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Illustrious Ixis

by lassie_nikki


Ixi, although not the most well-known species of Neopia, are a very loved and admired species. Ixi originated in Meridell, and can now but found far and wide all over Neopia. With their soft, shimmering fur and adorable, miniature horns, it’s no wonder that the Ixi is the 10th most popular pet in Neopia! Sure, the 9th most popular species was originally an evil army used by Sloth, but the Ixi still have something to be proud of! This brings me to the point of this article. I believe some of the Ixi of Neopia deserve a bit more recognition! Thus, I have compiled a list of some of the most well-known Ixi that inhabit Neopia, so that they may be applauded, at last.

• One of the most notorious Ixi is the ever-famous Sophie, the Swamp Witch. Although she may not be renowned so much for her friendliness, she is very well-known for her complex spells and potions. She seems to be satisfied with her life of living in a small, damp hut surrounded by swampy lands and constantly in the presence of her beloved Meowclops. In fact, her mysterious life of creepy magic and potions was so famous a game was made in her honor. It features Sophie herself and her trusty Meowclops at work mixing ingredients in a potion.

• So legendary that her story was recorded in the Neopedia, Tarla the Ixi is the next exciting Ixi we’ll discuss. Tarla was the Ixi known to march up the fierce, icy, frostbitten mountain all in one day. Despite harsh, disappointing words from her loved ones that doubted her ability to climb up Terror Mountain, Tarla continued on with her dream of opening a shop at the top of the mountain. After her difficult, freezing travel up Terror Mountain, to her displeasure, she found out that there had been a staircase on the Mountain clear of snow all year around that she could have easily walked up to reach her destination. Despite that one flaw in her plan, she continued on to open her shop. Now, you might ask what her shop was. Well, let’s just say it’s a shop full of Mystery.

• One rather blessed Ixi is the Ixi known as “Illusen’s Ixi.” Her story is one of sorrow, luck and redemption. Illusen, already infamous as the Earth Faerie, shows her true compassion by saving this fortunate Ixi. Simply being recognized and known by Illusen is a one way ticket to Famousville, Neopia. Being cared for and rescued by Illusen made this Ixi not only well-known but quite envied by the other citizens of Neopia.

• The next well-known Ixi we’ll discuss is none other than Briar the Ixi. Briar is known most for being told about in the book Briar the Ixi (how original, eh?). In the book, a brave Neopian explorer discovers Briar huddled in a corner under branches, sobbing helplessly. His story of a depressing past full of rejection and finally homelessness brings in the sympathy of millions of Neopians. Of course, his adorable little ears don’t hurt with popularity either.

• Although this Ixi is known mostly for trickery, the “Tricky Ixi” is familiar all the same. When Peopatra realized that she was missing some of her beloved Gebs, her first thought was that someone had snitched them. The only problem was that Peopatra had no idea which of the millions of Neopians that visited her shop each day would steal her Gebs. I don’t want to ruin the story for you or anything but… it becomes pretty obvious that the devious Ixi had nabbed her Gebs. That darn Ixi!

• Possibly one of the most prominent Ixi in Neopia is Sinsi. This Ixi not only has numerous expensive and grand weapons named after her, but also enjoys puzzles and enjoys confusing the simple inhabitants of Neopia. Her intelligence earned her a spot in my list of infamous Ixi, but Sinsi’s great personality and wise experience in the Battledome earns her a place in the heart of Neopians everywhere. However, one must be wary upon meeting Sinsi. If you’re not careful and ready for her confusing conversations, you’ll easily get a terrible headache!

• One of the most recently famed Ixi in Neopia is the notorious Yooyuball player Ilsa Ellits. Being one of the greatest defenders in the whole Altador Cup, Ilsa has many talents along with her great aptitude for “bounce passes” that she’s become known for. She proudly supported her homeland, Meridell, in the Altador Cup until Meridell was unfortunately eliminated. When asked about her team’s elimination, Ilsa quoted, “Of course I’m quite disappointed that Meridell was outdone by Darigan. I wish we’d at least lost to a noble land, instead of one known for their evil ways. What’s done is done, however. There’s always next year!” Obviously, her mixture of optimism and great gift for Yooyuball has earned her a spot in this list of celebrated Ixi.

• An additional Ixi on this list of renowned Ixi is the mysterious but economically gifted “Ye Olde Petpets” shopkeeper. This blue Ixi is greatly known in the world of Meridell for his aptitude at selling the adorable Meridellian petpets. It’s naturally hard for any average Neopian to resist buying a cute Turtum, but it’s extra difficult for one to say no to the sweet-talking, convincing shopkeeper at “Ye Olde Petpets.”

I hope this article has shown you how wonderful the species of Ixi truly is. It’s full of clever, sensitive, talented, tricky and altogether great Ixi. These Ixi have all worked their way to fame and fortune (at least fortune in Sinsi’s case) and deserve recognition for it! Before this, I rarely saw Neopians praising the cunning species, despite their accomplishments. And we all know what under-appreciated Neopians can lead to (*cough* Sloth, Meepits, etc.). Thus, I recommend showing the Ixi and other Neopets more respect. You don’t have to do something incredibly extravagant to show how much you admire them! Showing them how valued they are can be as simple as giving the next Ixi you see a nice pat on the back, or offer to shine their horns! Naturally, they love to be groomed.

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