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The Other Side of Neopia FAQ

by mistyscooby


The other side of Neopia! At last the thing we have all been waiting for has arrived! But are we pleased with what we see. At first, the only addition is Altador, the great land of Yooyuball, the land where we play to bestow honor for eternity on our favorite place in Neopia. Isn’t that all we need to be happy? Or we deserve more after waiting for all of these years, staring half-heartedly at a 2-D diagram on a buzzing screen? There are many questions to be asked, and I will answer them all here.

Question 1: Exactly how many new lands are there?

So far I have noted Altador, which we have all already heard of, but wait, what is that in the mist? Why, it seems to be a NEW ISLAND. The name? Lutari Island. As I discovered this new land I jumped for joy in my chair, clicked on it, but it seems that a thick fog hides everything. Why could this be? Can I only see through if I have a Lutari? Do I need a special new map? Or do I smell a plot coming on. Yes, that is right; I believe there may be a plot in all of this. But we can’t take my word for it, for this question, we will have to wait and see what the Neopets team has in store for us. Another thing that comes to my attention is the fact that this Island is not listed below the map along with all of the other worlds. Why don’t you take a look and see if you see any interesting things? Don’t worry; I’ll be here, waiting for you to return.

Question 2: Why hasn’t the Neopets team finally put Jelly World on the map?

Jelly World? I have no idea what you are talking about! Maybe you have it mixed up with somewhere else? Maybe you are just lost in the desert and haven’t eaten for days. If so, I won’t blame you for asking such an absurd question.

Question 3: Why can I see the Brain Tree’s head from outer space?

It might be because people keep feeding the tree with knowledge. With over a million users and possibly very intelligent petpets, it’s no surprise that its leaves have mutated into a giant tangle of brains. I myself refuse to feed the tree with knowledge because I believe that the tree is secretly giving out information to the Meepits. (Don’t tell them I said that!)


Oh, sorry, a noob must have invaded my computer while I took a break to the little author’s room.

And the answer is? Sorry, I couldn’t understand due to lack of grammar.

Question 5: Do I need to go and get my eyes checked or do there seem to be little cities on some islands that I can’t click on?

I do believe there are some what seem to be little clusters of buildings. This is yet again another mystery. I can infer a few things, though. Maybe other little areas dedicated to certain pets, for example: WOCKY ISLAND! (Hint hint nudge nudge.) Neopets could be planning to unveil whole new plots and themes. Otherwise, they may just remain little areas to fill in the vast amount of sea.

Question 6: Are there any ways to get to these little cities?

First of all, I would like to poke the last sentence of the answer I gave for Question number 5. They might not add up to anything, but they might become new worlds, or worlds waiting for you to discover them. To help show you what I mean, here are a few examples: Most of you, unless you are VERY new to Neopets, should know that Altador was at first a hidden land. If you go to the Faerie City and look at one of the towers, you will see a shining light, which you used to have to click on to get to Altador. Nowadays the back of the map shows an easy route to Altador, though.

Those of you that have been on Neopets a little longer might remember the dead end tunnel. It didn’t turn out to have a dead end, did it? In contrast, it lead to a world much taken for granted nowadays: Tyrannia. So look around Neopia, maybe you’ll find some new hidden places.

Question 7: I’m so happy that there’s another side of Neopia! Aren’t you?

Yes we are all very excited about this. Now could you stop asking pointless questions so we can move on?

Question 8: Why is there a big V on the Virtupets space station? What are all of those red lines?

There is a V on the space station because Virtupets begins with a V. The red lines are a mystery to me, though; perhaps they are hallways lit with red lights? All I know is that I’d be more concerned about the bolts of electricity running through the V.

Question 9: Why is everything the same inside the cities?

How much can you expect the Neopets team to do at once? They have a lot of stuff to deal with, like dodging users who want to whack them with big, wooden mallets. They also have the Altador cup staff tournaments to practice for, and play, so cut them a little slack!

Question 10: What’s with the funky border?

I am guessing with this subject Neopets decided to make it seem more map like. There’s also a little compass in the corner that lets you spin the world around, which is pretty helpful.

Question 11: What is in that spaceship, and why does it keep flying around in circles?

Probably satellite television, providing all neopets with something to watch on a rainy day. Other than that, it could be Sloth’s new spaceship.

Question 12: Why is there nothing on the southern pole of Neopia?

There’s nothing there because everything and everyone would fall off into space, duh. It’s really probably just something that Neopets put there to take up space.

Question 13: How can there be polar caps right by a desert?

Beats me. Please remember that this is the Internet. Anything is possible. Why, the other week, I managed to hold my breath long enough to explore some old ruins down in Maraqua. Funny, isn’t it?

Well, I think that’s about all of the questions I can answer. I hope all of you have enjoyed reading this. If you have any more concerns, feel free to neomail me. Now go and explore the other side of Neopia!!!

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