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Destruct-O-Match Guide and Tips

by snorklex3


TYRANNIA - If you are going for the trophy, record, your skills or whatever in Destruct-O-Match II, read this guide to improve your chances of getting a higher score! Destruct-O-Match II is one of those games that when you practice, you get better. Practice makes perfect! You must also have patience and think ahead sometimes. If I can get better by reading this, so can you! This guide is meant to help YOU. Use it, especially coming from someone with a high score of 3086. You’ll get better! You VERY rarely need luck to win (unlike other games…).

Destruct-O-Match II is a game. It is in the puzzle category and is rated EASY. I agree, it is pretty easy once you know how to play. It is quite popular…. And the neopoint ratio is 30 neopoints per 100 points scored. I quote from the games page:

“In Destruct-O-Match II you have to group up boulders of the same colour, and then click to remove them. Only groups of 2 or more matching boulders can be removed in this way. The more boulders you clear at once the more points you earn, and to progress to the next level you need to achieve a certain number of points. Some boulders have symbols on - if you manage to clear one of these boulders then something special will happen. Check the in-game instructions to find out what each icon does!”

Just a correction, you double click =D

There are three versions to the game, Regular, Extreme and Zen. I will briefly explain Zen and Extreme, but this guide is mainly the about Regular version.

Extreme: You can single-click to destroy boulders. Extreme is very confusing, as more boulders keep coming and coming up. It is game over if the boulders reach the top of the screen!

Zen: You don’t earn any points for playing Zen mode. But you can play forever if you want to. ;)

First, I’ll explain the basics you need to know (or at least should know) while playing Destruct-O-Match II. Then, after you read the basics, you’ll find out the hints and tips!

Before I explain the boulders, I must say: There WON’T be ‘special’ boulders (listed below) on every level. Usually you will get special boulders (more than one) in a level, but you don’t always use all of them. If you don’t already know what the ‘special’ boulders do, read below. ;)

Do NOT use the fire boulder until the END. That way, it burns the left over boulders. If you use it at the beginning, then you burn some boulders. Then what? If you use it at the end, you have a better chance of getting the bonus!

Do NOT use the x3 boulder. At least not at first. For example, let’s say the x3 boulder is blue. Try to get as many blue boulders as possible to touch the x3 boulder. Then, destroy it. If you destroy it while it touches 1 boulder, you receive 6 points. If it touches 10 boulders, you receive 30 points! ONLY use it when it is touching few boulders of its colors if you either destroyed the others or if you can't get them to touch the x3 boulder.

If you have a timer boulder, DON'T WAIT. Destroy it! If you can’t, quickly without hesitating destroy the surrounding ones until you CAN destroy the timed boulder. If you don't destroy it and it runs out of time, then it will become an "X" boulder. It is impossible to destroy, unless you burn it with a fire boulder that touches it.

There is a certain boulder that has a symbol on it that looks kind of like a question mark. When you destroy it, another layer of boulders fall. Try to burn this toward the end. Or if you can’t, then only use it when there are no other colors. For example, if the question mark boulder is gray, then try to only destroy it when it is the only boulder left (with a partner) and you destroy it, then a whole layer of gray boulders fall down and you can destroy them all! And, since there is a whole layer of boulders, you can score a lot of points from this move!

There is a boulder that destroys all of the boulders of that color. It has a symbol on it that looks like a circle with lines around it (kind of like the sun? hmm…). It is destroyed like a regular boulder. If it is green, and you destroy it, then all the green boulders will be destroyed.

Now for the fun! ;) Since you know some of the basic ideas to Destruct-O-Match II, I will tell you some hints!

It is a VERY bad idea to play the game if you did not fully clear the first level. It makes the game easier when you start with extra 250 points. If you have 4 boulders remaining, you get a 50 point bonus. If you have 3 boulders remaining, you get a 100 point bonus. If you have 2 boulders remaining, you get 150 bonus points. When you have 1 boulder remaining, you get a 200 point bonus and if you fully clear the level you will receive a 250 point bonus!

Think ahead. Plan each move. Think, “If I destroy these boulders, does it ruin the chance to destroy any other ones?” If you just destroy any boulder you see, you will never win that way.

If you spin the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale, you have a pretty big chance of getting a game secret. Maybe even for Destruct-O-Match II! So go and spin that wheel every day! xD

I hope this guide helped! Please neomail me with comments and if it helps. Please don't steal it. I put my time and effort into it. And if you are reading this, I got into the Neopian Times! Yay! xD Soon I’ll submit more game guides, and hopefully TNT will select me! If you have a certain game you need help in, neomail me and I will try to submit an article on that game! Look for me here! I will always try to make it into here. ;)

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