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The Dream About Vegetables

by sarahsuk


I'm NOT weird! Okay, maybe a little bit. But I'm not COMPLETELY insane. Not like the dream I had. It all started when I had finished my fifteenth helping of carrot and pea omelette.

     "Why don't you eat the table while you're at it?" Tiffany, my owner, asked, staring at me as I gulped down my fourteenth helping of carrot and pea omelette.

     "One more please," I said, holding out my plate and brushing some crumbs off the table. Maze, my petpet Cobrall, flicked out his tongue and snatched the crumbs into his mouth.

     Tiffany just shook her head with disbelief and dumped the last omelette on to my plate. I took one big bite out of it and sighed happily.

     "I love omelettes," I said with my mouth full which caused crumbs to spray everywhere. Maze started to slide around the floor, trying to catch them all in his mouth.

     "You are the weirdest…" Tiffany shook her head again, not bothering to finish her sentence.

     I gulped down my second bite. "I'm not weird," I protested. "I'm ORIGINAL."

     "Okay, wise girl," Tiffany said, eyeing me. "If you're not weird then why are you wearing your red jacket with the Lupe on the back when it's not even cold inside?"

     "I like this jacket," I said, crumbling up a bit of omelette for Maze.

     "Why do you sleep with Maze at night? He could choke you one day," Tiffany remarked.

     "Maze is awesome," I said simply.

     "Why does an 'original' green Zafara like you not want to be painted!?" Tiffany asked. "Everybody wants to be painted!"

     "That's why I'm original," I said, grinning.

     Tiffany sighed. "What about your jewelry?" she asked.

     I glanced down at the giant swirly bracelet on my wrist and a humungous heart necklace with the initials KR for Karina (that's my name) on it. My earrings in the shape of Cobralls (dedicated to Maze) dangled from my ears. I shrugged.

     "I like my jewelry," I said. "I make it all myself."

     Tiffany groaned. "Just go sleep, missy."

     I patted my stomach in satisfaction as I munched on the third and final bite. Maze slithered up the chair leg, up my arm, and on to my shoulder. I stood up and saluted to Tiffany before skipping out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and to my bedroom.

     I have a very big room. In the middle there's my giant yellow bed. Then to the corner there's a bathroom and a giant closet. Then to the other corner there's a bookshelf. And in another corner there's a big yellow couch with red polka dots. I made all my furniture (the couch, the bed, the bookshelf) myself! That's why you can't find it anywhere else in Neopia.

     I left Maze on my pillow and wandered into the bathroom for a quick shower. Twenty minutes later I came out of the bathroom, smoke following me. I had my ears wrapped up in a green towel. A toothbrush dangled out of my mouth as I attempted to open a tube of toothpaste.

     Tiffany knocked on my door three times before entering. I glanced up from my toothpaste. Darn it, I almost had it out!

     "Are you ready for me to read you your bedtime story?" Tiffany asked, grinning.

     I shook my head. "Sit on the bed with Maze while I brush my teeth," I said. Since my toothbrush still stuck out of my mouth, she couldn't quite understand me.

     "Shim of teeth beads wit Maze while I bush my toes?" Tiffany asked, frowning.

     I pointed at the bed.

     "Oh," Tiffany said. She shrugged and plopped herself down on my giant yellow bed. Maze slithered on to her lap.

     I finally managed to twirl open the cap on the tube of toothpaste. Every night I made Tiffany read me a story before I went to bed. It's tradition and I have no intention of breaking it any time soon. I finished brushing my teeth. I took the towel off of my ears and dropped it into the laundry basket. Then I ran out of the bathroom and on to the bed.

     "Ready?" Tiffany opened up a book. "This one is called 'Attack of the Vegetables.'"

     "I've never heard of that story before," I said, crawling underneath the big flowery yellow quilt.

     "That's because I wrote it myself," Tiffany admitted. "Let's start then, eh?"

     Once upon a time there was an Orange Chia. His best friend was a Blueberry Chia. One day a mean Red Skeith ate them. The end

     My mouth dropped open. "What the- that's not a story!"

     Tiffany laughed. "Don't worry, I was just kidding. It's not over."

