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Uni Fun?

by hitomebore


"Rebeka Lyn!! Are you still sitting in here reading? How many books does that make now? Seventy? Seventy five?" I had just walked into my home for the first time all day only to find my beloved Uni reading her newest book, 'The Grarrl Who Crushed Tyrannia.' Rebeka Lyn had become obsessed with reading the day she saw the Neopian Book Award. From that day forward I hadn't been able to get Rebeka Lyn out of the house for more than a few minutes.

      "Rebeka!! Are you even LISTENING to me?" I yelled, trying to get her to even notice me. She looked up from her book for a brief moment and went right back to reading. Getting a little irritated, I walked over to her, grabbed the book from her, and slammed it shut.

      "HITO!!" Ah yes, I had finally gotten her attention. "I didn't even have a book mark in that! How will I ever find that page again, and you are putting me behind schedule for my award...' She began to reach for the book, and I quickly put the book behind my back. She sent me an aggravated glance, and then slumped back onto the sofa.

      "Come on Rebeka! Let's go out and about, have some fun. See the sights of Neopia. Actually get you out into the sunlight for the first time in weeks." She looked at me skeptically, wondering how much time this fun would take from her book reading goal.

      "Do I really have to?" she said, giving me the big, sad Uni-eyed look she had mastered years before.

      "What do you think?"

      We headed out, my angry Uni and myself, for a day of good old fashioned Neopian fun.

     First we came upon Mystery Island. With so many different actives for us to do it was hard to make a choice at first. We finally decided to play a game of Mynci Beach Volleyball.

     "I think I could beat you," I said to my Uni as I went to serve the ball. I tossed the ball up in the air, and with my palm I hit the ball. For a brief moment I thought my serve was amazing, the best I had ever done, and then the volleyball hit the net, and landed on the sand.

     "Ha ha. I doubt it, Hito. You'll be lucky to even make it over the net." Oh well, one point for my Uni and zero for me. I was sure I'd catch up; how good could she be?

About two hours later

     "So. Who is going to beat whom, Hito?" my Uni smugly said to me. "Because I'm pretty sure I so beat you; Fifteen to zero. All THREE rounds. Who needs to spend more time out and about now?"

     "Good job, Rebeka. See. Sunshine, fresh air, it's good for you! Aren't you glad you got out and about today?"

     "I would be. If I weren't sun burned from all of this beautiful sunshine."

     Looking over I realized that my previously white Uni was looking fairly pink. "Umm... I'm sorry Rebeka? If we had some popcorn I think we could get the..." The look on Rebeka Lyn's face said it all; she was not amused at my joke. "Let's head somewhere a little less sunny, how about?"

     "Okay! My vote is for our Neohome, on the sofa, reading my newest book; what do you say?" I threw my Uni a look, and without a word we headed off the beach, towards our next big adventure.

     "What will we do here?!" My Uni was clearly not impressed with my less sunny, slightly colder, alternative.

     "What? Terror Mountain IS less sunny, isn't it? There's no way your sunburn could get worse here! We could play in the snow, or get some ice cream or just explore." All right, I knew it was a long shot that we would find anything fun to do here, but I was just trying to get my Uni out of the house for a full day.


     We began to walk around Terror Mountain checking out all the little shops, including the Wintery Petpet shop. After being bitten by a Fir, Rebeka decided it was time to head to the Ice Caves.

     "Rebeka, I'm sure it wasn't anything personal. Maybe that Fir just didn't like being picked up. Maybe he'd never seen a Uni before."

     "What does it matter? This day is totally a bust. I wish we were back home reading books for the award. It would look so great up on the bookshelf."

     "Maybe you should try saying that three times, while clicking your hooves together." I turned to catch the angry look on my Uni's face, and was meet with a snowball to the face.

     "Maybe you should save your sarcasm, Hito!!" she said, knocking the snow off her hooves and trying hard to keep a serious face, losing it for a second and beginning to giggle.

     "Maybe you should try that again!!" I yelled back, throwing a snowball back her way, barely missing her.

     We both began to laugh, and then quickly built snow forts and as many snowballs as we could make. The snowballs flew back and forth, whizzing by innocent (and angry) onlookers. Rebeka ducked into a nearby cave as I threw a giant snowball for her and just barely missed. I grabbed up as many more snowballs as I could carry and chased her into the cave.

     "This is almost fun! I could give up reading for more afternoons like this!" I heard her yell as I headed into the cave. My eyes were having issues adjusting to the darkness of the deep cave, making it even harder to hit Rebeka.

     We were laughing and throwing snowballs without a care, until of course, the worst possible thing happened. I was hiding behind a giant mound in the middle of the cave and we were both tossing snowballs over the mound trying to hit the other. A few of the snowballs splatted against the walls and the mound in the cave.

     The mound in turn, began to twitch. I saw Rebeka's eyes getting bigger and bigger, as the mound began to move more and more. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I began to realize what we were truly seeing. There in the center of the cave was the Snowager, and we had woken him up.

     "RUN, REBEKA!!!" I yelled, but it was too late. ROOOOAARRR!!! - The Snowager reared up and fired a MASSIVE icy blast at Rebeka!!! Oh no!!! He blew an icy wind at Rebeka, only stopping when he was satisfied with his snow sculpture. Smiling, just a little, Snowager laid his head back upon his treasure mound and went back to sleep.

     Quietly, I walked over to Rebeka. "Are you alright?" I whispered to my now slightly blue Uni. For a brief moment I thought about making a Snow Day joke, but when I looked down at Rebeka, she must have seen the joke coming and she just shook her head, and we headed back to our Neohome. It was a very silent, long walk home.

     "Let's go have some fun, you said. It'll be great to get out of the house, you said!! I may never leave this bookshelf again! Today I've been burnt, I've been bitten and I've been blasted! The only good thing that happened today was me beating you in volleyball. Now let me alone and leave me to read my book, 'The Grarrl Who Crushed Tyrannia'!"

     Knowing that she was in no mood to argue I stood up and headed towards our kitchen, hoping to put together a treat that may make her a little happier. I opened the refrigerator and at the very same moment the power went off all through the house.

     For a moment there was no noise at all, just darkness and silence, but I knew it was coming. Through the silence came a deafening yell...


The End

This story brought to you by Neopian Books! Remember, it's just more fun to read a book!

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