going on, etc. I'll be looking forward to your letters.



      "145679 Safari Lane," Teacup repeated. "I have to find out about Icedtea!" She grabbed a pencil and paper and started writing.

      Dear Icedtea,

      I'm not sure you still live at this address, but I'll hope for the best. Do you remember me? -Teacup? We used to be best friends. I haven't seen you in years! Are you still a brown Kougra? Because I'm still a red one. Except Mom is planning on getting me a pink paint brush. What do you think of that?

      It's okay if you don't remember me (I guess). I suppose I was just expecting you would. After all, we were friends for years! But do me one favor, and write me back if you get this. Even if you don't remember me. Okay, Iced? Please, please, please, write back! I'm really going to be looking forward to your letter...



      Teacup finished her letter and set it on her desk. She needed to finish cleaning her closet. She didn't want to, though. But wait! She then remembered that note she had first found. "What present?" she asked herself.

      Jumping up, Teacup ran to her closet. After a few minutes of rummaging, she found what she was looking for. A little box wrapped in green wrapping paper that said 'Happy Birthday!' all over it. It was tied perfectly with a big purple bow.

      Teacup took it back to her bed and sat down. Carefully, she untied the dusty bow. Then she unwrapped the wrapping paper. Opening the little box, she gasped in amazement. Inside the box, was a small gold bracelet that had the letters 'TF' on it. Teacup knew at once what it stood for. "Tea Friends," she whispered, and put the bracelet on.

      Teacup stood up and went back to her letter. Picking up her pencil, she added at the bottom of her letter,

      (P.S. TF forever.)

      Teacup wiped a tear away and cleared her throat. She climbed out her window quietly with the letter clutched in her hand on the bracelet on her wrist.

      She walked to the Post Office and neomailed her letter. She stood there for a few moments, feeling the cool wind whip around her. She turned to leave. She walked home and went around the side. Looking at the inbox of her house, she held her breath and walked towards it.

      She opened it up, and saw a letter. Can it be? she asked herself. She pulled out the letter to see the name Teacup on the front. She closed the box and letter in hand, climbed back up her window.

      She lay down on her back on her bed and opened the letter.

      Dear Teacup,

      I was cleaning out my closet this morning, and I found a picture of us together. I'm sure you don't remember me, but maybe my name sounds familiar. Icedtea. Does it? We used to be best friends... then I moved. Do you remember me, Teacup? I won't get my hopes up if you don't. And you don't have to write back. I don't deserve to be written back to when I never replied to your letters.

      I'm sorry about that - not replying. I just... well, I don't know. I was upset at my owner for making us move, and I, well, I took it out on you by not replying. I'm so sorry. It's been years now, and I'm sure you hate me know.

      Did you ever get that bracelet I gave you when you turned 10? I never saw you wear it, and you never said anything about it.

      Well, my mom is calling me for dinner. I better go. Have a great life, Teacup, and maybe we'll meet again some day.



      Teacup let out a sob when she finished. "She remembers me..." she said quietly. She was happy, but also sad. Was it meant for them to ever see each other again? "She'll get my letter soon," Teacup assured herself. "Maybe she'll write back. I hope she does. I should ask her to send me pictures. Has she changed? Does she wonder if I've changed? Have I changed?"

      Teacup let her mind wonder. The rest of the afternoon, she stayed in her room and thought about Icedtea, and found some pictures of them together. She also found some updated pictures of herself, which she planned on sending to her friend.

      That night as she lay in bed, she wondered what Icedtea was doing. She gently stroked her bracelet with her thumb and hugged Stuffy tighter. "Goodnight, Stuffy. Goodnight, Icedtea," she whispered, looking out at the stars in her window...

The End

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