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Regarding the Exchange of Round, Wet Projectiles

by phsycoticdancer


Dedicated to the unfortunate souls of NEG and OPON, on whom I conduct my experimentation.

The sun shines brightly outside, the flowers you imported from Mystery Island are thriving in your neogarden, and neoschool is out for a midyear recess.

That's right, summer has arrived in Neopia. There may not be snow on the ground, but Neopians are still confined to their neohomes. Why is that? For non-Scorchio/snow/ice pets who simply can't afford that vacation to Terror Mountain, Neopians who love snow and Neopians who are still fuming from a fruitless Easter negg hunt last season, Neopian summers can be unbearably HOT. So the best way to avoid the scorching heat is to sit idly in inside a neohome or climate-controlled orbiting space station, right? How very WRONG that is!

There is a better way to win back the summer season, O-Neopians-who-resent-not-getting-Easter-neggs-this-spring! I bring you the AH-HA!-ness of spontaneity, boredom-produced brilliance and the ingenuity of sheer insanity - all wrapped up in a neat little package appropriately labeled: the "Snowball Fight."

Those unfortunate souls who know me personally have experienced my random urges to throw snow around - I pile their inventories full of coldness and leave them unable to clear it out, for who knows when my second or third wave will come? Some of the braver ones have dared to throw things back at me, only to receive it back tenfold. This method of spontaneous fighting tends to annoy the unsuspecting and does not last for long.

Let us explore a more organized form of gameplay, shall we? First, the basics:

According to the dictionary written by me, a Snowball Fight is defined as: n. - the friendly exchange of snowballs between two or more opponents ( v. - snowball fighting - to engage in the friendly exchange of snowballs between two or more opponents).


The wonderful thing about Terror Mountain is that phantom snowball throwers will randomly throw a snowball at you. The second wonderful thing about Terror Mountain is that its snow comes already rolled into fist-sized snowballs. The third wonderful thing about Terror Mountain is that its snow comes in about every color imaginable, but yet the snow you see on the ground there is always white.

Anything can be thrown in an active snowball fight. I've been known to accidentally throw my pet's petpet Abominable Snowball at people. In a snowball fight, however, snowballs are the most preferable type of ammunition. All snowballs are equal in Neopia, but the more generous and affluent Neopians may choose to add variety to their stock.

Wet, Poison and Evil Snowballs: The most common type of snowball in Neopia, they tend to also be the cheapest, and do the least amount of damage. A wet snowball will make a gross sounding SPLOOSH when it hits, but it doesn't hurt at all.

Yellow Snowball: It's a yellow wet snowball. DO NOT EAT.

Brown Snowball: Uhm. 0_0 Imagine throwing a cold pile of dung...

Sand Snowball: Great to use, though it hardly qualifies as a snowball. It's a pain when it gets into your eyes, though... use with care.

Snow Mudball: Like the sand snowball, this isn't quite a snowball... but if you switch some of the words around, you get a mud snowball!

Peach, Minty and Spicy Snowballs: I never throw these Snowballs, but that's only because they taste so good!

Exploding Snowball: There's a good reason these snowballs are given the names they have. This snowball is highly volatile - if it doesn't explode in the air or send clouds of snow at your opponent, it will explode on you!

Spiky, Stone and Extra Evil Snowballs: Please reserve the use of these snowballs to the Battledome, especially the Extra Evil Snowball. There is no telling what it might do!

Icy Snowball: This one is guaranteed to leave a bruise. It's frozen solid, though, so you can reuse it over and over again... *evil grin*

Bullseye Snowball: I don't know why the bullseye is on the snowball, when it would be more useful on your opponent's back... but who's complaining? This snowball never misses!

Tartan Snowball: Stuns your opponent for a little while. You can't throw snowballs when you have colors swimming around you!

Sticky Snowball: Makes a huge mess. Is sure to take your opponent out for a while - be sure to throw them some clean cloths, while you're at it!

Tortured Snowball: EEEK. This snowball doesn't really do anything but leave a nice big bruise... that won't ever go away, by the way.

Ugly Snowball: A good way to send an awkward message. As a joke. *glares*

Icy Eye Snowball: Have you an "eye" for someone? Har har har. Paralyze your enemies - send them an icy glare!

