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Whack a Staff Member - a Guide to Smacking Our Heroes

by axel_roze


Welcome to my WASM guide; hopefully it'll help you achieve a goal: maybe an avatar, a high score, or –ohhh shiny– a trophy! First off are, of course, the basics:

WASM = Whack a staff member. Many people abbreviate it, because it’s easier then spelling it out, and all that jazz. –jazz hands–

It's a game, a fun one, and it's great for when TNT messes up and you really want to sm- ehhh. Yeah, anyways.

You have staff members stick their head up out of their cubicles, and then you bonk them over the head with your trusty mallet. However, if it were that easy we'd all have the avatar. You have to hit these staff members as they pop up and down, steadily increasing speed, as well as dodge the three types of neopets. If you hit any of these neopets, you’ll lose ten of your precious points!

Now you know the main idea of the game, you will want some tips on how to actually enhance your playing performance! Tee hee, yes very sappy, but I said it. Playing performance; okay you can stop laughing now. –glares– Much better. ^^;

Number one-Window sizes/qualities.

Try opening the window in the smallest version; this way it loads faster and you have less space to travel across. Even if you have to go all the way from one staff member to another at the complete other side, it won't be as far, compared to if you have it full screen. Many people speculate that having it full screen is easier, but things are larger, and more distracting; keep in mind, you'll have to travel all the way across the screen. The quality of the screen is also important. If you have a fast computer, you can choose what you like (keep in mind, the lower the quality the less distracting the details will be); however, if you have a slow computer choosing low quality will prevent lag, or confusion.

Number two-The sound.

Now this can go both ways, I for one love my music, and know every word to it.

When I listen to it I'm in a blissful state, and it helps me concentrate, so people like me TURN THE VOLUME UP! Let it blast out your ears, and turn it up over the sounds of the staff members. As you sing along your brain isn’t thinking too hard, so you won’t overconcentrate and think things over, and miss stuff. This is how I play, and it works great.

However, not everyone works this way, and sometimes music throws people way off. If you work like this, sit in complete silence. Turn off all the computer’s volume, as well as any music or annoying siblings. Okay, you can't turn them off, but don't act like you haven't tried! This way nothing but the sound of your mouse will be heard, and you can put in all your effort to hitting those staff members.

Number three-Take a couple of warm up rounds.

Take these rounds to mess up, goof off and hit anything. Once you get the impulse to whack things with the mallet out of your system, it's much easier to play.

Number four-Aim for a certain amount per level.

If you're a beginner go for 150 points per level, and work your way up. I can usually get 250 or so per level, when I try and put my mind to it. However don't get frustrated; sometimes even if you hit everything you should, and avoid everything you shouldn’t hit you still just can't get that many points. It's all in the round, so just go for as many as you can.

Number five-Try to hit the girls first.

Yes, that sounds TERRIBLY mean, but because us girls are so uber awesome, we're worth more points, and therefore you want to hit us, before going for some regular Adam or El Picklesaur. Sure, you can't memorize all the point values for each player, but going for the girls is almost always the best thing to do. A list of characters and their point values will be listed below, at the bottom of all these nifty tips. ^^

Number six-If you get edgy, or think you need a break, take one!

Playing the game forever will not help you; if you get tired of it, you're more likely to mess up! Even if you're partway done, leave at the end of the level, and go back to it later; maybe it'll be just what you need to reach that elusive goal of yours. Starting and stopping and playing games in between is all awesome, and maybe if you alternate between this game and another, you’ll get two avatars in one day. =D

Number seven-Rank the levels.

It sounds weird, but if you're thinking about the speed of your gameplay when you play, it may get you thinking a bit more. Try to decide at what point the game speeds up, and sooner or later, you won't even notice when it does! And it’s a bit of pressure on yourself; knowing you’re at a ‘hard’ level may make you work a bit harder instead of slacking off like you do on the easier levels.

Number eight-Try to keep to one designated side.

I mean sure, in level one and two you can whip around the screen all you want, but once you get to levels twelve and up, you really can't move that fast! Even if you're at a small screen size, your brain may not function as fast as the game does, but that's okay! Just choose one side; the left, the right, the top, the bottom. No matter! As long as you stay put you're more likely to hit the right targets. You could even give numbers to the cubicles, or divide them into sections to stay to. No matter how you do it, just try to keep yourself from going all over the screen.

Number nine-Well DUH! Don't hit the neopets!


They're a different colour, so it may not be overly hard to tell them apart, but still, just don't do it. It even makes a weird and bad 'thwack!' sound when you do, as opposed to that nice 'clunk' sound when you hit the staff. And if you find yourself confusing neopets with Adam, you should definitely take a break. When aiming for the avatar, I often thought Myncies were Adam, and ended up losing ten points instead of gaining three! In cases like this, you need to take a break, and if this continues to happen, a trip to your optometrist may be in order. ;)

Number ten-PRACTISE!

I won't preach about this, as EVERY game guide does, but really, just do it!

Number eleven- Always aim for the forehead, just as the text in level one says.

That’s because, if you aim too high or too low you may miss completely, and not get any points. And we don’t want that to happen.

Tips & tricks-

-Instead of using the mouse, you can tap the space bar.

This saves on clicking time! However, some people just can't do it. I for one can't. But try it anyways; it may just work for you!

-During level one you’ll have a target on your mallet to show where the bottom of the mallet should collide with a staff member's head. This goes away after level one, but it’s a good way to make sure you’re on your mark.

-Try pressing random buttons when playing practice rounds, it’s fun and you may notice things change the game play.

-If you’re aiming for a nice trophy, the exact scores are always changing, but a score from three thousand and higher will probably get you a trophy. However they are always changing so be sure to check the high score table before you start playing.

Now for those nifty points, the amounts and the names of each character are listed. Keep in mind that although all the names of the characters are known you may need a picture to actually associate what name matches who. So when you play the game, you may want to keep an eye out too.

Myncies are worth: -10

Blumaroos are worth: -10

Usuls are worth: -10

You should NOT hit any of those, because they will make you lose points.

Adam is worth: +3

El Picklesaur is worth: +4

Snarkie is worth: +5

Mr. Roboto is worth: +6

Voodoodidi is worth: +7

DJ Skellington is worth: +8

Penelope is worth: +9

Viola is worth: +10

Ollie is worth: +11

Anthony is worth: +12

Mr. Insane is worth: +13.498 (However, you don’t get the decimals, just thirteen.)

Dragona is worth: +15

Poptart is worth: +20

These are the staff members. You want to hit as many of these as possible. Go for the ones near the bottom of the list first, seeing as they’re worth more. ^^

Well now that’s all. Hopefully all of that information seeped into your brain, and you’ll be able to get just what you’re aiming for. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to neomail me, and keep in mind, your goal may only be a few headached-staff-members away!

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