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Why Should Meepits Have All The Fun?

by sectumsempra1514


A Faerie Aisha, Lurinda, was happily wandering Mystery Island when she saw the trading post. Her owner had just given her 20,000 Neopoints to spend any way she wanted.

     "Come on Minks," Lurinda told her Angelpuss.

     They were looking around the lots when Lurinda spotted a full Petpet Lap Map. She had wanted one for ages. She bid 16,000 Neopoints on it and her offer was accepted.

     "Yay," she exclaimed when she received her map. Lurinda and Minks headed for the gameroom to claim their prize. As they made their way Lurinda went on and on about how excited she was. Minks, however, wasn't feeling very well.


     Minks the Angelpuss shook uncontrollably as she neared the end of the line for the Petpet Lab Ray. Lurinda looked at her petpet and said, "Everything will be all right; don't you want to be a different colour?" The poor Angelpuss nodded her head, her lip still quivering.

     "NEXT," said a bored, clinical voice, coming from beside the lab ray.

     Minks watched as the Buzzer in front of her moved forward to be zapped. A few minutes later a Clay Buzzer happily emerged from inside.

     "NEXT!" Minks' heart jumped. With great fear, the Angelpuss slowly moved forward. A crazy looking scientist pointed to a spot on the floor below some kind of contraption. Minks moved slowly until she finally got to where he was pointing. She closed her eyes...

     ZAAAPPPP!!! With a devilish grin the new and improved Angelpuss nodded her head at the scientist as she made her way out.

     Lurinda opened her mouth and let out a silent scream, for you see, Minks went in a sweet, unpainted Angelpuss. When she came out she was an evil-looking Darigan Angelpuss! Lurinda reached out for Minks and they headed for their Neohome.


     When they got home Lurinda took a long nap. The entire day had been spent wandering around Mystery Island. She slept from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm NST. When Lurinda awoke she looked for Minks because she wanted to go eat at Kelp. As she went towards Minks' bed she saw a note. It read: "IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE YOUR ANGELPUSS AGAIN YOU WILL NEED TO PAY ME 3 MILLION NEOPOINTS! IN TWO DAYS YOU WILL LEAVE ME THE NEOPOINTS ON TOP OF THE WISHING WELL AT 8:00PM NST SHARP! LEAVE AND GO BACK IN ABOUT 30 MINUTES AND YOUR ANGELPUSS WILL BE WHERE YOU LEFT THE NEOPOINTS!"

     Lurinda let out a long, piercing scream. She remembered a detective had given her his card earlier today. She pulled a card out and ran outside to find his Neohome.

     Lurinda's heart beat fast as she made her way to Detective Sloringer's Neohome. She pounded on his door and finally a green Lupe answered the door.

     "What do you want?" Detective Sloringer asked Lurinda. Lurinda explained to him everything that had happened that day.

     "Ok do you know of anyone who might have a grudge against you?" Detective Sloringer asked.

     Lurinda answered, "Well my worst enemy, Flung, always has been jealous of me. My best friend, Isabella, said she wished she could have an Angelpuss for herself when I first got Minks."

     "So our two suspects are your worst enemy, Flung, and your best friend, Isabella," said Detective Sloringer while writing in his pale starry notepad.


     "I told you I didn't do it," exclaimed a red Kyrii.

     "Do you have any proof of this, Flung?" Detective Sloringer asked.

     "I was in the Battledome and I spent two hours with my owner," Flung answered as she pulled out some pictures of her in the Battledome, at the Healing Springs, and at the Golden Dubloon. "On the clock behind Balthazar it reads 3:02pm NST. The battle ended at about 3:30. My owner and I went to the Healing Springs because I lost- don't you dare make fun of me! We left to Krawk Island and got there at about 4:00 and ate at the Golden Dubloon and we left home and got there at about 5:15pm. And besides why would I want that dumb Angelpuss? I already have my own Drackonack."

     "Okay, I believe you, I am sorry for wasting your time; you are free to go," Detective Sloringer said. The Kyrii got up and left. Detective Sloringer made his way to Lurinda's Neohome where he explained what had happened with Flung. After about 30 minutes he left to his Neohome where he decided to call it a day. It had taken him nearly all day to find Flung. It was already 9:00 pm NST and he was extremely tired.


     Tracking down Isabella was a lot easier then tracking down Flung. He found her in about an hour. According to Lurinda, Isabella was always found in Neopia Central looking for good deals. Sure enough he caught her looking at some books. He asked her if he could ask her some questions. She asked if she could know why but he denied her request and just showed her his badge. She said she understood and they went to Detective Sloringer's Neohome, where his office was.

     He asked, "Where were you two days ago between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00pm?"

     "Why, I was shopping of course," Isabella answered.

     "So you were shopping eh," asked Detective Sloringer. "What exactly did you buy?"

     Isabella said, "I bought this stunning golden ring, a cute little Babaa, and... "

     "Did you say a petpet?" asked Detective Sloringer, interrupting her.

     "Yes it's a wonderful little Babaa, I named him Sherbert," answered Isabella.

     "Then you would have no reason to abduct little Minks," asked Detective Sloringer.

     Isabella said in shock, "You mean Minks, my best friend, Isabella's, Angelpuss? I have no reason to take poor little Minks from her."

     "Isabella, you are free to leave. Thank you for your time," Detective Sloringer said.

     "You're welcome. I can't believe Lurinda didn't tell me about it. Oh well, I hope you find the petpetnapper," Isabella said while getting up.

     With that she left. Detective Sloringer rushed over to Lurinda's Neohome. When he got there he explained about what had happened with Isabella.

     "So what are we going to do? The petpetnapper is expecting the Neopoints in less then an hour."

     "I have an idea," Detective Sloringer said. He explained his plan quickly to Lurinda. "We will leave a bag with some rocks on the bottom and some Neopoints on top. We'll wait for the petpetnapper and when he or she comes out we'll run out and handcuff him or her."

     They then made their way to the Neopian National Bank. Detective Sloringer withdrew 3,000 Neopoints from his account and asked for a bag. He found some rocks nearby and placed them in the bag, arranging it so it looked like there was only Neopoints in the bag. They then made their way to the Wishing Well and left the "Neopoints" on the ledge. Then they hid behind some bushes and waited for the petpetnapper. At 8:00 pm sharp a dark figure appeared.

     "Come on," Detective Sloringer whispered as he slowly moved forward.

     When they were about 10 feet away Detective Sloringer pulled out some handcuffs. The sound of the rustling of the handcuffs startled the figure and it turned around. It was none other than...

     "MINKS," Lurinda shrieked.

     Minks sighed and saw the handcuffs and put her tiny paws behind her back. Minks was arrested and taken in for questioning.

     When Detective Sloringer took her in she kept saying, "Why should Meepits have all of the fun?"

     He finally got her to talk. Minks explained, "when I was zapped and changed to Darigan, I realized my evil ways. I escaped from Lurinda and left a ransom note, since I needed the Neopoints to start my plan for Neopia domination. Why should Meepits have all of the fun?"

     Minks was sent away to a rehabilitation center. When she was taken from Lurinda, she changed back to her original form. After about two months she was returned to Lurinda and she gave up her evil ways.

     Or had she?

The End

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