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NeoSports Broadcast: Altador Cup Round Four

by pei_panda_jr


This is a special broadcast from NS (NeoSports).

STAN: Hi, I’m Stan the Disco Ixi!

BOB: And I’m Bob the Red Grarrl.

STAN: Today’s match, Darigan against Haunted Woods! It should be quite a match today, for both teams’ offence is great!

BOB: Let’s take a look here at Darigan’s records. It looks like Darigan has a great team this year! They shook up Terror Mountain in round one, getting past the Mountain’s excellent defense. In round two, the Citadel and Meridell fought for victory again! Darigan won this time, though, leaving Meridell in the dust. And in round three, it looked like Roo Island was going to win. In the first half, Roo Island took charge and scored quite a few times, but then later, the floating fortress rammed the Roos and Darigan came on top!

STAN: Yes, Bob, and the Haunted Woods fought hard, too! They challenged the moon that was above them, and HW came higher! Ha ha! Get it? Because Kreludor is higher than Haunted Woods! Ha ha…

BOB: ~Grunt~

STAN: Oh! Anyway, then HW took on its neighbor, Brightvale. They took on quite a game! Brightvale’s offence takes control of the Yooyu right away, but they can never seem to get past the HW’s great defense. In round three, they had me worried! Krawk Island had many supporters, but Krawk Island went home with no Trophy in their hands.

BOB: Well now, let’s look at Darigan’s players… ah! Tandrak Shaye! He is an excellent forward, and plays the game tough. Tormo “The Terror” Frein has great skill of keeping the Yooyu from going into the opponent’s hands and to his teammates. Mungo Lifler is great on his hands, but not too great on his feet. He can block the Yooyu like a flyswatter to a fly and SPLAT! The forwards have the Yooyu in control. Kep Bonnefie is the only girl on the team, never talks! She just plays the game tough, but doesn’t say a word! Layton Vickles is quite hard to guard, but his throwing is not the best.

STAN: On the Haunted Woods team, they play three defenders and one forward. The defenders all know how to get the ball and pass as swiftly as the bats in the trees. Zo Junior is the forward, and when he gets the ball and keeps it, there is no stopping him! Fanetti blocks most shots that come toward him, but occasionally, a couple can slip past his tail.

BOB: And now folks, the moment you have all been waiting for… the match!

STAN: The crowd is ready for a great match today, and the teams come onto the arena! Darigan does their warm up lap around the arena, and Haunted Woods is doing pushups!

BOB: The warm-up Yooyus enter the arena, and the teams begin the practice.

STAN: We should be seeing quite a game today, the crowd is ready, and the players are pumped up! Now if you excuse me, I will be right back.

BOB: Where are you going, Stan? This is a live broadcast! Come back- or not. Well folks, the teams are still warming up, so what should I about talk? I mean talk about. Isn’t that weird how sometimes you get tongue-tied? Hehe, hehe… Hurry up, Stan!

STAN: Here I am! I was just getting us some drinks. I got a Diet Neocola in a Haunted Woods water bottle, and you a Darigan water bottle with Apple Neocola!

BOB: Er, ~Slurp~ thank you? Anyway, it looks like the teams are in starting position. The Yooyu is up, an ice Yooyu!

STAN: Zo snags it right away, and heads down the left wall, whoa! He swerves and passes to Vitor on the center line and charges down the arena. Vitor to Zo, Zo the Vitor, and Kep intercepts! She zips down the arena and passes to Frein, Frein to Tandrak Shaye, Tandrak to Kep, Kep to Tandrak, Tandrak swerves past Chelo Binay, and dives left and… and… SCORES! Fanetti dove right, thinking that Kep had the Yooyu, and Tandrak scored! What a play! The Darigan fans are roaring, and purple and black flags are flapping in the air!

BOB: The Yooyu pops up again, this time Ice, and Zo snatches again, chucking it to Krell Vitor, who runs and dodges the Darigan Players. Tormo “The Terror” Frein zips at Vitor, who pushes him aside, but Vitor trips! Layton Vickles snags the Yooyu, only to lose it to Wan Dirx! Wait…

STAN: Paint my noil red and spill me Neocola! The dirt on the field has come loose! It is a dust storm out there, and I can’t see a thing - ow! Dirt in my eyes!

BOB: Wait! It’s cleared up! Where is the Yooyu? Aha! It is in Darigan’s net! Haunted Woods scored! The next Yooyu is coming up, fire again! There is five minutes left, folks! The Clock started at eight minutes, and now the score is tied, one-one! ~Slurp~

STAN: Tandrak steals the Yooyu this time, swerving left, then down the center of the field. Chelo slams on her little legs and dives for Tandrak, but he has juked her out and is heading head-on to the goalkeeper! ~Slurp~ ~Cough~ ~Cough~

BOB: Fanetti is prepared, but Vitor rams Tandrak and clomps down the left wall, with Zo on the other side. Vitor to Zo, Zo to Vitor, Vitor spins and passes to Zo, only to be intercepted by Kep, who flies down the field with Tormo and Layton. In an instant, the Yooyu is in the net, with one minute to go!

STAN: The next Yooyu is a spinning mutant. Tandrak grabs the Yooyu and chucks it to Tormo, who is intercepted by Chelo.

BOB: Thirty seconds left, and Chelo to Zo, Zo to Chelo, Chelo to Vitor, Vitor to Zo…

STAN: Ten seconds…


STAN: The crowd is roaring, and the next Yooyu is Fire! Zo slams on his wings, passes to Dirx, and SCORES AT THE BUZZER! HAUNTED WOODS WINS!!!!

BOB: Another game is played, and reporters sure are going to be swarming around Vitor tonight! What a game! We will be here at the next game, but for now, ~Slurp~ good night folks, and sleep well!

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