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Destiny of Seamstress Cybunny: Part Four

by anime_cybunny


When I woke up a few hours later, I was in a hospital bed. A nurse was around dusting the room. She smirked at me while cleaning.

     "So, you're awake after all. Be glad you did not end up like Cybunny Night," the nurse said meanly. "I was wondering if you were going to last the night." There was a hint of sarcasm in what she said, which I was able to tell in an instant. The nurse was a blue Elephante in a nurse uniform. I coughed a little because of the dust.

     "The dust seems to be disturbing you?" the nurse asked.

     "Yes," I replied with a cough.

     "Well, too bad for you! This room needs to be dusted, so don't complain!" I did not think I was complaining much except choking because of the massive amounts of dust. The nurse did not even bother checking to see if I was all right - she just kept dusting.

     A few minutes later, the dusting torture was over. The nurse stuck her tongue out me as she jabbed me with a medicine of some sort. I was not sure what the medicine was at first, but I soon found out as I fell asleep.

     I heard voices as I struggled to open my eyes. There were two voices talking about something. One of them was the nurse from earlier, while the other was Miss Kougra. I heard part of the conversation.

     "She's comatose. There's nothing you can do for her now," the nurse explained in her usual mean tone. I also heard crying, which I assumed was coming from Miss Kougra. The nurse really pushed it that time!

     Finally, I was able to open my eyes. Miss Kougra was still crying while I saw the nurse smiling evilly. I was not really amused about what happened. The teacher eventually noticed that I woke. She hurried past the nurse. The Elephante growled as she left the area.

     "Are you all right, Sakura?" Miss Kougra asked with worry. I nodded my head slowly as Shai eventually appeared. The Wocky smiled sweetly at me.

     "I heard about what happened with the nurse," Shai said. "She seemed to dislike you very much."

     "I noticed," I muttered. "She dusted right next to me because the room needed to be dusted. Personally, I don't think she should have done that at the time."

     "Agreed." Shai nodded and turned to Miss Kougra. "Thank you for coming quickly."

     "It's not a problem," Miss Kougra replied. "Class was over for the day."

     I was glad that what happened to me did not interrupt Miss Kougra's class. Shai smiled again while explaining the fact that she had business to do. The Wocky disappeared after that. Miss Kougra checked on me for one last time before she left as well. At least the nurse did not appear in my room for a while.

     However, that evening, the nurse returned with a snicker. It was like Colleen and Colette when they were about to finish me off from before. The nurse turned the light on a moment later. She had nothing with her, fortunately, so I assumed that she was not going to inject me with anything else.

     "Cybunny, you made me very angry today," the nurse suddenly growled.

     "Well, considering the fact that you dusted almost in my face, I'm sure that you were pretty angry. How long have you been a nurse? Three years?"

     "No. Twenty."

     "Twenty year nurses should know better, then."

     Now I regretted what just came out of my mouth. The nurse stormed toward me with a huff. I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen next.

     "You should never insult elders, ignorant Cybunny," the blue Elephante muttered as she suddenly grabbed me by the neck. It seemed that the twenty-year nurse was not happy to see me at all. The nurse did not care what condition I was in at all. She just kept strangling me as if I was a toy that made her very angry.

     "What are you doing?" I struggled to ask.

     "Isn't it obvious? Cybunny, I'm finishing you off so that I won't have to deal with you anymore."

     "Kind of a pathetic reason, don't you think?"

     "Shut it!" The nurse yelled something else after that, but I did not remember what it was. I was eventually tossed against a wall. For a while, the nurse continued her wild actions. A doctor passed by as he noticed what was happening. He was a green Gelert.

     "Ester, stop!" the doctor commanded. He hurried over to try and pull away the nurse. The nurse pushed the doctor away as she continued with her attacks on me. Many other doctors noticed what was happening. All of them came to assist the other doctor in pulling back the stubborn nurse.

     The nurse tossed me for the last time. Fortunately, I landed on the bed. Some of the doctors tried going against the nurse, while the others left to find their boss. I felt alone as my throat became as painful as it was before when I had the fever at Shai's Outfitters.

     "Ester, you need to stop now before the boss arrives!" a doctor exclaimed. Other doctors nodded in agreement while the nurse tossed a few more doctors around. I noticed one that landed on the floor next to my bed.

     "Are you okay?" I asked with a croaky voice.

     "Yes," the doctor replied. "But you don't look so fine." He examined me while the battle with the nurse and the doctors raged on. Eventually, the nurse stopped tossing doctors around. The chief doctor, along with other doctors, arrived just after the nurse tossed the last doctor. Other nurses came in to assist the wounded doctors.

     Before anyone else got to me, the injured doctors were escorted out of the room. A few officers took the nurse away. The doctor that examined me earlier whispered something to the chief doctor. Some nodding and whispering continued for a few minutes.

     Eventually, the two doctors stepped out of the room for a moment. I looked around at all of the holes on the walls. The nurse was pretty powerful for a blue Elephante. My throat pain suddenly increased.

     "Ouch," I whispered to myself. The two doctors from earlier came back in the room. Many other doctors entered the room as well.

     "What's wrong?" the doctor that examined me earlier asked. He knelt next to my bed.

     "My throat," I replied with a whisper. "It hurts."

     "I see," the doctor said. "Chief, would you mind looking at this for a moment?"

     The chief nodded as he approached me. He did pretty much the same examination as the other doctor did. It was more painful than the last, however.

     "Does it hurt?" he asked after noticing me shutting my eyes tight suddenly.

     "Yes," I replied.

     "All right," the doctor said. "How much does it hurt?"

     "So much that it makes me want to scream loudly."

     "Everyone! Get any and every doctor on this floor!" the chief doctor commanded. "We have an emergency on us! This Cybunny needs treatment immediately, if not sooner! Hurry and get ready!"

     The doctors and nurses nodded as they sped off. Only two doctors remained - the chief doctor and the other doctor that examined me. Both of them whispered for a moment. The chief doctor left for a few minutes while the other doctor stayed.

     "Stay calm, okay?" he asked me calmly. I nodded as I asked him what was going to happen. The doctor thought for a moment on how to explain what was happening.

     "Your throat is inflamed enough that not even injected medicines can handle. So, there's only one option left to do - repair your throat. Basically, you'll be put to sleep for a few hours while we make the throat pain disappear."

     I knew it. What I had feared the most for my throat was happening. The doctor noticed me shaking as the chief doctor appeared with the medicine.

     "Here it is. Give it to her," the chief doctor commanded.

     "Wouldn't it be better for her to be calm first?"

     "Do as you wish. I'm going to get ready."

     "Very well," the doctor replied. The chief doctor left as the other doctor turned toward me. I was still shaky at the time.

     "Don't worry, Cybunny. You'll be just fine. This is the medicine that will make you sleep. I'm sure you are very tired, aren't you?" the doctor kindly asked.

     "Yes," I replied.

     "Then I'm sure you won't be as tired when you wake up. Now, will you accept the medicine?"


     "Good girl." The doctor slowly injected the sleeping medicine. I suddenly felt my head fall against the pillow. My eyes were slowly closing. Before I made them close for good, I had one more question to ask the doctor.

     "Will I be all right?" I struggled to ask.

     "Of course. Now, try to get some rest," he replied. I nodded my head slowly as the medicine got the better of me. My eyes closed as I fell into a very deep sleep - one that I hoped to wake up out of.

To be continued...

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