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Hostess of the Best Kau Party

by ellen1117


Dedicated to jennifer345678... a Kau lover at heart

There are two types of people: the unsociable and the sociable. To some people, fun is burying your nose in a good book and cuddling by the fire ignoring the rest of the world. To others, fun could be having a quiet picnic in a nice park. But then there is my kind of fun... a big party with loud music and great food. Glasses clanging... guests laughing... everyone having a splendid time.

With Kau Day just around the corner, I decided to give you some great ides (and tips) to throw the hottest, coolest Kau party that nobody will forget! With everything from foods, to party favors and even furniture your party will be anything but dull!

Step One: Guests

Depending on how big your Neohome is, you can decide how many guests you can invite and accommodate. However, if you prefer a smaller party, just invite a couple close friends. Make sure you invite people you know and can trust in your home. Don’t just invite anybody (not saying any names... Dr. Sloth). If you do, it could result in trouble and chaos. Besides, who would want Dr. Sloth at a Kau party anyway?

Step Two: Invitations

My recommendation? Send everybody invitations instead of announcing your party by word of mouth. That way only those who you want there will know about it. Keep the invitation simple—you just want them to know when it is, where it is and what time it’s at.

Step Three: Furniture

Perhaps you’re not the wealthiest Neopian, so this step is optional. But if you do have a little extra money—have some fun with the décor! After all, the guests will love sitting in Kau chairs, putting their hooves on Kau rugs, and sitting by Kau lamps! Here are some of my suggestions for über chic Kau furniture:

Kauvara Rug: Cozy and fuzzy... you can walk all over it.

Kauvara Sofa: A bunch of people can sit here (more practical than chairs when entertaining a larger group)

Kauvara Print Divider: A funky way to separate the dining area from the sitting area!

Kauvara Print Play Pen: Instead of having little ones running around, sit them in this enjoyable play pen!

Kauvara Table: You can eat at it or place drinks, munchies or a buffet on it.

Kauvara Chair: I can only think of two uses: musical chairs or sitting!

Kauvara Lamp: This lamp will brighten up the party for sure.

Step Four: Drinks

People will come hungry and definitely thirsty (maybe even parched) to your Kau party. As soon as everyone arrives, offer the guests drinks. They will really appreciate whatever you serve them. My personal favorite are milkshakes and for the picky people... plain milk. Milkshakes come in yummy flavors such as black currant, kiwi, chocolate and raspberry! For the plain milk drinkers, there is chocolate, low fat and half and half milk.

Step Five: The main course

You don’t want anything too filling because there are lots of delectable Kau desserts they’ll enjoy. For dinner you should consider something simple, like a Spotted Kau sandwich. It sticks to your “Kau” theme for your Kau party and is something everyone will eat.

Step Six: Games

After the main course it’s time for some party games! Since Kau Day is in the Month of Relaxing, don’t expect everyone to participate in something too vigorous or strenuous (I used big words because it makes me feel intelligent.) For those who don’t own a quick reference dictionary... vigorous and strenuous mean lively and tiring (your guests will be too full to run around!) For fun games in between courses consider these: game tables. They’re versatile (outdoor or indoor) and include ‘Guess the Card’ and ‘Bilge Dice.’

Now... you’re probably saying, “but these aren’t Kau themed games!” and I’m saying, “too bad, they’re just suggestions!”

Step Seven: Desserts

Personally, desserts make a Kau party the ultimate party! My stomach grumbles just thinking about desserts... and my mouth is watering. I would love to post pages of tasty treats (all Kau related too) but I don’t have the time and nor do you... you have a Kau party to plan by June 19th! So, I have narrowed it down to the top eight best Kau desserts:

1. Kau Cream Cake: It is two cookies with a layer of cream in the middle... can you say: YUMMY!

2. Spotted Kau Ice Cream: A little taste of heaven in a cone!

3. Spotted Kau Sundae: A sweet treat with a cherry on top.

4. Spotted Kau Cake: The spotted icing adds the final touch.

5. Kau Cookie: You can chomp on a Kau-shaped cookie without looking like a cannibal!

6. Chocolate Kau pat: Made from 100% milk chocolate, it’s irresistible.

7. Kau Sorbet: You can even serve it in a Kau motif bowl.

8. Milky Moo Ice Lolly: All I can say is: “moo”ve over pal... and save one for me!

If these desserts don’t satisfy your taste buds, serve some fruit... but that is not very “cool” for your Kau party and your guests may scowl at you for the whole night.

Step Eight: A goodbye gift

If the party goes well, conversation is kind, and people are pleasant... you will want to thank them for coming to celebrate Kau Day with you. Besides a verbal “Thanks!” you should give them a gift to take with them in memory of the special event. You can be extremely creative thinking of the perfect gift, or simply just take my advice.

A Kau Bell: Although it may irritate their neighbors, the Kau bell is perfect as a decoration in the Neohome.

Plushie Kau Plushie: It’s very cute and great to snuggle with during a scary dream.

The Kau Cookbook: It hints you want to come over to their place to eat, and you say it in the nicest way possible.

Kau Comics: Your guests will chuckle at the short comic strips all the way home!

With a thank you gift, your guests will know that you appreciate them coming.

Hopefully, now I have got you thinking about planning your Kau Day party. With these ideas and tips, it is sure to be a huge success no matter what your budget may be. Don’t forget to mark June 19th on your calendar... and get ready for the biggest Kau extravaganza!

Hey... I just might see you there!

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