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Destiny of Seamstress Cybunny: Part Five

by anime_cybunny


I was in a dream, which took place in Shai's Outfitters. Looking around at the surroundings, I wondered why I was in the shop. Then, suddenly, I saw Shai, Colleen, and Colette all in front of me. All three of them were smiling for some peculiar reason.

     Then, the three started walking away. I was confused and worried simultaneously. Where were they going? After hearing the door shut when the last Neopet left, I decided that I would go after those three.

     I sped off out of Shai's Outfitters. The three Neopets continued walking at some random direction. One of them, Colleen, turned her head back to smile at me. I wondered what the reasons were for doing that.

     "Wait! Where are you going?" I asked as I hopped toward the three Neopets. All of them shrugged as they eventually disappeared from sight. It was like as if I lost them somehow. Then I realized that I did lose them - all three, as a matter of fact.

     I suddenly woke up after that. The skies outside my window were a bright blue colour, with a few clouds here and there. My throat didn't hurt as much, but I was unable to speak. In fact, I wasn't even able to whisper.

     A few tears appeared for a few seconds. I supposed that having no voice was better than having throat anguish. Shai appeared a few minutes later, with a smile on her face.

     "Are you all right, dear?" the Wocky asked. My reply was only a nod. Shai knew well that I was not able to talk at all.

     "You have one final mission to complete," Shai explained to me later. "There is one more opponent to defeat. It is a snow Cybunny, who is waiting near the Rock Caves. I am fully aware that you are recovering, but the mission must be accomplished today. Otherwise, chaos will commence in all of Neopia. When the quest is over, you will be sent back to your room. Understand?"

     It was a lot to take in, but I nodded my head slowly. Shai assisted me out of the hospital, while providing me with the Mega Carrot Blaster I used earlier. Within a few minutes, I was at the area that Shai described to me. The snow Cybunny was there with a sword.

     I prepared my Mega Carrot Blaster for attacking while the snow Cybunny hurried toward me with its sword. The snow Cybunny kept pointing the tip of the sword at me. Eventually, I fired my Mega Carrot Blaster, defeating the snow Cybunny. The quest seemed only like a simple task.

     However, in the snow Cybunny's place, a white Cybunny appeared. The sword disappeared from sight with everything else. All that was remained were the white Cybunny, the snow, and myself.

     I was finally able to speak at the time. The question I had in my head was ready to be asked. The white Cybunny waited for me to speak.

     "Who are you?" I finally asked.

     "I am known as Yuki," the white Cybunny replied. "My mission is to assist you with your destiny."

     "My destiny? What do you mean by that?"

     "As a result of all of the events that occurred around you, your destiny has changed dramatically. I was called upon to help your destiny find its way back. Basically, I am required to know your decision. What do you wish to have? There are two choices - the first being a seamstress and having a normal life as a pink Cybunny, while the other being as a seamstress, teacher, or both with all of the memories and events happened, and leading a somewhat complicated life. So, what is your decision, Seamstress?"

     "My decision..." I had to think about that for a moment. Having a normal life as a seamstress sounds tempting, but I did want to become a teacher since I was a little pet. The answer was pretty obvious to Yuki and me.

     "My decision is being a seamstress or teacher, with all of the memories and all events occurring," I stated.

     "Very good," Yuki replied. "With that, Sakura, I will transport you back to the hospital."

     "But what about my voice?"

     "No need to worry. You will be able to whisper in a few days, and you will be able to talk normally in a week's time. Sakura, you have done very well despite what happened. I am sure you will continue to do well in the future. Farewell." After saying that, I fell asleep almost instantly.

     When I woke up, I was in the same position after the dream. It felt quite odd because I knew that I dealt with it before. My throat felt the same way as when I woke up from after the dream.

     Shai did not appear at the same time, though. The Wocky appeared a few hours later with plenty of news to share. I wondered what Shai had to share with me that was so important.

     "I heard the doctors saying that you'll make a full recovery. That's great progress, dear. Miss Kougra hasn't seen you since after she heard that you were comatose," Shai declared. "Do you know when you'll get your voice back?"

     I nodded my head slowly. Shai suddenly remembered that I ran into Yuki earlier. The Wocky simply smiled as she left for business once again. A few doctors checked on me every so often.

     A few days later, when I was finally able to whisper, I was discharged from the hospital. Shai made sure that I did not work at Shai's Outfitters for a while, so she made my mother, a yellow Cybunny with pink cheeks like strawberry milkshakes, work in my place as if I went to school all over again. I spent the rest of the week sleeping and reading the Neopian Times. However, I did not see Miss Kougra at all.

     When my voice finally returned, I went shopping with Shai to purchase new fabric to make clothes and plushies with. Shai helped me pick out colours because I did not have a clue as to what most Neopets would want to wear.

     "You know, Sakura, I think Hikaru will be coming today," Shai said with a smile.

     "Hikaru? Who's that?" I asked.

     "I didn't explain to you who Hikaru is?" Shai gasped. "Anyway, Hikaru is also known as Miss Kougra."

     "Miss Kougra?"

     "Correct, dear."

     I never found out what Miss Kougra's first name was until that time. After approaching Shai's Outfitters, I noticed a familiar green Kougra walked by. I asked Shai to hold the shopping bags for me, while I hopped quickly toward the Kougra.

     "Miss Kougra!" I called. Miss Kougra turned around as I hugged her.

     "Sakura!" Miss Kougra exclaimed. "Is your throat feeling better?"

     "Yes. I made a complete recovery!" I replied with a smile. Shai smiled sweetly as she went in Shai's Outfitters to place the many shopping bags on the counter. Miss Kougra and I talked for a while in the shop, while Shai placed and organized the fabrics in the tea coloured cabinet.

     When evening arrived, both Miss Kougra and Shai left the shop because they both knew that business had to be done the next day. It was a pretty good opportunity for me because I had to get rest as well. The door was closed quietly as I climbed up the stairs to bed.

     The next morning, I was about to grab the day's issue of Neopian Times when many villagers were standing outside. All of them had smiles on their faces for some reason or another.

     "Congratulations, Sakura!" a villager exclaimed. I did not know why I was being congratulated.

     "Congrats, Sakura, for making a full recovery!" another villager yelled. All of the villagers applauded and cheered while chanting a chant that I heard before.

     "Seamstress Cybunny. Seamstress Cybunny Sakura!" the crowd chanted. I stared in awe at all of the villagers. The chanting ended as the crowds left to return back to what they were doing.

     Meanwhile, I read the Neopian Times as I prepared the shop to be opened for the day. For now, I was to be a seamstress and head of Shai's Outfitters. In the future, however, I may teach at a Terror Mountain school sometime. After all, the experience substituting for Miss Kougra was very delightful because on how the students behaved.

     I may not be sure about what to do in the future, but I knew that I wouldn't have to deal with Colleen and Colette ever again. That alone was a good thing even though it was nice to see my sisters around every so often. Shai often visited me from time to time while Miss Kougra appeared in the village once in a while. At least I still had communication with friends and family. My mother visited me as well.

     Whether I was known as Sakura, Seamstress Cybunny, or Miss Cybunny, I knew that I accomplished many things during the time that I was a seamstress. Some of the things included surviving with Colleen and Colette, being able to attend school, and just being a seamstress. I not only found my specialization, but I also graduated from school, defeated all of my opponents, and dealt with everything life tossed at me. All in all, I was happy of being who I was - a pink Cybunny.

The End

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