Good Snowball: Not a very aggressive snowball. This snowball will flutter and fly on its little wings... into the hands of your opponent.

Taelia's and Jhudora's Snowballs: Ah, the famed faerie snowballs! These have been known to leave a bad bruise on chronic failed-quest-ers.


Within a Guild: This is the most preferable setting for me. A small guild works best; large guilds can be more fun. The common and private message board of a guild works well for FRIENDLY bantering and general communication during the game.

On a Neoboard: This can quickly get out of control, but is good for spontaneous games. Rules are important here. See GENERAL RULES AND ETHICS for more information.

Between Neofriends: This is the spontaneous gameplay I spoke of above. Sometimes you just feel like throwing snow around! Be sure that the people you are "attacking" are OK with your sending them mounds of snow!


This is to be determined by the players. The great thing about Snowball Fights is the versatility, or flexibility, of its gameplay. It can be played among anyone, at anytime, and with virtually anything.

My Suggestions:

When I'm not crazily chucking snow at everyone, I gather a group of people who AGREE to play. The rules we establish are: 1) 25 snowballs per person, 2) Only snowballs are used, but ANY kind of snowball, 3) 6:00:00pm to 7:00:00pm NST, and 4) Don't let your inventory become full!

Some people really get into it. I've had all sorts of things chucked at me... yellow snow, for one.


These all depend on what set of rules you and your friends decide to establish. Here are some of my favorites:

Isolation - Concentrate all of the snowballs in your inventory at one person! This is a faster method of eliminating opponents - picking them off one by one.

Color-Coordination - Designate the kind of snowball you send each person. For example, send one person all the wet snowballs you have, and another all the yellow snowballs.

Color-by-Number - Return snowballs times 5 the number thrown at you! Good luck trying to remember who-sent-what, though.


Helter-Skelter - Run and throw. Don't aim. Just... run. And throw. It helps if you close your eyes :)


Yes, yes, even to this more carefree and frivolous game, there must be rules! Unfortunately, not every Neopian is perfect, and "guidelines" must be established among players so that gameplay does not get out of hand or offend anyone

1. Be a good sport. This is essential to EVERY game, and this game is no different. If you don't feel like playing anymore, feel free to back out. Don't pressure anyone to play if they don't want to, and don't expect them to follow your rules if you force them to play. Also, if you are conducting this game on the Neoboards, do not exclude anyone if they are playing fairly.

[There are unfortunate circumstances in which people refuse to follow the established rules. Talk to them SPECIFICALLY and ask them KINDLY to cease and desist. If the violator does not stop, simply exclude him/her from the gameplay. There is no need for name-calling or harsh words here. The cold shoulder works as well as anything.]

2. Be respectful. Don't call people names, don't tease people for being slow, don't do or say anything that YOU wouldn't want done to yourself! Remember to ask nicely if you can join before jumping into the fray.

3. Establish a leader. The leader(s) will start the gameplay, establish rules (see the following), and end the gameplay. The leader(s) should also keep track of who is involved. Depending on where the game is situated, a list of players and rules should be posted where EVERYONE can see them. Choose someone responsible, and someone who will be present during the entire game.

4. Establish a timeframe. How long do you and your friends want to play? It may help to set a goal, or a time.

5. Establish what kind of snowballs you will be using. Is it a free-for-all, throw-anything-you-see? Or can only wet snowballs be used?

6. Don't steal the snowballs! Depending on the rules your group chooses to follow, you may or may not buy snowballs to use during gameplay. HOWEVER it is extremely rude, unfair, and UGLY if you hoard the snowballs you get and sell them! Your group may decide to sell the snowballs AFTER the game is over, but that is entirely up to the group (or the leaders).

7. NO PRIZES. This is against SITE RULES! The greatest reward of playing among friends is the lasting friendship and good memories - not the material benefits.

8. HAVE FUN!!! Remember, this is ONLY A GAME. This is possibly the most important rule, so be sure to follow it!


What more is there to say? Summer heat can be beat with snowballs - simple treasures from Terror Mountain. Play safe and have fun! A final warning, directed to the youth who choose to pick on the aging Neopian population - BEWARE! They're not as slow and senile as you think! Feel free to Neomail me, Phsycoticdancer, if you create new and unique ways of carrying out a "Snowball Fight"! :)

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