     The two Chias were trapped inside the Skeiths belly for quite awhile. One day they opened up the Skeiths stomach with a pair of scissors they found and escaped. They decided to attack all the Skeiths in Neopia with carrots.

     So that night they spent a million neopoints on carrots and called all the Skeiths in Neopia together for a special Skeith meeting. All the Skeiths gathered together and the Chias jumped out and shot carrots at them with a laser gun they found on the floor. The poor stupid creatures ran away, carrots in their eyes. They were blind from that day on. The end

     I sat there, taking in the story. "That's great," I said finally. "My new favourite story."

     "That's what you say every time I read you a new story," Tiffany mumbled as she stood up and flicked off the lights.

     "Good night," I said, lying my head down on the pillow. Maze hissed. Ooh, I think I accidentally laid on him. I moved him away.

     "Good night," Tiffany said, blowing me a kiss. She closed the door behind her.

     So now the real story begins. I fell asleep and soon I found myself falling into a big red circle.

     "Ahhh!" I screamed. "I'm finding myself falling into a big red circle! I wonder what it could be."

     "Haha!" I heard a voice from very faraway. "I have eaten you at last!"

     Ohmigosh. I think the red Skeith in the story has EATEN me in real life! Of course it was just a dream, but I had no way of knowing that.

     I sat there for a very long time. Maybe years. Several other Neopets joined me. The orange and blueberry Chia toppled in along with a faerie Cybunny, a rainbow Flotsam, an alien Aisha, and a blue Shoyru holding cheese.

     We all became very good friends and soon found a pair of scissors that the red Skeith must've eaten by accident. We used it to cut a hole in the Skeiths stomach and all climbed out. Then we spent a million neopoints on carrots AND peas!

     So you probably think you know the ending. Don't be a know it all! It doesn't end the way you think it does. So we called all the Skeiths together for a big Neopian Skeith meeting and then we shoot the carrots and peas at them…

     They eat it! Ohmigosh, this is some weird dream. Of course I never knew it was a dream at the time and found it to be very scary real life.

     So they eat all the carrots and peas and are about to eat us! But then suddenly I break out into song like in those cheesy musicals. My friends join me and then all the Skeiths start to sing. And then we start tap dancing and then Maze jumps out of a window and eats all the Skeiths.

     "AHHH!!!" I screamed. I opened my eyes and sat up in bed. Maze was eating my ears.

     Tiffany ran into the room. "What's going on?" she shouted.

     "I had a really weird…" I paused. "I think it was a dream."

     "Tell me about it," Tiffany said.

     So I told her about it. I remembered all of my friends. My friends! I wonder where they were. The orange and blueberry Chia. The faerie Cybunny. The rainbow Flotsam. The alien Aisha. The blue Shoyru with the cheese.

     "That's interesting," Tiffany said, staring at me as if I was a piece of dung that fell from the ceiling. "Go back to sleep, okay?" She left.

     "She's nice, isn't she?" I said sarcastically to Maze. He hissed and let go of my ears. He slithered down on to my pillow and I lay down.

     I was about to fall asleep when I heard a sound.


     I sat up. "Who's there?"

     "Are they gone?"

     "Who's this?"

     "Who do you think it is?"

     "The Tooth Faerie?"

     "Don't be an idiot! Look under the bed!"

     I slowly got down on to the floor and stuck my head under the bed. I gasped.

     The orange and blueberry Chia, the faerie Cybunny, a rainbow Flotsam, an Alien Aisha, and a blue Shoyru with the cheese all crowded together under my bed.

     "Come out!" I said. They all clambered out.

     "Where are they?" the Alien Aisha asked.

     "Maze ate them," I said.

     "Maze?" the blue Shoyru with the cheese blinked.

     I pointed to the Cobrall on my pillow.

     "Can we stay here for awhile?" the rainbow Flotsam asked.

     "We have no where to go," the faerie Cybunny added.

     "Sure!" I gestured around my room. "Lots of room here!"

     All my friends gave me a hug as they scattered around my bedroom to find a place to sleep. Maze liked the company. I could tell because he burped. When he did I thought I heard a cry of help coming from his belly. Oh well, maybe it was just my imagination.

The End

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