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For the Altador Cup: Part Three

by lili483


After all of her training as a diplomat, Trinna knew that she couldn't let on that anything that she thought had changed. She sat perfectly composed, making idle chit-chat, until Tilly returned with the tea.

     "So," said Trinna coolly, sipping her tea. "Do any of you know Kira and Mira? They're in charge of all flight-based operations, from moving things to defending the city. I was thinking of going to a match of the Altador Cup with them in four days. It's Mystery Island versus Faerieland, so I just have to go. And, since they're going to root for Mystery Island, I figured I'd go along too. You're all welcome to join us."

     "What a... nice offer," replied Tilly.

     "However, we had something a little different in mind," continued Sam.

     "Yes, we were thinking of taking you to the very first match, Altador versus Krawk Island tomorrow."

     "Oh, it's lot's of fun, Trinna, you'll love it! And you'll get to see me and Ellie play."

     Hmm, thought Trinna, If I agree to go to this thing, it'll be more time to spend with Sam, Tilly and Ellie, to figure out what's going on.

     "Sure, I'll come," replied Trinna.

     "Great then! It's settled. Sam will pick you up at one, because the game starts at two. That'll leave time to get there, get our seats, and maybe get a quick bite to eat."

     After this exchange, as Trinna was walking back to her lodgings (alone, of course, since Sam had had to go with Ellie to a nighttime practice), she tried desperately to figure out how she was going to find out what was up. The answer was there; Trinna just didn't see it.

     When she reached the palace, and her room, she continued to ponder what to do. Time and again she picked up her Flexible Pencil, beginning to write her plan, before furiously throwing it back down again because she had nothing to write. Finally, throwing the pencil with an exasperated growl, Trinna decided to give up for the night. As she put on her most comfortable Valentines Day T-shirt and sat down on her bed, she once again pondered the situation. Suddenly, the gears of her mind began to turn, and she had an idea.

     Her plan was simple: Sam and Tilly would have to figure out some way to keep their charade up during the game. If the potions that Tilly specialized in were being used, somehow, then a dose would have to be administered pre-game. Of course, Tilly would have to confer with Sam right before any action was taken. All Trinna had to do was stick to Sam, and she'd have her answer.

     * * *

     The next day dawned bright and beautiful. The weather was perfect for Yooyuball, and the entire city was excited about the first game of the tournament, and even more excited because it would be their own Altadorian team against Krawk Island.

     Trinna was to be found bustling around her room, making sure that everything was ready. She had spent extra time today on her wardrobe, because she needed to be inconspicuous, and at the same time she needed to appear normal to Sam and Tilly. Finally, she had decided on a very versatile I Love Fyora T-shirt and a pair of Heart Shaped Sunglasses. The shirt would cover her wings, and the sunglasses would hide her expressions of surprise, as well as making it look like the shirt was merely being worn for the colors, and not because Trinna was supporting Faerieland.

     Putting the finishing touches on her ensemble (a little Pink Blush can work wonders!), Trinna finally heard the all-important knock at her door. Being careful not to flutter, as was her habit, she walked to the door, and opened it. She'd have to remember about the fluttering for the entire day, or she wouldn't be able to get the eyes off of her.

     "Hey Sam!" greeted Trinna.

     "Hey yourself! Are you excited?" he replied.

     "Sure am! I bet you're really psyched."

     "Certainly! Well, Tilly hates it when I'm late for stuff, so, shall we be off? By the way, I love the outfit!"

     Perfect, thought Trinna smugly. Arm in arm, they walked out the door.

     * * *

     Tilly was in a panic. It was 10 minutes before she had to leave to go meet Sam and Trinna at the Colosseum, and her latest batch of memorandum was missing. The lemon cookies were all baked, they were out on the table, and all they needed was the dousing of memorandum. Oh Adam above! she thought desperately. Where could it be?!

     For the fifth time, she searched the kitchen. Then she looked in Ellie's room. Finally, she looked in her own room. Suddenly, it struck her. The one place she hadn't looked! She went into the main corridor, and walked to the doorway of the kitchen. Then, she walked exactly three and a half paces forward, turned to the wall, and selected the spot where the fifth stone from the bottom should be. Touching the spot with her middle finger and thumb, she whispered the magic words.

     "Lesspoken Arise," she breathed. Suddenly, the wall vanished to reveal a small hole, inside of which was a bottle. It didn't seem to be her latest batch, but it was memorandum and it was there. Since it would be a little weaker than expected, she'd just have to put on a little more. It didn't really matter, though. Ellie was sure to not notice.

