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Taking Care of Your Invisible Neopet

by blahblahblah091


Have you lost your invisible neopet again? Can’t seem to find him/her? After reading this guide, you will finally know how to take care of your constantly vanishing friend!

Finding Your Pet

The first step is knowing where your beloved neopet is. Since he/she is invisible, you’ll never know if you’re talking to him/her or thin air! The best way to know is to ask a question and if they answer it, it’s pretty obvious that they’re still there, but if you don’t get any answer at all… That’s another matter. So how can you make sure that your pet doesn’t sneak away while you’re in the middle of droning on and on about some new story that you read? Simple! Be casual and ask if they’d like to wear the newest fashion of clothes. After all, unless the new style is invisible T-shirts and pants, it’ll just look like clothes floating in mid-air! Not very stylish, but it’ll tell you when your pet decides to take a walk, at least! And if that doesn’t work, you should try Plan B. Go into whatever shop that sells paint-not necessarily a paint brush. Just any old paint bucket and brush will do. Choose a color that you really think stands out from the rest and while your neopet is sleeping, give him/her a little makeover with your new weapons against invisible pets! Your pet may not thank you for it, though…

Keeping your Neopet away from the Sweets

Have you heard something in the kitchen? Most likely it’s your new invisible friend, trying out his/her new disguise on the cookies or sweets inside your brand new cupboard! There’s only one way to keep them out of there, and that’s a trap! Some neopet owners just put up signs that say ‘Keep out’ or ‘No cookies until dinner time’ but honestly-does that ever work? The answer is, it absolutely does not. For all you know, while you’re reading in in the living room, your pet could be snacking away at the ice cream you bought yesterday, or the Halloween treats meant for the trick-or-treaters! So why not add a little finishing touch to your high security system? Starting with a burglar alarm. Whenever somebody opens the cupboard, the high pitched sound of a break in will alert you that one of your greedy neopets is trying out for a candy thief career! Not only that, but it’ll let your neopet know that next time, they should just stick to asking for the sweets-not stealing. But if burglar alarm systems still don’t stop your persistent pet, try for something better! Why not have laser beams? Don’t worry, these kinds won’t zap your invisible pet (unlike Sloth’s)-but they will give the pets a little pinch, just to give them the message about staying away from the cookie jar until nap time. With those extra protection machines for your ultimate candy stash, your invisible pet should have a hard time breaking in!

Bullying and Teasing

If you are starting to see signs of arrogance on your neopet’s face (well actually, you won’t see it, since he/she is invisible-but owners can just feel their pets’ feelings-it’s something every neopet user can do), you should start being cautious. You don’t want your pet to turn into one of Sloth’s evil minions (unless you’re a Sloth supporter fan). And to see these signs, the effects will be complaining owners, annoyed teachers, bad grades on report cards, no friends, and so on. If this is happening, you should really think about sending your pet to manners/obedience school for a while. Then, there’s a 99% chance that your good old friendly pet will come back into the open. This bullying feeling is most likely to come towards invisible pets because they’ll be able to have advantages over being invisible like unzipping backpacks, cutting to the front of the line, stealing other people’s money, and many others. Soon, that will start to turn into a habit unless he/she is taught how to ignore those longings. Mostly, a talk from the owner will do the trick, but under any circumstances, be kind, but firm. Gentle, but serious. Don’t make it sound like a joke, nor an accusation. That way, your neopet will understand that you’re just trying to help.

Unhappy Feelings and Loneliness

Has your invisible friend been moping lately? Have they not been talking? This is not the neoblues (although the signs are rather similar). It’s just a bad case of loneliness. Being invisible is sometimes very hard. Your friends will never know where you are, people will accidentally sit on you by mistake, and others will get frightened and run away screaming their heads off. If this is happening, ask your pet how he/she feels. Most of the time, he/she won’t want to share his/her feelings, but don’t keep on nagging them, or he/she will start to distrust you. Wait until he/she’s ready, then your pet will come up to you, ready to talk. Make sure you stop whatever you’re doing. You have to let him/her know that you’re there and ready to listen, that you truly want to help. Most of the time, the best way to stop that sad and pessimistic feeling, is to just change him/her to the color that they desire. Going to the lab ray is a good idea, but then you’ll never know what might happen to him/her. The best way, is to just go to any old shop and buy a paint brush. They can be rather expensive, but anything to make your pet happy is worth it, right? Morphing potions are useful too. Just make sure you know what your pet is going to change into before buying it. If you don’t have enough money for any of these things, try getting a petpet for your neopet. A petpet will keep your friend busy for a while, and he/she’ll forget all about being invisible as long as he/she know that there’s someone out there who won’t sit on him/her, or bump into him/her by accident. An invisible petpet would be even better, though it would be rather awkward. Reading books about invisible pets might help too.

The Perfect Meal

Of course, since your pet is invisible, you’ll never really know how big they’re getting, so how do you make sure that your pet is on a healthy diet? First, you should make sure that every day, you weigh him/her on the scale in your bathroom. Record each weight for a week then see how much he/she rises every passing day. If the pounds are rising alarmingly, you should consider taking away the snacks for a while until he/she’s back to the average invisible neopet’s weight. That will make sure your pet doesn’t get any sicknesses like Bloaty Belly or other things. And if your pet refuses to do these things, make it a game. If he/she has a brother or sister, have a competition. See who will weigh the lightest in seven days-but make sure that they don’t starve themselves just to win. But if they really insist on not gaining any pounds, go to Health Frog for help on convincing him/her. It’s important that your pet isn’t becoming overweight, but he/she shouldn’t be getting too thin either. Having a treat once and a while is fine, but every month, you should have an appointment with the scale to check up on his/her weight just to be on the safe side. Brushing teeth is necessary too. Though nobody will be able to see them, if your pet doesn’t brush his/her teeth, soon, his/her mouth will start to ache.

Well, now that you know everything about taking care of your invisible neopet, you’ll never let him/her disappear agai-*gasp* Where’d that guy go? Right, you’ll never let your invisible neopet disappear ever again. : )

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