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Get Inside the Minds of the Neopet Models

by dancer_girl_4_cheer


Okay, I know you all have seen them. Those adorable neopets who pose for the neopet shields on your user lookups. One would think that these pets have the easy life, since all they have to do is smile for the camera. Or so it seems. Today, we are going to find out what the modeling life on neopets is really like. Oh, and this is my assistant, Cowboy. *points to blue Lupe standing next to me*

Before we begin, I would like to tell you a bit about what goes into Shield Modeling. When one pet is picked to be the newest model for those user lookup shields we have all come to know and love, they begin a process that takes 6 days. The first day they go in to get morphed and painted. You didn't think the models came already looking as great as they do, did you? It takes about 24 hours for the transformation to set in, so they go home for the rest of the day and relax. On day two, they go and try to find a shield that looks best on them. This process also takes a while since usually the stubborn Neopets Team can never make up their minds. After a shield has been picked, they are matched with a month.

Day three is the day the begin shooting the actual pictures. This also takes a while. The pets can never seem to get it quite right until around take 22. Day four and five are both technical days where the computer designers work their magic. And finally on Day six, the new shield pictures are released to the public.

Now, let's move on to the interviews. The first model we will get to speak to is the 23rd Month Red Scorchio.

Me: Hello, Mr. Scorchio!

Model: Let's get one thing straight, little girl. That is NOT my name and I am so tired of everybody calling me that. My name is Marvin. MARVIN!!!

Me: Uh, sorry about that Marvin. Now, as I am sure everyone would like to know, what is YOUR life like as a model?

Marvin: Well... let's just say it ain't no walk on the beach. Nobody ever pays any attention to your pictures, but if you get hit in the head with a slice of birthday cake *coughTHANKSADAMcough* it makes front page news. How fair is that? Huh? Huh? Huh???. You darn reporters never try to bring out the good in a model. I guess that's just too much to ask of a person. *rolls eyes*

Me: Well... if you are going to be like that Mr. Rudyrudeness, then why don't you just...

*Cowboy interrupts* Cowboy: Mom! We're recording all this!!!

Me: Oh, Right. Hehehe, so, Marvin, thank you for taking time out of your so-called "busy" day.

Well... that was fun. Moving on from Marvin, we have two more interviews set up for you lovely Neopians *bats eyes* today. Say hello to the first one, the 8th Month Wocky!

Me: Hello there, Miss. Wocky.

Model: Actually, it's Miss Lizzie.

Me: Okay, Miss Lizzie, why did you decide to become a shield model?

Miss Lizzie: I thought it would be a shame to not share my gorgeous beauty with the whole world. Of course my agent found me a job with the shield agency within a week of me calling him. What kind of person would not hire ME to be their model?

Me: That's... umm... wonderful. Well how about wh...

Miss Lizzie: Sorry, doll, but that's all I have time for today. I have a meeting with my hair stylist.

Me: Okay, it's been a PLEASURE interviewing you!

*sighs* Even celebrity neopets think that they are sooo much better than you, don't they? Well... I suppose we should move on to our last interview, the interview with the 34 Month STARRY UNI PLUSHIE! *thunderous applause*

Me: First, I really do need to know what you would like to be called, Ma'am.

Model: My name is Pamela D. Uni, but everyone calls me Pam.

Me: Hello, Pam. Now, I usually start off with the basic question: What is life as a model like?

Pam: Modeling is great fun, at least it is to me. To see your face on the beautiful lookups of so many loyal Neopians just makes my heart race. Yes, there are those incredibly inconsiderate users who cover me up with a poster, but I try my best to ignore them. There are many other people who are happy to have my picture up.

Me: So, you mostly like modeling because you are so famous?

Pam: Of course not. What I meant was it is an honor to be placed on so many user's lookups. For my picture to be that many places, it means I am doing a good job at what I do.

Me: Oh, I see. So what about being so famous? I mean, it has to be kind of a drag sometimes, right?

Pam: Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't. All the paparazzi is rather annoying, but seeing young neopets want to grow up and be like me is definitely worth it!

Me: So what made you want to go into the business?

Pam: When I first went into modeling, they were recruiting pets for the Rainbow Pool pictures. The TNT was paying pets 10,000 points for the job, and I really needed the money. But once I started, I fell in love with it and I have been doing it ever since.

Me: Well Pam, I would like to thank you for taking time to be interviewed. Have a nice day!

Well, as we have seen, there are many types of pets in the Shield Modeling business. There are the rude ones, such as Marvin the Scorchio. There are the self-centered ones, such as Miss Lizzie the Wocky. Then there are the few pleasant ones like Pam the Plushie. In my opinion, being all over neopets like they are is a lot for pets to take on, and they all deal with it in their own way, which is why their personalities are so different. Just remember, if you decide to go into the business, try your best to be a Pam and not a Marvin.

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