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Taking Over Neopia

by monkeysrcomintogetu


Have you ever wondered how people rule the world? How other people like Dr. Sloth, the Meepits, Fyora, and Adam have been this successful at conquering Neopia? This guide was made to help out you future rulers of the world. All of the people who have conquered Neopia have some qualities in common. They all take charge, show leadership skills, and have ways of people being scared of them if they don't follow. With these steps, soon you will be able to take over the world!

1) Leadership Skills

You have to have leadership skills in order to rule the world. How else are you going to take charge, without being able to lead? You need great talking skills, persuade people to join your side. Here's an example, how else would Dr. Sloth control the orange Grundos, plus control Kreludor, and make every Neopian terrified of him, without leadership skills? Sloth has exact speaking skills, which helped him take over the world. Without leadership skills, you would have no army, which makes it pointless to try and take over the world. With your army guarding you, you will be defenseless, and defense is one important thing you wouldn't want to not have.

2) Taking Charge

How can you control the world without taking charge? Step up, make orders, and fight if you have to. All good rulers of Neopia have to be able to take stand. Without this, one, enemies will think your to easy, and soon you'll be out of the job. Two, when battles or wars do come; you need to take charge and fight. Or else you end up dead. Meepits are a great example for this manner. At times, they can be cute and fuzzy, but when needed, they will take charge, and fight for anything they want. Without them taking charge in the Meepit Feepit war, how else would they be able to conquer the world Feepit Corporation? See, you need to step up for you to get up at the top. Start off little, like conquering a place, or world. With practice, soon you will take over Neopia.

3) Fearful Item

How else are you going to control everyone if no one is afraid of you? If everyone things your easy, they will attack more enough, and probably win. So you need to get an item, any item that will make everyone scared of out there pants just to stand right next to you. Like, Sloth has his army of orange Grundos, plus his evil lab of doom, the meepits got their teeth and evil mind powers, Fyora has her faerie friends and owns every battle item in the Hidden Tower, and Adam has his evil army of asparagus. One of the most common and most efficient ways to this technique is to use your fearless army. Armies are easier in a way than an item, because when you are attacked; your army can go and fight, as you escape for your life safely. Also, items may give out or die during a battle, and in your army you should have hundreds of people fighting, so it won't give out that easy. Though an army is good, another way is to have an item or power to scare everyone. This way is easier; it requires less communication skills, because you can just blast people who do not follow you. However, the best way is to go is to use both, for your army to fight, and for you to have an item just in case you are alone without your powerful army.

4) Planning

Planning is a must when being a great leader. Without planning out everything, your day would be unorganized, or when you tried to an attack, it would go wrong. You need to stop, and plan everything out. Plus, there are fewer problems when you plan ahead. Though, planning may take awhile to figure out, and to get right (check section 5 on patience) it’s a must to make all of your actions work out right.

5) Patience

Patience is a requirement which most of today's world leaders lack. You can't just go bombing every world you see. You have to have patience, wait for your enemies to offer there land, or treasure. You also need patience to make plans. Plans are very important to get correct, and proper planning does take time, so you will probably spend a while on these plans. Without patience, you would probably give up on planning the plans in the first 5 minutes, and that plan could have helped you take over the world sooner. So stay patient, and one day you could rule Neopia.

6) Attitude

It's all about your attitude. Usually, your attitude reflects the way you look. If you look like a tough guy like Sloth, your attitude should be mean and tough. Meepits, on the other hand, are tricky. However, if you look kind like Fyora or Adam, you should have a nice personality. Personality is what makes people follow you. Either by fear, or leadership, either way your attitude reflects on how great of a leader you are. Though, when needed, you should have a strong attitude when in danger, that lets people you are strong, and you will be there when you need them. Kind of like Meepits; at times, they are cute, but when needed, they can be strong, and powerful. So keep your attitude right for your actions, and you will take over Neopia in no time!

This guide has brought you the main points of taking over the world. Many have tried to take over Neopia, but lots have failed. With this guide, you can become a great and powerful leader of a world, or soon, rule all of Neopia. By zapping everyone like Sloth, acting innocent then springing into action as a Meepit, or shoving asparagus down everyone's throat as Adam. Find your own way, and become the greatest leader ever ruled. Just work on your leadership skills, plus work on your attitude and patience, soon you too can rule Neopia one day!

This Guide has been brought to you by Dr. Sloth Corp.

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