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TCNI: Dr. Sloth and the Carnival of Terror

by tok3n_


TCNI: Dr. Sloth and The Carnival of Terror

Haven't you ever wondered why Dr. Sloth created his 'Carnival of Terror' game, and why Neopians toss pies at the faces of tiny Chia Clown robots and not random Neopets? Well, in this exclusive interview, the unanswered questions are... well, answered!

Hey there, reader! It's us, The Crazed Neopian Interviewers (TCNI), and we've spoken to Dr. Sloth and the Chia Clown on why they both know each other and how they met. They both revealed data that has never before been seen or heard, so open your eyes, big or small, and read on!

TCNI: "Hello! TCNI would like to thank you for spending your time talking to us."

Dr. Sloth: "You'd better make this quick." (shifty eyes) "I don't like the idea of me being in a chair next to him."

Chia Clown: "Well, I don't like sitting next to you either!"

TCNI: "Dr. Sloth-?"

Chia Clown: "He made little robots of me!" (sob) "Neopians throw pies at them! You can even buy the little things on the Shop Wizard... Just because I can make my nose squeak, my shoes are gigantic, and I wear funky suspenders and clothes doesn't mean I can be made fun of!" (squeezes nose - HONK HONK!)

Dr. Sloth: "Shush! Let them talk!"

TCNI: (cough) "Dr. Sloth, where did you get the idea of creating miniature figures of the Chia Clown? How did you come up with the idea of the name 'Carnival of Terror'?"

Dr. Sloth: "I-"

Chia Clown: "It all began at 7:49pm. He wanted me to make a game for him. Do I look like a slave?"

Dr. Sloth: (growl)

Chia Clown: "And I didn't know why! We had never even met before. He had no idea I even existed."

Dr. Sloth: "I seem to have liked it better back then..."

Chia Clown: "Will you be quiet?!"

TCNI: (cough) "Er, Dr. Sloth? Your question?"

Dr. Sloth: "Oh, yes. I was about to answer, before I was rudely interrupted..."

Chia Clown: "You're not known for your manners, you know."

Dr. Sloth: "LET ME GET ON WITH IT!" (angry sigh) "Okay, I got a call from my assistant, and he said that I was to create a new piece for the Haunted Woods. But I didn't know what to do. Do I look like a mechanic to you??"

TCNI: "..."

Chia Clown: "Yeah, so then he read the paper and saw-"

Dr. Sloth: "A few pictures of the Chia Clown and thought, 'Hey, I should talk to this guy. He looks as if he's entertaining. He can build my attraction for me. Or better yet, BE the attraction!'" (laughs evilly) "I mean, it's not like it really mattered to me or that I cared much!"

Chia Clown: "So then he asked me to meet up with him and I did." (shakes head) "The biggest thing I regret in my entire life."

Dr. Sloth: (growls again) "So, we began to talk and I told him that I needed him for my game. Was I going to take no for an answer?"

TCNI: "...No?"

Dr. Sloth: "Correct! So then-"

Chia Clown: "He FORCED me to be in the game. But was I about to take THAT as an answer?"

TCNI: "...No?"

Chia Clown: "No! I mean... YES! I volunteered to meet up with him, anyway! It wasn't his choice if I wanted to help or not!"

Dr. Sloth: "Well, that isn't the point. Now be quiet and let me finish!" (clears throat) "The Chia Clown was in my office the next week and I had left the room in search for a few files. Then he did the most atrocious thing. He tried to escape! Luckily, one of my staff members caught him and brought him to me. He explained and-"

Chia Clown: (sighs) "I was in deep trouble."

Dr. Sloth: "Yes. Indeed you were. So, I was pretty ticked off that someone didn't want to work with me-"

Chia Clown: "Which is crazy! Who would?!"

Dr. Sloth: "I said LET ME FINISH!! I decided the fate of the Chia Clown at that very moment. He would be in my game, whether he liked it or not."

Chia Clown: "But thankfully, Sloth left the room again to come up with more ideas. Smart, eh? So later that night, I was locked in a room with a window. You can go and figure what I did." (chuckle) "Looks like someone isn't so diabolical after all, huh, Sloth?"

Dr. Sloth: "Oh, ha-ha. The next morning, as you can imagine, I was extremely frustrated and finally an idea popped into my mind! My hatred towards the Chia Clown could be my main source for my attraction! I didn't just WANT to create it... I HAD to at that point! My evil side wouldn't take no for an answer!"

TCNI: "So then you decided to create the 'Carnival of Terror'?"

Dr. Sloth: (nods) "Precisely."

TCNI: "Why'd you call it that?"

Dr. Sloth: "'Carnival' came from, well, the fact that it is based in a carnival. That idea was brought up by my assistant. He told me that the Chia Clown had formerly worked in carnivals and was laughed at. How could I leave that out of the game's name?" (laughs) "And 'Terror' comes from the faces little Neopian children make once they look at the Chia Clown."

TCNI: "And what is that?"

Dr. Sloth: "Terror! Fear! Fright because he's ugly!" (laughs again)

Chia Clown: (growls)

TCNI: "Ah, I see. Interesting." (clears throat awkwardly and looks at the time) "Yes, well... I'm afraid that's all the time we have. Thank you for speaking to us. We think your story is rather-" (pause) "-interesting! And once again, thank you."

Chia Clown: "Pfft... Me ugly...?"

Dr. Sloth: (mumbles)

Chia Clown: "I know something that can fill peoples' faces with terror, Sloth..." (pause) "Your green skin."

Dr. Sloth: (squeezes Chia Clown's nose and laughs)

[The following scenes might not have been appropriate for younger Neopian audiences, and thus have been cut out - beep beep]

This has been a TCNI Exclusive!

(The Chia Clown and Dr. Sloth were not harmed in the making of this interview. Well, maybe only the Chia Clown, but he and his big red nose are alright... We think.)

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