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Decay, the Utterly Impossible Bika

by zippo92740


Kitap, a green Kougra, sprinted down a brick path towards his Neohome. He stared up at the huge building in the distance and grinned as he thought of his own bedroom inside, completely made of strawberry jelly. Inside the room was a beautiful desk made completely of ice, and a bone chair next of it. Above that was a shelf holding a wide variety of plushies including a red Krawk plushie, his favourite. At the opposite side of the room was his bed; the softest you could imagine, with silken sheets and a thick blanket with plushie dragoyles sown across it in many different poses. As well as this he also had a cupboard stacked with books and a few other random collectibles. The only thing left out was a petpet.

      Oh well, Kitap thought dreamily, I'll get one... as soon as I finish saving up for a faerie paint brush...

      He had been saving up for a faerie paint brush for the past five months and had earned quite an amount of Neopoints so far. His three siblings had all been painted already, and now Kitap only had a little while to go before he had enough money to get his own.

      The Kougra yawned and stooped to pull a pawful of flowers out of the ground for his owner.

      Suddenly, he paused, staring. There in front of him was a little bika, wearing no saddlery, and looking up at him with large, inquisitive eyes. Seeing a Terror Mountain petpet, by itself, in Meridell was pretty unusual and after gaping at it for a short time, the Kougra crouched down in front of it, trying to make himself look less frightening. He spoke in a soft voice, "Hello little fella! What are you doing here?"

      "Well, I was hoping that some Neopet would come by and see me," answered the Bika.

      Kitap drew his paw back quickly, as if the bika were dangerous, and his large, golden eyes grew wide. "Umm. Was that you talking?" he asked in shock.

      "Of course," the petpet replied impatiently. "You don't see any other bika around, do you?"

      "Well, no." Kitap was thinking that something must be wrong with his hearing... or that he must be in a dream. Petpets couldn't talk, not ever!

      The bika bent his head down to eat some more grass. Finally, Kitap pinched himself, and decided he must be mad. "I didn't know petpets could talk, though."

      "Have you ever spoken to a petpet?"

      "Uh, no."

      "Well then." Then the bika went back to nibbling the grass.

      Kitap had no idea what the bika meant by this remark, but he asked, "Why were you waiting for a neopet to come along?"

      "I was hoping they would take me home. You see, I don't have a neopet of my own."

      "Would you like to come to my Neohome?" the Kougra asked hopefully, his spirits rising. "I'm sure I'd be allowed to keep you. And I've got a fantastic room of my own that you can sleep in... it's made of jelly too!"

      "Hmm... Sure," the bika said simply.

      "Really? You mean, you'll come live with me and be my own petpet?"

      "No. You'll be my neopet."

      "Okay... I suppose," the Kougra said, confused, but not really caring. "Gee whiz, my owner's going to be surprised."

      "Oh, I never talk to humans," the bika said casually.

      "Oh." He waited while the bika chewed grass a little longer.

      Then it said, "What's your name?"

      "Oh, I'm Kitap. And I have two sisters called Armarjen and Yiyeceq, and a brother called Yuorekli."

      The bika seemed to be thinking. "I guess my name will be Kitap," he said.

      "But, that's my name!"

      "Don't you like it?"

      "Sure, but... I'd feel funny calling you Kitap."

      "Oh, all right, then. My name will be Armarjen."

      "But that's my sister's name! Besides, it's for a girl. Don't you like any other names? But not names that already belong to someone in my family. You can have any other name, I promise!"

      "Gee, you are fussy. Oh, I know; my name will be Darigan Kau."

      "Now come on," Kitap almost yelled. "That's just plain silly!"

      "But, you said..."

      "Yes, but let's be reasonable." said Kitap, exasperated.

      "I always wanted to be a Darigan Kau." The bika grinned.

      "Er, have you ever seen one?"

      The bika smiled. "No."

      "Do you know what a Darigan pet is?"


      "Never mind. But, why a Darigan Kau? You're not a Darigan Kau. What if I wanted to be a bika?"

      "I'd call you Bika," the bika retorted. "I've already picked out three names and you don't like any of them. I think I'll find another neopet."

      "No, wait!" Kitap said quickly. "I've got an idea. Your name can be 'Darigan Kau', just as you wanted, but we'll call you by your initials, D.K., for short. Like 'Decay'."

      "Isn't decay the rot on a neopet's tooth?" Decay asked with a hint of suspicion.

      "Yeah, but at least it's better than 'Darigan Kau'. Now come on, let's tell my owner."

      "You tell her," Decay said stubbornly. He had found a new patch of grass and was daintily trotting over to it.

      "No, come on now," Kitap said impatiently. "You won't know which house is mine."

      "Oh, all right," mumbled Decay, still eating.

The End

Author's Note: Well, I hope you enjoyed Decay's first story. There'll be more stories about him if this gets into the NT.

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