     * * *

     The day was fabulous, the Colosseum was fabulous, everything was fabulous! Trinna wanted to soar through the air with the sun on her wings, but she knew that now was not the right time. Composing herself, she patiently followed Sam while he led her through the twisted passageways into the heart of the building, where the field was. Since they were here pre-game, and Sam and Ellie were such important members of the team, they were allowed to eat right on the grass.

     As they walked out upon the freshly cut lawn, Sam scanned the area for Tilly. Surprisingly, she wasn't there. Bewildered, Sam took a few steps forward before turning back to Trinna.

     "I guess... I guess Tilly isn't here yet. We'll have to... wait," he said.

     Suddenly, the figure of a bright faerie Wocky could be seen running towards them.

     "Sam, Sam, I'm so sorry I'm late! I couldn't find the... lemon extract, to finish the cookies, and I know that Ellie can't play without them! But I finally found some, so I rushed here as fast as I could!" she panted to Sam. Then, turning to Trinna, she said, "They're her good luck charm, you know. She doesn't ever play a game without them, not even practice!"

     "Ah, well, no harm done. I'll be right back, I'm going off to find Ellie. I'll bring her the cookies. You two can set up our picnic," said Sam, smiling.

     Oh no! thought Trinna. I need to go with him. I bet it's those cookies, but I need to be sure.

     "Sam, wait! I'd love to come with you, and... oh! I can look for her from the air!"

     "Well... Sure then. You fly up and look for her from up there, and if you see her, call to me. I'll look down here. She probably won't be far, but you can never tell, right?"

     While this would ruin Trinna's plan of inconspicuousness, she needed to see what was going to happen between Sam and Ellie. Luckily, all her shirts had wing slits in them, so all she needed to do was unbutton a few buttons, and she was able to spring into the air.

     Unlike what Sam probably intended, Trinna didn't rise very high in the air. She went just high enough to see the entire field without moving her position. Luckily, from this altitude she was still able to hear everything that passed on the field. Following Sam with her eyes, she waited patiently until he reached Ellie, who seemed to be a little out of it.

     "Feeling a little confused?" he said kindly.

     "Uh-huh," Ellie replied.

     "Here, now, this'll help. It's your favorite lemon cookies, made by Tilly! Eat up, and everything will come into sharp focus. You'll remember everything you need to do."

     This was plenty of evidence for Trinna was to be sure. It was probably something awful like memorandum, although she wasn't sure if Tilly could make that or not. Either way, it didn't matter. She knew that it was all in the cookies, and now all Trinna had to do was to have Ellie go a few hours cookie-less. Trinna knew a thing or two about magic, and she knew that if you were dealing with an intelligent, athletic, all-around incredible girl like Ellie, even memorandum didn't last too long.

     * * *

     The rest of the afternoon passed with no mishaps. Trinna cheered when Tilly cheered, and that always seemed to be just fine. This left Trinna free to start thinking about how she was going to get a hold of Ellie long enough to keep the cookies away from her. Of course, Tilly and Sam would have told her that she always needed to eat the cookies if they were offered to her. That meant that Trinna would have to get Sam and Tilly away for a few hours, at least.

     After the game, Tilly suggested that they all get dinner together, which sounded like a marvelous idea. As they walked towards the market, Trinna struck up a conversation with Ellie about the finer points of Yooyuball. Apparently this was a good topic in the eyes of Tilly and Sam, because no one stopped them. As they neared the food shop, Trinna was struck with a bit of inspiration.

     "Ellie, it's so much fun to chat with you!" she said. "I only wish we had more time together."

     "Oh, me too!" replied Ellie.

     "Well... Maybe... I had an idea. How would you like to have a sleepover?"

     "Oh, that sounds lovely! Tonight?"

     "Why not?"

     "Can I, Sam, please? I promise that I'll make up the practice time."

     Stopping, Sam turned to look at Ellie. Considering for a moment, he finally said, "Sure, you can go. And you don't even have to make up the time. You did great out there today. Just eat plenty of cookies for good luck." With that, he handed her the box filled with leftover cookies from earlier.

     After the group had gotten some food, they were about to part, Ellie and Trinna to the Hall of Heroes, and Sam and Tilly to Tilly's house.

     "This was fun," said Trinna. "We'll see you tomorrow."

To be continued...

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