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Destiny of Seamstress Cybunny: Part Three

by anime_cybunny


I was prepared to say my farewell to the students the next day. They all nodded and understood the reasons. Actually, since they knew I was going, the students all met up last night. One of them presented me with a farewell poster.

     "Thank you," I said with a smile as class ended. I left the school for the last time a couple of minutes after. When I returned to Terror Mountain, Shai was waiting patiently for me.

     "I have to defeat the Cybunny Night now, right?" I asked.

     "Correct," Shai replied. "This Mega Carrot Blaster will help you in defeating the Cybunny Night. However, before you can even face the Cybunny Night, you need to see your sisters in the Rock Caves."

     "What for?"

     "Miss Kougra's been kidnapped."

     "You're kidding!" I gasped as I hurried to Shai's Outfitters, placed the poster on the table, took the Mega Carrot Blaster from Shai, and hopped off to the Rock Caves. The Rock Caves had a lot of light in it as I approached the entrance. Screams and giggles were heard inside, so I made sure to hurry as fast as possible.

     Miss Kougra was tied up, while Colleen and Colette were grinning. I prepared my Mega Carrot Blaster for the battle. Both of the twins were hopping down the stairs toward me. Colleen growled while Colette was just being Colette.

     "You have finally arrived, Seamstress." Colleen continued growling. "I was wondering if you would show up at all." Colette nodded in agreement with her sibling. To be honest, I was tired of them both. I held the Mega Carrot Blaster in front of me. Both twins stepped back and up the same set of stairs they used before.

     However, Colleen tripped at the last step. Colette gasped as both of them fell in the giant black pot. I found out later that the pot was filled with a poisonous concoction. Miss Kougra gasped after the twins fell. She had a feeling she knew how I would react to a situation like that.

     I was inarticulate at the time. Colleen and Colette usually would not be stupid enough to toss themselves in the pot. That was not like them at all. However, it happened anyway. Miss Kougra broke free from the ropes, while I hopped out of the Rock Caves.

     As soon as I left the Rock Caves, the Cybunny Night was right in front of me. It and I backed up so that neither of us would end up in the Rock Caves. Snow began to fall as the battle commenced. Cybunny Night went first.

     "Who are you?" it asked after it charged at me with a sword. I dodged the attack right before saying my name.

     "I am Seamstress Cybunny, your worst nightmare," I replied as I prepared my Mega Carrot Blaster. Before I was able to attack, however, the Cybunny Night swung at me with his sword. Fortunately, I was able to hop past the sword at the last second.

     The Cybunny Night was not very amused. He kept swinging his sword, while I kept dodging the attacks. I finally fired a few carrots from the Mega Carrot Blaster. Something was different about the carrots, however.

     The carrots turned out to be pink steel carrots. Pink steel carrots had a light pink colour with several layers of steel, along with a darker pink coloured stem. I did not know what the pink steel carrots did at the time. The Cybunny Night was injured because of the carrots.

     "You're good," he muttered as he fell in defeat. The Cybunny Night was not as much of an opponent as it turned out. However, I had a larger challenge to face. My throat started to really hurt after firing the carrots. I noticed that Miss Kougra witnessed the entire battle.

     "Are you all right, Sakura?" Miss Kougra asked as she went toward me.

     "I'm fine," I replied with a bit of a croaky voice. A few minutes later, I returned to Shai's Outfitters. The door was locked after I entered because it was night. Miss Kougra had already gone back to Neopia Central because of classes.

     I dragged myself to bed after placing my teacher uniform in my wardrobe. The wind was quite loud a few times during that night, but I didn't care. All that I wished for was some sleep.

     The next morning, my throat was still a little sore. Shai came to visit me later in the day. I prepared tea for the two of us. The Wocky seemed a little upset when I came in the room.

     "I'm sorry about what happened to your sisters, Sakura," Shai said. "That was not expected at all, was it?"

     "No, it wasn't," I replied as I drank my tea. "Knowing those two, they would have probably survived, wouldn't they?"

     Shai shook her head. If it were anyone that knew what happened around Terror Mountain, Shai would have at least noticed. The Wocky continued sipping her tea, while I stayed silent.

     "How's Miss Kougra?" I asked a few minutes later.

     "She's fine," Shai replied. "Teaching students as usual."

     "That's good." I continued staying silent after that. Shai eventually got up to excuse herself, but she noticed the condition of my throat.

     "Are you all right, dear?" Shai asked. "Let me see your throat." The Wocky used some of her magical power to examine me. She nodded every so often before stopping.

     "Well?" I asked.

     "Sakura, did the pain start after you fired the Mega Carrot Blaster with the pink steel carrots inside?"


     "It's just as I thought, then." Shai paused for a moment before continuing. "The pink steel carrots are special carrots. Along with a higher attack, the carrots also sometimes have a recoil effect on the one who used the carrots. I thought that it would not affect Cybunnies, but it seems I was inaccurate on that fact."

     "So, the carrots caused my throat to be sore?"

     "Correct. As I mentioned before, it was a result of recoil." Shai approached me before asking another question. I prepared myself for what Shai was going to ask me next.

     "How many carrots did you fire, Sakura?"

     "Four, I think."

     "Oh dear. That's certainly a problem," Shai explained. "You should be very careful in the future with the pink steel carrots. I have to go now, but I hope you'll feel better soon. Take care, dear." Shai disappeared after that. I was beginning to wonder if I was really in danger.

     Then I felt it. My throat seemed as if it was inflamed for some reason. I knew that I had to get treatment for it, but I did not know where to start. Dizziness suddenly took the best of me. I was spinning around like I was dancing with someone.

     Suddenly, I managed to stop myself from being anymore dizzy. However, the pain of my throat worsened even more than before. My face felt flushed as I struggled to do much of anything. I knew that I had to find help. Shai was not around, which did not help me at all. The next thing I knew, I was on the sofa.

     "Shai," I panted. "Help... "

     The Wocky appeared a moment later. She noticed my condition as she hurried toward me.

     "Sakura! What happened to you?" Shai asked as she held up my head.

     "I feel dizzy," I replied slowly.

     "You have a high fever as well!" Shai exclaimed. "I never knew that the pink steel carrots would have this much of an effect on you. I'll grab something to help your fever. Hang in there, okay?" The Wocky hurried off toward the kitchen to prepare something.

     I was not only dizzy and feverish, but tired as well. My throat was hurting so much that it was way too much for a Cybunny like me to handle. Shai rushed back with a wrapped towel to place on my head. The Wocky also noticed that my throat's condition continued to worsen.

     "You're worse than when I left, dear," Shai gasped. "Try to calm down and not to panic."

     I was too ill to panic. At that point, my throat was screaming out in anguish. Eventually, I screamed out in anguish as well. Shai continued calming me down for the next few minutes.

     I calmed down for a little bit as Shai knelt next to me. The Wocky was calm about the entire situation even though I screamed loud enough that anyone in the shop would have been able to hear it.

     "I'm sorry, Shai," I struggled to say.

     "For what, dear?" Shai asked.

     "For screaming so loudly."

     "Don't worry about that, dear. Concentrate on getting better instead," Shai replied as she patted me. I nodded my head slowly as the pain in my throat continued to worsen. Eventually, I gasped a few times. The elderly Wocky became worried about me.

     "I'll be right back, dear. Keep concentrating on getting better," Shai commanded as she disappeared for a few minutes. It was a little difficult for me to concentrate on that because of the extreme anguish that I was dealing with. A little bit later, probably about a minute, I ended up fainting.

To be continued...

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